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Kidney Cleanse Regimen

Summary:  Use Planetary Formula's Stone Free, magnesium, and vitamin B6 with The Water Cure.

Use The Water Cure with Planetary Formula's Stone Free as directed to up to 10 tablets per day in divided doses, lowering dose if there is any pain or pressure at all, then building back up.  At night, take 100 to 200% RDA magnesium long term along with a 100 mg vitamin B6 capsule short term (two to four weeks max). Vitamin B6 is not taken long term by itself since large doses in the absence of other B vitamins can cause nerve problems, although the amount to cause this is generally in the 500mg range taken months in a row. If it is desired to use vitamin B6 long term, use it in the form of a B-100 supplement, which contains high potencies of all B vitamins.

Magnesium citrate is the best form to use. A 1:1 calcium magnesium citrate, like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate (not the one with added vitamin D) can be used instead, but avoid calcium carbonate.

The action of the Stone Free is too much for some people. In these cases, half doses should be used.  If it is not desired to swallow the tablets, they can be dissolved in water before use, like using 1 tablet per 16 oz or more of water.

If there is any pain, additional marshmallow root can be used.  The Stone Free contains a good bit, but more can be used to alleviate pain more effectively.  It is widely available in capsules in health food stores, and sometimes in bulk. It can be taken in very large amounts (6 to 10 capsules with plenty of water) if desired.

An excellent and free long term solution for some kidney and bladder problems is Inclined Bed Therapy. By raising the bed at the head a few inches, it increases excess mineral excretion from the kidneys and bladder. It should still be used along with The Water Cure and other recommended supplements such as ensuring 100% RDA magnesium long term, but is a good preventative as well as speeds the progress of the regimen.


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