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Electroherbalism no longer sells hand-crafted products! Sorry for any inconvenience. Replacements or recipes for the products Electroherbalism once made are included below.

Many Electroherbalism formulas were developed over 20 years ago as a result of the latest supplement advances or effective combinations not being widely available for sale at the time. A good example is high voltage process colloidal silver. Now that this product is widely available, even from places like Amazon, Electroherbalism no longer produces it. Same with liver and kidney support combinations, or effective antiseptic supplements. Other herbal combinations for which Electroherbalism sold products have also been commercially developed like a black walnut wormwood clove combination and there are readily available many mineral ascorbates products, including Emergen-C. Please email if you need recommendations for replacements for products once produced by Electroherbalism.

Here are a few:

Colloidal Silver (plastic bottle)

Colloidal Silver (glass bottle)

Silymarin Liver Formula

Liver and Kidney Formula

Black walnut wormwood clove formula

Tooth and Gum Irrigant (sorry about the high price but this is the original stuff and it is very good, once only available through holistic dentists, which is why Electroherbalism started making one for a reasonable cost available to everyone.)

Mineral Ascorbates

Herbal Antibiotic


OmniHoney and OmniACT

To make a version of OmniHoney which is even stronger than Electroherbalism's original formula (but quite a bit more expensive) here are the ingredients:

Yarrow Extract
Calendula Extract
Echinacea Extract

Eucalyptus Oil
Lemon Oil
Orange Oil
Peppermint Oil

Mix together the herb extracts (which will make 4 oz) along with 4 oz of local honey, then add a quarter tsp each of the oils, and shake well each use. If it is available, put a drop of soy or sunflower lecithin in the mix and the oils will stay mixed in much longer and be safer. Note that if the bottle is not shaken and someone just drank the oils off the top, it could lead to respiratory arrest.

There is enough oil to last for years, so one only needs to buy more extract (or bigger bottles) to make additional product. The mixture is best kept in a glass bottle.

To make OmniACT extract, leave out the essential oils and honey.

One can also make an aromatherapy and deodorizing air spray (which will clear the sinuses) by mixing a quarter tsp each of the oils in 8oz vodka in a spray bottle.

Zinc Oxide Body Powder

Here are the three ingredients

Arrowroot Powder
Zinc Oxide

Combine equal parts by weight, mix well, and dispense in shaker container. To mix the entire pound of each, get a bucket with a screw top (like the orange ones at Home Depot) or a well-sealed pet food canister so it can be used to store the remaining until it is all used.


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