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Including Rife and Rife-bare generators, Hulda Clark zappers, Tesla devices, frequency generators, EMEMs, violet rays, and other bioelectronic devices.


Including nutrition plus herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, plus health therapies, regimens for various maladies, cleansing, parasites, and toxins.


Frequency lists and articles including the CAFL, NCFL, All Frequencies List, Frequency Cross Reference, Harmonic Associations, Hulda Clark frequencies, and Atelier Robin Frequency files.

Introduction and Warnings

Never forgo seeing a doctor when ill. Even minor health problems can quickly become life threatening if not treated or treated improperly. Don't stake your life on one thing you read or you could die of a misprint. Read the rest.

The Frequency Lists Book

The latest versions of the Rife frequency lists - the CAFL, NCFL, and CAFL Cross Reference plus a few articles - are available in a paperback book called The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists.

The Discussion List

The Electroherbalism Listserver has been online since 2002 but is now inactive, but the archives are available and recommendations for other forums.

Donate a Dollar (or more) to Electroherbalism and get three specially formatted copies of the CAFL suitable for printing or to create your own version with additions and annotations, or to produce frequency sets for programmable function generators. Formats include Excel, PDF, and Word.