The Violet Ray

An Introduction to the Violet Ray followed by, for historical purposes, an Instruction Manual that was provided with a violet ray made in the 1930's

UPDATE for all the people who ask about where to buy a violet ray. Amazon sells new violet ray units. Also, there are plenty of antique models for sale, too. A company that repairs and occasionally sells restored vintage violet ray devices is Two Towers.

I have a violet ray device. I originally bought an antique unit off ebay which contained a lot of different attachments. The transformer was mounted in the case and the wand, which accepted the many tubes, was light and attached to the base unit with a thin cord. It was pleasing to use as a stimulant to the scalp with the comb attachment, as well as to use the "pancake" tube to massage rosemary oil or other antiinflammatories into a specific area. It appeared to have a good effect on local infections, even acne. It also had a long tube with a coil of wire inside that could be held in a hand for systemic effects.

It broke a couple of times, but I got it working again by soldering the hair-thin wires and renovating worn connections with conductive epoxy. Once it broke and I could not fix it. I could not do without my toy, so looked at the modern ones to purchase. I got one with the entire unit in the handheld wand - there is no base unit. It cost more than the original antique, but at least it was new and I would not have to treat it delicately. I bought the new one from the cheapest internet source, a site that apparently specializes in sex toys, including ones that cause pain. This was before new models became widely available on Amazon and eBay.

The new one's actions are not nearly as pleasant. Even at a low setting, it seems like the frequency is too low and it is annoying to most people, but this may increase penetration. The three tubes that came with it are total crap compared to the antique ones. The new tubes are so flimsy with such thin glass I am afraid to use them. The adjustment knob on the bottom has a set screw which was covered with a gloopy black paste, which got on your hand. Once you clean out the goop so you don't get gluey spots on your hands, the screw will throw a spark to your finger when you adjust it. I covered the knob with two layers of electrical shrink tube (one layer wasn't enough.)

The website where I bought this also offers a "professional model" which has a base unit and the hand piece as a satellite. It may work much better than the model I have, and probably has better adjustment capabilities. However, it still uses the same crappy tubes. Someone gave me a set of high quality Russian-made quartz tubes for use in a violet-ray type device but unfortunately their diameter is too large for the wand.

Bottom line is that these don't really have a lot of healing properties except for the limited ones stated above. Get one to play with or for historical purposes, not as a treatment for anything. Don't insert flimsy glass tubes into any orifices.

Following is the instruction manual that was provided with a violet ray made in the 1930's. As one can see, it was "ambitious" to say the least (not unlike many modern devices), which was one of the reasons the feds shut down the places which made and those who used them. There are some potentially dangerous recommendations in the text below. Treat it for what it is, a historical document for amusement only.


The Violet Ray High Frequency Unit

ONE of the most remarkable developments of the wonderful science of electricity is that of the Violet Ray machine or high frequency generator. The Violet Ray may be said to be a diffusion of an electrical current of tremendous power and resistance, into millions of tiny harmless units which can be applied to the tenderest and most delicate parts of the body without the slightest harm. As applied to the human body, its results have been found to be of enormous benefit in innumerable instances.

Causes of Human Ailments

All human ailments, with the exception of certain highly contagious and infectious diseases, can be traced to faulty circulation and impure blood. When exercise is taken as a matter of course and sound sleep and appetite are natural, weakness and disease seldom develop for the reason that the blood is adequately supplied in its richest state to every part of the body, thereby nourishing every organ and muscle and providing adequate protection against any tendency to weakness. As persons grow older, however, there is a tendency to forsake physical exercise and to retire to a quieter and more secluded mode of living. The circulation suffers accordingly, and instead of being driven to every part of the body in its richest state, a portion collects in the internal areas and becomes stagnant because of the impurities thrown off by the body. These impurities are absorbed by the tissues and a condition of self poison results, as a consequence of which the body begins to deteriorate, the digestive organs fail to function properly, the internal organs become sluggish and weak, and weaknesses develop which are peculiar to men or women. This weakened condition of the blood and vital organs leaves the human body easily susceptible to any disease to which it may become exposed.

Counteracting These Causes by the Use of the Violet Ray

The Violet Ray has provided the means of bringing to every home, at a reasonable price, a method whereby every vital process can be quickened and the blood made to course through the body with renewed vigor. If necessary, the treatment can be concentrated on any organ, muscle or nerve, however delicate or tender, and the same results secured. By this treatment the impurities are washed from the affected organs by a rich, warm flow of blood which nourishes and stimulates the tissues and which is generated by the penetrating current of the Violet Ray, reaching the cells which supply life to the tissue, and causing them to vibrate. The stagnant pools of blood are thus set in motion and the poisons contained therein are relieved of by the purifying processes of nature. The blood thus being freed of poisons is able to take up oxygen from the lungs and nutrition from the digestive organs and returns Iaden with tissue building material to every part of the body. In this way new tissue is formed to replace that destroyed by disease and carried away in the blood stream. This process of stimulation is called a "cellular massage" because of the fact that the vibration or contractile effect is expanded upon the individual cells making up the tissue, rather than on individual muscles. This is an important reason why the high frequency current produces such marked effect on nutrition and general health. Cellular massage is much more penetrating and beneficial than muscular massage as produced by mechanical vibration.

Application of the Ray

The Master Violet Ray is applied through vacuum applicators or electrodes made of annealed glass. The electrodes diffuse the current in sprays of a beautiful, deep violet color. These sprays vibrate to and fro thousands of times per second. This rapid vibration is what produces the pleasing, invigorating and corrective effect derived from Violet Ray treatments and described as cellular massage. A few minutes application' each day, simply holding the applicator in the hand, furnishes a tonic to the system which does much to fight disease and keep the body in a healthy state. Inasmuch as prevention is to be desired a thousandfold rather than a cure, this point alone makes the Master Violet Ray indispensable in your home.

The Violet Ray, while introducing all of the tremendous power of electrical energy Its the body, does so without the slightest pain, shock or contraction of muscles. Its application, on the contrary, produces a pleasing sensation, and the amazing results of the Violet Ray treatment have caused it to be accepted by physicians throughout the country as part of their equipment. The machine is ready for use by simply connecting it to any convenient light socket. The Master Violet Ray is the essence of simplicity and can be operated by a child with the utmost safety.

Methods of Applying the Violet Ray

Three distinct methods of application are in general use, according to the conditions present and the results desired.


Given with specific surface or orificial applicators made for that purpose. A beneficial warmth is induced by the action of the Violet Ray the capillaries of the skin are stimulated during the application and for some time thereafter. Any local application with a vacuum electrode is an effective antiseptic, largely on account of the ozone generated.

One of the greatest benefits of the Violet Ray is the fact that it can be used with such excellent results in local conditions. When the Master Violet Ray is applied to any part of the body, it gives to a certain extent a general treatment by stimulating the circulation. In treating local conditions, these results are greatly increased by giving a local treatment to the part affected. Suppose one is afflicted with rheumatic pain in the shoulder, you apply the Violet Ray treatment to the painful part. The result noted, will be an immediate sensation of warmth. After a slight treatment it will be noticed that the part treated has become slightly reddened by the blood that is sent in response to stimulation secured from the treatment.

These local treatments can be given to any part of the body with very good results. They produce the desired results at the treated part quickly and also benefit to a remarkable degree the entire system. The body is penetrated by radiant atomized electricity, restoring energy and vitality to the entire system.


Taken as electrification treatment for the effect on the general condition. The entire body is saturated with electrical energy by simply holding the electrodes in the hands. This produces a sedative or quieting effect.

Violet Ray High Frequency Currents have the tendency to establish a normal elquillibrium of the entire nervous system. Arterial tension during a general treatment usually increases slightly while it falls a short time afterward. General treatments are recommended in all nervous disorders and diseases.


Combines local and general treatments and requires two people. The party to be treated holds the electrode firmly in the hand. A second party then may draw with either hand, finger-tips, or another electrode, the high frequency current to the desired spot of the patient's body.

Selective Effects Obtainable


As sedative quieting or soothing effect can be obtained and is of great benefit in all nervous ailments. This effect can be produced locally by keeping the electrode in contact with the part to be treated. Painful sensations can be relieved, irritated nerves tranquilized and soothed. Nervous disorders are quickly and beneficially influenced by a sedative treatment.


A stimulating effect is produced when the electrode is lifted somewhat during the application or used through the clothing or a cloth which has been put over the part to be treated. The length of the stimulating sparks depends on the thickness of the clothing or cloth placed between the electrode and the body. Uniformity in spark length is insured by the cloth. This stimulation is caused by the many small sparks generally called High Frequency Spray. They cause a pleasant and tingling sensation and bombard thoroughly the area which they cover, resulting in a very beneficial heating effect. They also generate ozone which is directly driven into the tissue, causing the ozonation of the blood. These sparks are germ killing and overcome infection.

Stimulating treatments through clothing are very beneficial in rheumatism, lumbago, and partial paralysis. Skin disorders, where the circulation is impaired, are often greatly benefited by a slight stimulation. A single layer of a handkerchief produces enough resistance in such cases. An ordinary towel is best to use in chronic rheumatism and similar affections.

Loss of weight, lack of appetite, general weakness, lassitude and similar conditions as a rule indicate Anemia or impoverished blood and poor circulation, commonly culled a run down condition.

The Master Violet Ray primarily increases the blood circulation. It does what the worn out, run down body cannot do naturally. Disease germs are, therefore, fought and consumed, poisons are dissolved and carried away.


Wherever the Violet Ray comes in contact with the oxygen in the air it changes part of that oxygen into what is known as ozone, a concentrated form of oxygen that is a great many times more active than that in the air. Oxygen in the blood has the remarkable quality of burning up dead or diseased cells without burning up those that are healthy, and it is the only antiseptic known that can be taken directly into the body with this effect.

For this treatment the Master Ozone Generator shown on page 20 may be used with any Master machine for the purpose of obtaining large quantities of ozone for inhalation. The effect of inhaling ozone is much the same as that of inhaling large quantities of pure air, or even pure oxygen. It purifies and enriches the blood, invigorates the body and causes pure oxygen to be taken up in large quantities in the blood stream.

Ozone inhalation is of particular benefit in the treatment of respiratory disorders. Taken into the lungs it attacks the diseased cells and causes them to be oxidized and thrown off with the exhaled air. It is a most essential form of treatment for asthma, hay fever, and all lung, throat and nose cases.

This treatment may also be obtained by using a surface applicator and applying it to the surface of the body nearest the seat of the trouble. As the Violet Ray leaps from the applicator into the body it carries with it minute quantities of this concentrated oxygen which is thus injected directly into the tissues and blood. This is known as catophoric action and has the effect of overcoming the lack of oxygen in the blood by charging it with an added quantity.

As Applied for Specific Conditions and Ills, The Hair, Scalp and Skin

If you do not feel well you cannot look well. Many women realizing that good health is essential to real beauty and the prolonging of youth use the Master Violet Ray with faithful regularity The results obtained through its applications will be a revelation to you and in a remarkably short time will bring your body, health and appearance to that condition that Nature intended it should be. Rich, red blood is brought to the skin with the use of the Violet Ray. It nourishes the tissues and cells and brings the radiant hue of health and beauty to the skin. All facial blemishes quickly vanish.

Practically every disease of the scalp and hair, as dandruff, falling hair, etc., can be traced to the improper circulation of the blood flowing through the scalp. The roots are fed through the blood, which flows through small capillaries in the scalp almost microscopic in size. Because of their smallness, they become clogged very easily, as a consequence of which most persons are affected with some form of scalp disease. To overcome scalp disease, it is first necessary to remove the cause, and as this is poor nutrition due to faulty circulation, the Violet Ray naturally suggests itself as the ideal remedy.

For treating the scalp we have a special comb electrode which conforms to the shape of the head and pulls easily through the hair. Millions of tiny electric sparks from the applicator to the scalp, carrying with them pure ozone which acts as a germicidal agent and destroys any foreign organism which may be present. The tiny nerve and blood vessels are gently massaged, the blood starts flowing and nourishment is brought to the roots of the hair.

By the first treatment a warm, glowing, healthy feeling is brought to the scalp, and with a few successive treatments great improvement will be noted. The hair very quickly takes on a natural, glossy and healthy appearance. The use of The Violet Ray for a few minutes each day will make the hair thick, healthy and beautiful.

The Violet Ray is used by all modern beauty specialists in the treatment of the hair and skin.


Neuritis, as commonly understood, is rheumatism of the nerves. Although any nerve may be involved, the name neuritis is confined almost entirely to inflammation of the brachial nerves, which run from the upper part of the spine across the shoulders and down the arms. When the arms are lifted slightly sharp, twinging, shooting pains are felt in the arms and shoulders. Temporary relief can be secured by the use of properly applied heat, but a cure can be affected only by relieving the inflammation and removing the cause of the pain.

Treatment should be with a very mild current gently applied to the pain area for about three minutes several times daily. As these nerves react very quickly, the first few treatments should be mild and short, but as the nerves become accustomed to it the treatment should be increased in strength and duration.

Not only does the Violet Ray improve heath, but a permanent relief is secured by relieving the inflammation and removing the cause of the ailment.

Rheumatism- Lumbago

One function of the blood is to dissolve and carry away poisons. When circulation becomes sluggish or impaired these poisons, instead of being carried away, are deposited throughout the system, most commonly at the joints. At first this causes slight annoyance; but continued deposits results in the joints becoming solid, swollen, and severely painful This condition is known as Articular Rheumatism and will act upon the muscles in similar manner, resulting in what is commonly called Muscular Rheumatism.

Inflammation of the nerve or muscles situated immediately below the small of the back is known as Lumbago. These pains are most apparent when the body is inclined forward or sideways or when these muscles and nerves are brought into use.

Application of the Violet Ray to the affected parts restores circulation to normal, drives oxygen directly into the blood and results in a consequent dissolution of the poisonous deposits causing the ailment, thereby relieving the inflammation. Increased quantities of nourishment brought by the invigorated circulation build up and restore the affected part to normal.

Headaches - Insomnia - Brain Fog

A headache is a symptom of some local or constitutional derangement and not a distinct disease. Few drugs are directly curative and some are paralyzers of the heart while others destroy the red blood corpuscles.

When the Violet Ray removes pain it also builds up the forces of nutrition and general health. One of the most common uses of the Violet Ray is the removal of headache and in such a way as to leave the system in a normal and not a "doped" condition. Long, lasting relief is the rule, but some forms of pain return, and for these regular and persistent treatment is required

Adequate and refreshing sleep and brain rest is necessary to good health. Inability to obtain these necessities is a very troublesome symptom which one should not neglect. There is no substitute for adequate sleep and rest. The Violet Ray, by its sedative action, tends to soothe and calm the nervous system and equalize the circulation, thus restoring this most essential capacity to normal.

Metabolism - The Secret of Health

Perfect health depends upon the proper functioning of the combined building up and tearing down processes that are continually going on within our bodies and which are commonly described as Metabolism. Human energy is produced by the oxidizing, or burning up of certain elements in the cells and tissues throughout the body. This process is responsible for the heat of the body.

For the purpose of maintaining health, these elements that are being burned must constantly be replaced by nature. All too frequently, however, the balance ordinarily maintained between these processes is disturbed by a deficiency or surplus of new material. In cases where there is a deficiency the parts affected become wasted, weakened, and an easy prey to disease. In the second case they become flat, flabby and enlarged and, as a consequence, are unable to function properly. In either case &e result is poor health.

A person's age, in terms of health and appearance, is governed by this process of metabolism. In early life the building up process is dominant and we have a period of growth and development. In the early twenties the stationary point is reached where the two are balance. As long as this balance is maintained health is good and the human body is possessed of the buoyant energy and vitality characteristic of young manhood and womanhood. A disturbance of this balance results in the loss of this vitality.

The tearing down process dominates during the period of old age or decline. It is independent of years, however, and frequently begins in persons under thirty. With proper care, however, the building up process can be made dominant for many years and the ravages of old age postponed indefinitely.

Metabolism depends largely on the quality and proper circulation of the blood. A proper amount of oxygen is necessary in the blood to oxidize the body tissues and thus furnish energy. Tissue building elements must be supplied through the blood to replace those which are oxydized, and disease germs which find their way into the body must be overcome.

Every person who needs concern himself or herself with the subject is familiar with the symptoms of old age. Suffice it to say that the first indication is the loss of buoyancy felt in early life, followed by minor disorders which gradually grow more serious. It is highly important that these symptoms be overcome in their earliest stages.

The Violet Ray not only prevents the premature appearance of these symptoms, but will remove the cause of them after they have become apparent, if properly used. It does this by normalizing Metabolism working through the blood stream and equalizing the two processes necessary to perfect health.

Violet Ray treatments increase the oxygen content of the blood, thus hastening the oxidizing process in the tissues and causing waste material to be thrown off. It energizes every cell, causing new tissues to be built in a normal way and assisting in the removal of surplus fat and foreign deposits. It prevents the formation of incurious mineral matter in the walls of the veins and arteries and elsewhere in the body. By the addition of its aiding the processes of digestion, assimilation and excretion it can be readily seen that it will correct the tendency to premature age by the normalizing of every body function.

Prostatic Diseases

The most distressing ailment, common to so many men of middle age, is one in which the high frequency current is almost a specific.

Medical authorities agree that more than sixty per cent of all men past middle age (many much younger) are afflicted with a disorder of the prostrate gland. Aches in feet, legs and back, sciatic pains, and impotence are some of the signs. No man should approach the prime of life content to regard these pains and conditions as inevitable signs of approaching age. The Violet Ray may be used to restore youthful health and vigor and to restore the prostate gland to its proper functioning.

In treating the Prostate through the rectum place the patient on one side in the Sims' position with the knees well drawn up. Electrode No. 22 well lubricated, is then inserted in the rectum about six inches with the depression in the tube turned toward the front or anterior wall of the rectum so the gland rests into depression for best results. In Prostatic diseases of all kinds the High Frequency current has proven most efficacious. The duration of each treatment is three to five minutes. Extraordinary results are accomplished in all of Prostatic diseases. Enlarged Prostate should show improvement from the very first - about two or three treatments a week. Treatment by or under direction of a physician is advised. Same treatment for senile hypertrophy, impotence, etc. Two or three treatments a week, then skip a month.

Nervous Affections

No wider field of application is served by High Frequency current than that of affections of the nervous system.

In the treatment of nervous diseases by the use of drugs there is always a question of reaction and the elimination of the drugs. No two people are alike and cannot be treated alike; some are susceptible to certain drugs and others not, whereas the Violet Ray can be so applied as to be tolerated by everyone.

The average sufferer from nervous disorders is chary of electrical treatment because of the fear of shock, burning, etc. His impression has been gained from experience with galvanic and foredeck batteries and other devices, the treatment from which is harsh and unpleasant.

To such sufferers the mild, soothing, painless Violet Ray current comes as a positive boon. The tendency to fear is entirely eliminated, and the sedative restful after effect is welcomed and enjoyed.

Most of the functional neuroses may be benefited by High Frequency.

Keep This in Mind

Do not be afraid of the Violet Ray High Frequency current. It never harms. It causes no shock. Use Violet Rays freely so that you may familiarize yourself with their peculiar nature.

Violet Rays grow in their usefulness the more you study their action and effect. Make it clear to yourself what you wish to accomplish. If you want a soothing effect, do not apply a strong spray by holding the applicator distant from the part to be treated: make a close contact inside with the bare skin. If you wish stimulation, treat through the clothing with a current strong enough to reach your tissues. If a tranquilizing effect to quiet the nervous system is desired, do not use a current strong enough to cause irritation. Let these be the guiding principles to you and the result in the use of the Violet Rays will be surprising.

In simplicity of operation, wide range of adjustment, durability, beauty and unique construction, Master Violet Rays are the ideal all-purpose generators. Their superiority has remained unchallenged for twenty years.

Unless otherwise specified all machines will be furnished to operate on standard voltage of 110 to 120 A. C. and D. C.

Machines can also be furnished to operate on 220 volts and 32 volts. Our 220 volt windings will run on both A. C. and D. C. current. Voltages are from 200 to 240 volts.

The new models of Master Violet Ray machines shown herein, are the result of years of experience in the exclusive sale and manufacture of these products. All Master machines are manufactured of the best material obtainable by highly skilled, experienced workmen. Our various inspections are the most rigid it is possible to give.

Use Your Violet Ray Outfit as a First Aid

There is no quackery or uncertainty about the Violet Ray High Frequency Current. It is a thorough cell massage and a wonderful stimulant, and while it is by no means put forward as a cure all, yet it of of the utmost aid in restoring to normal the physical condition impaired from almost any cause. The results obtained are universally beneficial and can never in any instance be harmful.

Violet Ray Treatments

The following are but suggestions inasmuch as in most instances the individual will develop a technique suitable to his own particular case.

Violet Ray treatments need not be of long duration. Short treatments at frequent intervals are very effective. Always start with the weakest current possible in order to avoid the initial discharge which occurs when the electrode is brought in contact with the body. Make contact with the electrode quickly when beginning and finishing the treatment. If metal objects such a hairpins, corset steels, chains, etc, cannot be avoided during the treatment, they should be removed.

The suggestions for the treatment of disease outlined below have been taken from cases where physicians or clinics have obtained excellent results. Not all cases will be cured through High Frequency alone, but in every case it is a valuable adjunct to other treatments, in fact many cases have been greatly benefitted where medical treatment has failed.

The suggestions are given for the benefit of physicians using our apparatus. Under no no circumstances should orificial treatments or the treatment of any serious disease or or condition be given without first consulting a physician It is not our purpose that the Master Violet Ray be used as a substitute for the services and attention of a competent medical adviser.

While the use of the Violet Ray is being advocated by physicians and professionals persons throughout the country, it must be remembered that it is not old as all infallible remedy for any ill that there are physicians and other practitioners who have not become educated to its use and who consequently do not recommend it. It is a matter of common knowledge, of course, that medical theories are open to dispute within the profession are the theories of any subject. When viewed in this light, and in consideration of the widespread use and popularuty of the Violet Ray, the attitude of those dissenting members of the profession is open to considerable discussion.


Athlete's Foot - In many cases excellent results have been obtained by massaging the foot and toes with the General Electrode. Treatment between and behind the toes can be given with No 19 Electrode. Five minute treatments as often as desired until relieved.

Alopecia or Falling Hair-(Hot oil shampoo before starting treatment)- Use Comb Electrode No. 3. Use a mild current at first, which can be increased with treatments. Pass the comb back and forth over the entire scalp for about five minutes every day This same treatment can be used for gray hair in restoring it to natural color. Use same treatment for baldness Do not use the Violet Ray on the hair immediately after applying any preparations containing more than forty per cent of alcohol.

Acne - the entire surface for about seven minutes with the Surface Electrode No 1 If the skin is damp, either apply talcum powder or treat through handkerchief or other clean cloth Use a medium current.

Anaemia - General application to the entire body Treat with Surface Electrode No. I over the chest, and Throat Electrode No 4 on throat glands the treatment to last from five to ten minutes. The Ozone Generator is also of the utmost benefit.

Amennorrhea, Irregularity, Suppressed Menses - With the Vaginal Tube No 24 or 26 an emmenagog effect can be produced. Apply any antiseptic lubricant to tube. Give ten-minute treatments every other day. Also Apply Surface Electrode No 1 to spine, five to ten minutes.

Abscess - To abort an abscess, the use of the Surface Electrode has been found to be the most beneficial. Keep tube in contact with skin. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube before applying. Give five to ten-minute treatments.

Adhesions - conditions following operation or inflammatory conditions, use the Condenser Tube No 2 Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube Give ten to fifteen-minute treatments daily.

Asthma - Surface Electrode No. 1 or Condenser No. 2 over the chest and throat glands for about 5 minutes with a strong current. Treatment of Asthma is also found to be very successful by the use of the Ozone Attachment, filling it with 1 dram of Oil of Pine; 1 dram of Oil of Eucalyptol; 5 minims Beechwood Creosote. Inhale 3 to 5 minutes daily.

Ataxia - Use as strong a current as can be tolerated to spine, over abdomen, and back of legs. Give milder treatment as improvement is noticed.

Barber's Itch - General treatment with Electrode No. I for 5 minutes daily.

Blepharitis - Infection Edges of Eye Lids - Excellent results can be produced by the use of the Eye Electrode No. 5; treatments, 10 minutes daily. Also use Throat Tube No. 4 to go around area of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane of the eye 5 minutes.

Boils - Furunculosis - treatment of Boils excellent results have been obtained by giving a light spark around area of infection with the Surface Electrode No. I and then applying the electrode direct on same twice daily, 5-minute treatments.

Bruises - Use Surface Electrode over area affected. Treatments about 5 to 10 minutes. Medium or strong current.

Bunions - Use Surface Electrode in direct Contact with skin, with medium current for about 5 minutes.

Burn - Apply electrode in close contact with the burned area, using a mild current for a short time, two or three times a day.

Brain Fog - Use Applicator No. I over forehead and eyes. Also treat the back of head and neck with strong current in direct contact with the skin. Treat the spine and hold the electrode in the hand. Ozone inhalations for about four minutes are also of importance.

Blackheads - mild to medium treatment of five minutes daily. Use Surface Electrode No. 1, and apply talcum powder before treating.

Bronchitis - By the use of the Ozone Attachment very beneficial results and great relief can be obtained immediately. Use same mixture as in treatment of Asthma.

Carbuncle - Use the Surface Electrode No. 1, applying same direct, 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Cataract - relief can be obtained in the early stage of cataract by the use of the Eye Electrode, either single or double, with a very fine current not not exceeding 1/8-inch in length.

Calluses - Use a strong electric current with Surface Electrode No. 1. The current can also be applied by holding electrode a short distance from the skin.

Carbuncles - The treatment prescribed for Boils should be followed in treating cases of nature.

Catarrh, Nasal - In this condition the Nasal Tube is used within the nose with a mild current within the nasal passage, two to five minutes on each side, followed by an application with the Surface Electrode externally over the area of the nose. Use Ozone Generator.

Catarrh of Womb - Use Vaginal Electrode No. 4 or No. 26 for five minutes daily. Electrode to be lubricated before insertion.

Chilbains -Apply Surface Electrode with strong spark applied directly to the skin. Treatment to last about ten minutes.

Cold Extremities - Apply Surface Electrode direct to affected parts, using a strong spark for about five minutes. Also apply electrode to the spine; keep the electrode about one-half inch from the skin until the surface is red.

Constipation - Apply Surface Electrode over the bowels. Apply for about ten minutes, moving the electrode. Use a strong current. Physicians use Rectal Electrode No. 23 for insertion into the rectum. Orificial treatments last about five minutes.

Dandruff - Directions for the treatment of Alopecia are applicable in cases of this nature.

Deafness, Earache and Ear Diseases - Apply Ear Electrode with very mild current into the ear. Care must be exercised so as to not touch the ear drum. Three to five minutes is sufficient.

Eczema - By the use of the Surface Electrode No. 1 excellent results have been obtained bye giving the patient as much current as can be endured. Another beneficial way of treating is to apply gauze over the area and go over same with the electrode.

Frost Bites - Instructions outlined for the treatment of Chilblains may also be adapted to the treatment of this ailment.

Goitre - In Goitre cases by the use of the Surface Electrode No 1 the tube should be kept in light contact with the skin, treating the sides of the neck as well as over the Goitre itself, giving ten minute treatments daily.

Gonorrhea - In subacute or chronic forms marked beneficial results have been obtained by the use of the Urethral No 21 or Vaginal No 24 Electrodes. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube on before inserting. Give seven-minute treatments daily.

Gleet - by the use of &e Urethral No 21 and the Rectal No 23 Tubes unusual results have been obtained. Insert same with any antiseptic lubricant, giving ten to fifteen minute treatments daily.

Grippe - Breathing through the Ozone Generator gives immediate relief. Follow with treatments over side of nose, and in some cases with Nasal Electrode No 19 internally. Treatment, five to ten minutes.

Gout - Apply Surface Electrode to the spine to stimulate the system. Then apply Surface Electrode to the painful area with a medium current, keeping the electrode in contact with the skin, but moving same about. Pain may be noticed at first, but results are certain if treatment is continued.

Gray Hair - The natural color of the hair may often be restored by continued and patient treatment with Electrode No 3. See Alopecia. Several months are usually required for results. Use a current for stimulation at least once a day.

Hay Fever - Apply Surface Electrode over the nose and along the spine with medium current for five minutes. Apply Electrode No 19 in nostrils for a short time. Treatment must be of short duration but frequently repeated. Use the Ozone Generator freely, it being advisable to Ozonate the entire room with it. For satisfactory results treatments should commence two or three weeks before period of attack.

Headaches - Frontal and Occipital Headaches are relic eived by wing the Surface Tube No I of over the seat of the pain. Keep the tube in loose contact and prolong the treatment until relief takes place, which usually takes from five to ten minutes.

Hemorrhoids - With the use of Rectal Tube No 23 temporary relief may be obtained by giving five-minute treatments daily.

Herpes, Zoster - Application of the Condenser Tube in the eruption of Herpes. Recovery can be hastened by giving ten-minute treatments daily. Three to five treatments are usually sufficient.

Impotence - The most beneficial way of treating this condition is by the use of the Prostatic Tube No 2 with plenty of spark. Use the Surface Electrode No 1 slightly raised over the area of the spine from five to seven minutes daily.

Insomnia - The method most beneficial has been the use of the Condenser Tube, which is kept in light contact with the back of the head and neck, going down the spine for about five minutes daily before retiring.

Jaundice - By the use of & Condenser Electrode great relief can be obtained. Apply electrode over the area of the liver ten minutes daily.

Laryngitis - The Throat Electrode either by the loose contact or mild spark will greatly add in treatment of this nature. Ozone inhalations most advisable.

Lumbago - Apply the current through the clothing with as strong a current as can be tolerated. Continue treatment until pain is gone Keep the electrode moving and give long treatment.

Loucorrhea - Use Vaginal Electrodes or No 24 or 26, lubricating before insertion. A medium treatment for five minutes is applied and is repeated as circumstances require. Current should be turned on after insertion of electrode and off before removal of electrode. Antiseptic douches in connection.

Neuralgia - To obtain a hurried relief of Neuralgia, the Surface Electrode No 1 should be used. Pass back and forth in light contact with the skin, giving ten minute treatments as needed.

Neuritis - Use Surface Electrode for five minutes at a time. Several treatments a day are advisable. Use light current at first and gradually increase same. Apply locallyy or to entire body, depending on condition.

Obesity - Apply Surface or Condenser Electrode No 2 for fifteen minutes twice daily. Use very strong current. Fats will be consumed by increase of oxidation but diet must be reduced and watched.

Paralysis - Use Electrodes No 1 or No 2. Treat paralyzed mu muscles, employing a current strong enough to produce a half or three quarter inch spark. Part of the time keep applicator in contact with the skin and part of the time raise it above the surface to get affective spark. Treat as directed by physician.

Pharyngitis - In acute forms with the use of the Throat Electrode quick relief can be obtained. Give five-minute treatments daily.

Pleurisy - Use the condenser. Tube over the front and back of the chest until a marked reddening of the skin indicates a counter irritation. Two or three treatments are necessary in acute cases and one daily in chronic cases.

Psoriasis - This is treated by the same technique as that employed in Eczema.

Rheumatism - Use Electrode No. 2. High Frequency currents are of exceptional value in muscular and in chronic articular rheumatism. The pain will be relieved by application of High Frequency massage, using lubricant if necessary. Follow with fairly strong spark until pronounced redness is produced. This treatment persistently followed has in many cases resulted in a cure. While some relief may be obtained in one treatment, but permanent cure requires much time and patience.

Ringworm - Use the Surface Electrode and apply short sparks several times a day with a medium current for several minutes .

Scars - By the use of the Surface Electrode No. 1 a softening effect can be produced on scar tissue, treating same five to seven minutes daily.

Sciatica - Apply the Condenser Electrode along course of the nerve and over the lowerpart of the spine, giving ten minute treatments daily.

Sinusitis - The use of Surface Electrode No. 1 gives ahurried relief by applying same over the area of the sinuses dailt for five minutes.

Sore Throat and Throat Diseases - Use Internal Throat Electrode No. 20 with medium current for five minutes, and the External; Throat Electrode No. 4 on the outside of the throat for the same period of time.

Stiff Neck and Joints-Apply Surface Electrode, using the same method as explained in Neuritis.

Tonsilitis - Use treatment as above for Sore Throat. Ozone treatments are also of importance.

Urticaria (Hives) - Urticaria can be quickly eliminated by the use of the Surface Electrode No. 1 going back and forth over the area for ten minutes daily until condition is gone.

Warts and Other Small Growths - The No. 25 Cautery Electrode should be used, as it throws a fine sharp spark. Apply to growths long enough to cauterize the surface. A few seconds is usually all that is necessary. Wait a day or two for results and if necessary repeat. Where there is no Cautery Electrode the Surface Electrode can be used by holding it about one-eighth inch from the growth and allowing the sparks to pass from the edge of the glass.

Writer's Cramp - In this condition a hurried relief can be effected by the use of the Surface Tube No. 1 over the area of condition, using same until condition is relieved.

Wry Neck - Torticollis - Using the No. 1 or No. 2 over the area of the neck and down the spine daily forten minutes, relief can be effected.

Wrinkles - Are commonly caused by using a given set of facial muscles more than normally. They can be removed by applying Electrode No. 1 or No. 5 with a rotary, massaging movement.