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and get two specially formatted copies of the CAFL

Donations to Electroherbalism are greatly appreciated. In exchange for donating a dollar (or more) to Electroherbalism, you will be sent a link to download three specially formatted copies of the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL): in PDF, Word, and Excel. They are zipped into a single file to download. The Word format CAFL makes it easy to add additional frequencies or annotations to your own copy and both the Word and PDF versions are good if you want to print a clean hard copy. The Excel version can be used to make annotations easier and for those who prefer a more organized tabular format. Note there are not any additional frequencies or other content in these lists than what you can get for free on the CAFL page, they are just in different formats than the html on the web page.

The Excel version was added on Feb 27, 2016. If you made a donation before this and only received the version with two copies and would like the version with the Excel file, please email (see Contact menu item above or below) with the title "Email new donation link" and the new link will be sent free of charge.


$1 Donation to Electroherbalism. To donate more than a dollar, increase the quantity. In thanks, you will receive a link to download three versions of the CAFL in Excel, PDF, and Word

Please insure that your Paypal email address is correct. I cannot email you the link if it is not. Also, if you know your email address is correct, please check your junk mail folder. If you do not receive your link within 24 hours, please use the Contact button above or below to report it. SA address often bounce. If you have an SA address, please include another email address if possible.

If you do not have a Paypal account or don't want to make a donation in this manner but still want to support Electroherbalism, you can instead just make a purchase from Amazon using the link below. Email and let us know you made a purchase from Amazon, and you will be emailed the link. Thanks!


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