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Note on buying supplements online. Many people depend on product reviews to ascertain the effectiveness and value of a supplement before purchasing. Many products get higher reviews than they deserve by providing free or reduced cost items to active reviewers. This is often seen on products from little-known brand names with very high review ratings.One should always be cautious by entering the website address which lists the product with the reviews into FakeSpot.com to see how likely the reviews are faked or otherwise influenced. This website is good not only for supplements, but for most other items purchased online.

Vitamins - Includes sections on Multivitamins and other vitamin supplements.

Minerals - Includes sections on Multiminerals and other mineral supplements.

Essential fatty acid supplements - information on EFA supplements including omega 3 oils like fish oil (EPA) and flax oil, plus omega 6 oils like GLA, and others.

Herbs - Descriptions of many of Electroherbalism's most often recommended herbs including the Favorite Herbs section.

Supplements 101- General notes on taking supplements..

General Maintenance Supplements - Sometimes just using general maintenance supplements to ensure 100% RDA of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids are helpful to ensure health and combat many different maladies.

Favorite Combination Supplements  - Short descriptions of some the combination products recommended most often by Electroherbalism. There is also a Favorite Herbs page in the Herb section.

Popular Supplement Brands

Mineral Ascorbates - A description and explanation of some of the more popular mineral ascorbates products like Emergen-C and Ester-C

Toxins in Supplements details a problem of the health supplement industry and gives recommendations of supplements that may be safer to use long term if this is a concern.

Supplement Warnings Some supplements, including some recommended for short term use by Electroherbalism, should not be taken in large amounts and/or long term. Also see Herb Safety Guidelines in the Herbs section.

Single Supplement Remedies A collection of anecdotes of what may be economical remedies for some problems.

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