Zinc Oxide Powder Blend

Description: 4 oz shaker canister of powder. Electroherbalism’s Zinc Oxide Powder Blend is pure zinc oxide mixed with a talc-free body powder mixture. This deodorant powder is not scented. It is without question the best deodorant powder for babies. It can be used instead of zinc oxide creams which are typically full of petrochemicals. and is safe enough to use as a daily powder. Instead of talc, Electroherbalism uses a mixture of arrowroot and kaolin powders as a base.

Zinc Oxide powder is provided in reusable canisters with a flap opening on top that can be repurposed as a spice container when it is empty. There is a double side sifter cap with 0.10" diameter holes on one side and a spoon opening on the other. The bottle is clear PET with a black cap. It is the same formula and same weight as before.

Zinc Oxide Powder is the best foot and body powder for adults, too. It helps prevent foot odor and fungus problems without harsh or toxic chemicals. A small amount sprinkled in the shoes or on the feet once every few days is all that is necessary. Zinc Oxide Powder can also be used as an underarm deodorant to avoid the petrochemicals, aluminum, and other toxins of commercial products.

Electroherbalism's Zinc Oxide Powder Blend contains 1/3 zinc oxide powder, or slightly more than 33%. This provides the strongest deodorant action. Powders that are sold in stores that advertise zinc oxide as one of the ingredients typically contain 1% zinc oxide. This contains 33 times more.

Besides as a body powder, Electroherbalism's Zinc Oxide Powder Blend can be used in novel ways, too. Putting some in the hand and adding a few drops of water to make a paste and rubbed into the skin in an even layer, it can be used as an emergency sunscreen. Used in this manner it can also be applied to acne lesions on the skin. Electroherbalism's Zinc Oxide Powder Blend is also the base for a high strength cream deodorant formula in the Recipes section.

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, arrowroot, and kaolin powders.

Directions: Apply as desired to body, feet, shoes, etc. For underarms, shake a small amount in hands and apply to underarm area. For shoes it is usually only necessary to dust them every few days.

Hygiene Note: Smelly feet is often a problem with teenagers. Most of the time, the problem is that they do not thoroughly wash their feet. Stress how important it is to wash between each toe with soap (and ideally a washcloth too) when bathing or showering..