Rife Frequency Reports



All results are from independent research by various individuals with a Bare plasma tube unit. All information is not intended to refute any other researchers results, but simply to report these efforts to provide additional information in the area of Plasma Emission Frequency Technology. An attempt was made to standardize the setup and the operating procedures to aid in the evaluation of the basic Bare unit. Only two units were employed. The basic unit and a compact unit.

No differences were detected between the two units with regard to their effectiveness. Effectiveness was determined solely by the positive changes in the physical symptoms. I.E., the symptoms were reduced or alleviated. Both units were consistant in operations and in the results achieved. In most cases, the results were dramatic in the initial results. Initial rapid improvements could be seen or reported by the researcher.

Approximately 95% of all persons did not experience adverse Detox reactions. Detox was in general very mild, if it occurred at all.
80% did not have any initial response to the X-Wave.

90% exposed experienced a immediate reduction or alleviation of symptoms due to changes in their physical condition.

Followups results, show, 90% of all persons exposed to the plasma tube have experienced complete alleviation of bacterial and viral conditions with no reoccurances, except where original condition was noot completely resolved or reinfection possibly occured.

Some CA subjects have experienced complete alleviation of symptoms within 30 days. Some CA subjects were too far advanced, cancer had invaded too many areas, to be able to help. All CA subjects require supervision.

Subjects who use the plasma tube, experience, essentially, complete freedom from colds and flu.

Subjects who use Clark Zappers, for non CA, experience reoccurances of colds and flu symptoms, but rapid alleviation is achieved with use of zapper on a daily basis.

Indications are that, the use of a zapper in conjunction with a plasma tube is additive and can achieve faster results.

100% experienced positive symptomatic responses with Zapper.

Indications are that a combination of a plasma tube and a Pad or Zapper, used on alternate days, might achieve quicker positive symptomatic responses.

There are no references that Rife cured subjects in just seconds. There has been entirely too much assumptions and conjecture regarding the Rife Tube and The Bare tube units and the killing rates. The question is does it work? Emphatically, Yes it works!

I have seen and am convinced that the Bare plasma tube is very effective against cancer and bacteria and other pathogens. Thus far, penetration problems have not been a problem.Some bacterial conditions resolved in 15 to 20 minutes.

The basic problem seems to be the frequency, the dwell time, and the frequency of the sessions.

Symptomatic techniques are required to successfully conduct exposure programs to achieve positive results. Detox reactions are not required for positive results. Detox reactions does not indicate resolution of problem.

I have found that positive symptomatic responses are the key to progress and not Detox reactions. If there are no positive symptomatic responses then the program is not correct and one or more of the parameters must be changed.

MRI's are not a 100% assurance that the CA problem has been overcome. All symptoms must be taken into account in the overall program. Associative pathogenic contributions must be addressed early in the program, however they must be minimized and secondary to CA to avoid adverse Detox.

Progressive, aggressive exposures, dwell times, and frequency of sessions are necessary to assure positive results and to help minimize adverse Detox reactions.

Associated contributors to the physical conditions must be addressed, specifically, fungus, yeast, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The Basic Bare unit apparently is capable of addressing all conditions if the correct frequencies are known and used properly. So far, I only recommend the use of the standard straight or "U" leaded glass tube filled with 100% Argon at the normal pressure of 6mm.

14 gauge, bare, solid Copper coils, 4 turns each, wound CCW and CW, 4 inches from tips of tube. No heating problems experienced.

Unit can be operated continously. All standard components per Bare manual, except as noted. Uniden Pro 510 XL CB mods are cut d-14, R-93, and solder bridge. Burton switch subtituted for mike FG output set at 0.250mv. 6 ft RG58 /U coax from Radio Shack between Kinnaman and Switch box. Switch box connected to CB. Astron SS-25 switching power supply. 20 amps continously. Small FM radio, set to 108 FM, to check CB output only.

No attempt is made to use a scope or other devices to check unit performance. Primary symptomatic responses are used to determine units effectiveness. No response to X-wave is required nor is a weak, mild, or strong response to the X-wave considered.

No attempt has been made to use any other tubes, tube orientations, or components, because effectiveness of standard setup appears to be more than adequate. The goal is to evaluate standard setup to provide a positive means against pathogens and abnormal cellular function as in the case of cancer.

The ultimate goal is not to cause massive evisceration, if possible, but to aid in reversing or alleviating the cause of normal cell to become cancerous, so that the body's normal immune system can get rid of the wastes without logjamming the circulatory system and various organs.

Total cancer mass plays an important part in this plan. Normally surgery reduces the mass, which is an advantage. However, Chemo and radiation, are detrimental to the recovery program and should be avoided if possible.

In general, subjects who refuse surgery, Chemo, and radiation, respond more rapidly and positively. Degree of CA involvement and total CA mass directly affect the results. The more CA involvement with other organs and the greater the CA mass, the more difficult the task.

This is not a simple task. No CA researcher should be on their own. Supervision is mandatory. Even medical doctors are poorly equipped to manage their own situations. Judgments are often clouded.

My recommendations: start researching with the basic unit




Dear Fellow Researchers

The following results are provided as information regarding the operation of a basic Bare unit, except where deviations are noted. These variations are not intended to encourage deviation from Bare's basic recommendations. It is apparent that many variables exist with all the units in the field and various successes have been achieved with them.

Results from volunteers this year has been 100% effective in reduction of symptoms for microbial infections and cancers, specifically, multiple myeloma (MM) and Gliobasthoma carcinoma (GL). One MM shows complete remission. The second, a bone marrow test showed significant reduction in cancer.

A rare form of Cancer of brain stem, (Cardoma) is under research presently. Significant "associated contributor" involvement has resulted in adverse reactions, but they are diminishing. Volunteer is confident of progress. Tumor was diagnosed inoperable and growing. MRI will be used to confirm any progress.

A volunteer with Choroidal Melanoma, Choroid membrane behind eye, tumor is under study. Responses to the latter two have been significant, but no conclusions have been made. Waiting for MRIs to confirm any progress and results.

Microbial infections responded to the standard freqs 728, 787, 880 for 5 minutes each. Distance from tube is normally 6 to 10 feet.

Power output can vary from 30 to 70 watts and still be effective. Thus far effectiveness and penetration has not been a problem even at the lower wattage. SWRs ranged from 1.0 to 2.0 and were all effective.

Cooling of all components is the key for reliable operation.

Tube shapes are standard leaded glass, 22" long, straight or U with 100% argon. Lighting of the tubes was easy without any problems.

Connection to tubes is by 14 gauge bare copper coils with 4 turns each. Coils are wound CCW and CW. Coils are placed approximately. 4" from the tips of tube. 12 or 10 gauge wire can be used, but they are more difficult to wind or shape.

Connection to coils is by 10 gauge stranded "Power Cable" or 10 gauge "Monster Cable" 9 to 12 inches long and are to the outside ends of the coils. Wire lugs are soldered to the ends that connect to the Balun or Tuner.

The Balun used is the Amidon Torrid Balun Kit. The Balun core can be wound with 11, 18, or 22 bifial turns. There doesn't seem to be much difference.

Coax RG58/U connections, CB (3" to 6") to Palomar and Palomar (9" to 12") to Tuner are kept as short as possible.

Palomar, Blue faced and Black faced, work equally as well with no overheating problems, provided adequate cooling is provided. Fan on top and on bottom. High output Palomar settings are never required.

CB modifications used are cutting D-14 diode, R-93 resistor, and solder bridge.

Power to Kinnaman is provided from CB with diodes to reduce voltage from 12 volts to 9 volts. However the Kinnaman will tolerate 12 volts, but it is always better to operate on the lower voltage.

Kinnaman provides smooth uninterrupted operation for the whole exposure session with minimal inputs. Gated mode is recommended for all sessions. All Kinnaman F1A, F1B, F1C have a gated mode and they are all effective. The latest Version, F1C, allows one to eliminate the 12-second pause between programmed frequencies.

Microbial study indicated that staph within the body is more readily disposed of than when isolated outside the body.

Microbial specimens placed 6ft, 12 ft, and 18 ft exposed for the standard 728, 787, 880 for 5 minutes exhibited regrowth in a controlled environment chamber after 24 hrs.

Volunteers exposed to the same regimen experience total absence of symptoms after one exposure with no reoccurrence in 1 to 7 days. In one case exposure was repeated for 3 days. After 7 days tracking was terminated. No signs of reinfection were exhibited.

Normally, sessions should account for "associated contributors" to the physical condition to effectively achieve positive results. Bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral aspects must all be considered.

Most lists contain these frequencies. It is up to the individual researcher to examine the lists and confirmation is required.

Detoxification must be closely monitored and action must be taken to make corrections to the exposure program to minimize and alleviate any adverse reactions. This action involves the time of individual exposures and/or how often the exposures are conducted..

MRI confirmation of the reduction or elimination of cancer mass has demonstrated the effectiveness of this technology in multiple myeloma and Gliobasthoma carcinoma.

Several techniques are circulating around and each one is valid within their own specifications.

Where possible, it is recommended to use a progressive or increasing the time of exposures for each CA frequency with time, and an aggressive, using initial exposures time of a minimum of 5 minutes for each CA frequency, approach for cancer.

Basic cancer (CA) frequencies, 2008 and 2128 are used for 5 minutes each initially and run every day for the first 40 days, if no adverse Detox reactions are experienced. Time of exposure may be increased at each exposure by 1 minute until 30 or 40 minutes each is achieved. A volunteer supervisor is highly recommended to assure the program is followed.

Fungus and yeast frequencies, 465 and 784, 5 minutes each initially are run the first day along with the CA frequencies. After that they are run every other day. These frequencies may be tapered off to an occasional status.

Close attention to reactions or responses to the initial exposures and subsequent exposures must be done. Every effort must be made to minimize and eliminate adverse reactions by reduction of time of exposure and increasing the time between exposures.

Depending upon the type, size, and location of the tumor, all symptoms must be accounted. In no case, should the aggressiveness of the CA frequencies be eliminated or stopped because of symptoms related to the tumor. The differences between symptoms and Detox must be understood.


Status Report 5/12/98

----- End Included Message -----

This tumor involves at least 75% of the breast tissue and has erupted through the skin.

This lady is very sensitive to the "beam", and can detect response in the breast lesion.

We have spent a lot of time attempting to isolate those frequencies that she responds to, especially in the tumor region.

These are verified response frequencies, but it is too early to determine that these are cancer MOR.

Please note that some of these are VERY CLOSE to published frequencies.

2008,2063,2103,2128,2146,2133,2162,2173,2180,2189,2208, 2263,2289,2333

These are frequencies that we have found that this woman responds to. By respond, I mean actually feels a sensation in the lesion area. This lady is very sensitive to the beam, in that she can detect various frequencies in different parts of the body.

This is how we derived the frequencies:

1. Built a program of the common ca freq.
2. Ran these for 3 minutes each, noting which ones were detected.
3. Next we scanned 2000-2400. running each freq. for 30 seconds, again
noting those with response.
4. These were compared with the "standard" freq.. in step 1.
5 Now a second scan program was used that limited the range to only those
freq.. that had a response.
6. These response freq.. were then wavered +- 20 Hz, to attempt to isolate
the exact frequency.
7. The list that we included, are the actual response(in the breast)
8. These were then run for 5 min. each in burst mode=.6 Hz.
So far we have had 2 consecutive sessions covering 2 days with these frequencies. We noticed that the response (feeling) had reduced on the second exposure to some frequencies. There is also a bacterial infection that has been unresponsive to antibiotic treatment. This is diminishing as we are using an antibacterial protocol along with the neoplasm frequencies.

These frequencies and time of exposure are as follows: 1865,880, 802, 787, 727, 465, 444, 125, 95, 72, 48 Time is 5 min. each This is heavy time, but we cant wait on this one.


Square One computer generator. Leaded glass tube 90/10 argon/neon tube wrap= copper collars spaced 1.5 inches in center wrap is CCW,CW 510XL standard mods as per Jim's book Galaxy 225 amp. running 75 watts MFJ 962C tuner VSWR 1.5 or less Tube color is pinkish-light orange

Hope this helps, if you need any additional info, drop me a line.



I talked to a Dr. yesterday who runs a clinic down in Mexico just across the Texas border. He has been doing some research using his own anticancer formula and the R/B device. He has also been looking at the effects of the R/B device on cells using a very powerful SEM type microscope.I'll try and summarize his findings and results.

The biggest problem he has had with either his formula or the R/B device is too large an initial die off of the tumors. He now uses a protocol where he places the patient on his formula for the first 30 days of treatment and does not use the R/B unit. There is a good reason for this which will be explaned later. At the same time he puts the patients on his formula, he also puts them on some sort of HGH ( human growth hormone ) that has none of the side effects found with the normal use of such hormones. The use of this hormone is to repair the damage done to his patients by the use of prior radiation and chemo. Nearly all of his patients are late stage 4 and in very bad shape.

Doing some testing on cell cultures with the RB device a strange phenomena happens to cells that survive the exposure. Most of the cells die from cell wall damage, but a large number do not. The cell wall heals, but the wall is what could be effectively considered as scarred. The scarred areas do not transport materials into or out of the cells. Continued exposure with the device increases the scarring till the cell eventually dies . But on death the cell is somewhat mummified and dessicated.

This is why he puts his patients on his anticancer formula first with out use of the R/B unit. The R/B device will inhibit the uptake of the compound. So what he does is effectively saturate the patient with the material and then apply the R/B unit. What this does is seals the material into the cell. Further for what ever reason the material is activated to some degree by the R/B exposure. Sort of like Photo Dynamic Therapy, but for different reasons.

Using this protocol he is getting an 80% complete clinical remission (CCR) rate on his patients.

He says that while using the R/B unit there is often a problem with hypo calcemia and hypo kalemia ( low potassium and calcium ) and he will put the patients on an IV drip.

Other findings have to do with how best to use the unit. He has found that extremely long exposure times produce the best effects . He also has played with the pulse rate and is now pulsing the audio 32 times a second!

He recently had a patient come to him that had been up in Canada to Don Tunney's volunteer sessions. The patient did respond to his visit to Canada, and had a marked scan verifiable reduction in one of his two main tumors and the other major tumor, while it did not reduce was killed according to a pathologists report.



From: timothy mark harris <tharri11@scu.edu.au Subject: Parasite blow-out

Fellow Rifers,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 at 41 yrs, after a 'second' fine-needle biopsy proved negative!! By the time I went back to the surgeon for the results, the small, rounded lump had grown 'horns'. He performed a lumpectomy but did not manage to get it all and wanted then to perform a mascectomy. I said no, and I would feel the same if he wanted to remove an arm or a leg (just a personal thing). Three weeks later I saw the visiting oncologist who said "we don't perform routine mascectomies any more!" So I did kind of feel justified in my attitude. By the time I found another surgeon who performed yet another lumpectomy and sampling of the lymph nodes in my axilla, some three and a half weeks had passed and this aggressive form was in 5 out of 10 lymph nodes sampled.

I was recommended to have six weeks radiotherapy and six treatments of chemotherapy (which I hated doing to MY body as I had been a vegetarian since 1975 and was careful about my diet). I found the oncologist an arrogant little prick, totally unwilling to answer any questions, but that's beside the point.

Having followed their regimen, I thought well, that's that. No more problems. Towards the end of 1996, I noticed when resting my arms on the windowsill (about chest high) a sore spot in my armpit. Yep. Another lump about pea size. Another barrage of tests, x-rays, whole body scans, ultra-sound. Another lumpectomy and more radiation. Previously I had radiation treatment to the entire side of my right chest, from sternum to collar-bone to edge of breast but no armpit. Can you imagine not having your armpit treated when 5 out of 10 lymph nodes were affected? Seems crazy to me now, but I THOUGHT THEY KNEW what they were doing. Once more, four weeks of radiation therapy, but by the time I received the treatment, I had two more large lumps in the armpit!!

Roughly the same time I discovered Hulga's book, and followed it as far as possible (couldn't do anything about the copper pipes living in a flat). I noticed no difference really, being on a pretty good diet and careful of chemicals anyway. The most altered was dishwashing and clotheswashing. I made my own soap (is lye healthy, though?) and found a shampoo with no 'propyl' in it as I didn't like her idea of clean hair.

It was funny, though no coincidence I guess, that James Bare had an article written up in 'Nexus' Magazine and I thought, I'll order that book. Even if I never do anything about it, I will have the blueprint for posterity that I can hand down to someone else. Little did I know that four weeks after I had received the book, I would need it. Yup! Two more lumps in the same armpit, the same barrage of tests all over again (fortunately finding nothing). So I decided I would build an RBG and everything fell into place for me. I had the two lumps removed, one under the scar tissue connecting to a lateral lymph node. I see the oncologist today (a different one from before as I've moved) and she is really delightful, even offering me ozone treatment if I thought it would do me any good the last time round. Wait till I tell her about what I've got!!

So, I've followed Don's regimen and had about eight RBG treatments, not feeling anything really or noticing any difference, but I guess that's because I've only got single or maybe slightly clumped cells floating around. However . . . and this is getting to the point of writing . . . yesterday I did the parasite frequencies of 20, 64, 72, 96, 128, 440, 524, 854, 1864, 2008, 2128, 728, 784, 880, 464 for three minutes each. Some three hours later I thought I was getting the 'flu. All my bones were aching, I was really chilled and my right armpit was aching worse than after the operation. I drunk heaps of water before retiring early but couldn't get my legs warm. My right arm, chest, boob and armpit were really paining and I couldn't get to sleep. Strange aches and pains were coming and going, even the knuckles of my left hand. This morning there is a lot of swelling, blocked lymph fluid from the hack and chop of too many surgeons I guess. This is the first real reaction I've had (apart from the sinus draining frequencies). But I can't understand why my HC zapper I built, and the herbs never did anything!!??!

Sorry, this is so long-winded but I thought I'd just pass my experiences on. My partner got treated too (probably the whole block of units), but he got no reaction whatsoever.

Which prompts me to ask a question about pacemakers and pregnancy, the two p's. Are there specific frequencies I should be careful about or just make sure 'p' people aren't present when I RBG? And, how can pregnancy be compromised (if that's the right word) with such a device if it only damages 'invaded' cells?

Regards, Dallas Ann Gould.


So do you believe that by killing the pathogen, that the diseased tissues would revert to normal? Only in this manner would one avoid a detox reaction.

I have been filming ( video and stills) the recovery of a small( 1cm dia) skin cancer that popped up on my left arm last summer.I do not know if this is basal cell or squamous cell. Been exposing it on a regular basis now for about 3 weeks. Prior to that I would just expose it and then let it regrow some for a couple of weeks till the next exposure. Finally decided to get serious about it, so it was either knock it off with the device or have it excised.

Here is how the area is recovering. First the frequency was found to be 2116. 2128 had little effect. At 2116 the area would start to itch and then would respond. The itching would start in about the first minute of exposure, and would continue on for some hours following exposure.Now it takes in excess of 10 minutes exposure at 2116 to get any itching out of the area.

At first the area was was slightly indurated - that is below the surrounding surface of normal skin. A small crater if you will. The interior of the lesion was quite red and could be seen on close up viewing with my steromicroscope to be composed of some very disorganized tissue. Growth was quite haphazard and not organized.

The first series of exposures caused the area to become a bit redder and swell slightly. Then the top layer of cells of the lesion would start to shrivel and die - literally just flake off the arm in small bits. The lesion stopped agressive invasive growth and new undamaged skin could be seen to be pushing up from below the lesion. In other words it appeared the growth rate of the cancer fell behind that of the normal tissues . Thus allowing the normal tissues to fill the crater.

Continued exposure is proceeding as follows.The tissues start to become organized, and yet at first were still quite abnormal looking. Being red, and lacking good definition.

As recovery continued, the normal folds in the skin return and the area becomes quite organized, yet it still would not appear as normal. As the skin starts to appear more normal, freckles returned, and more hair grew from the lesion site.The area continues to flake off dead skin at a faster rate than the surrounding normal area.

At first the borders were quite even, now the borders of the lesion are quite irregular. It seems the periphery of the lesion is healing faster than the center.

One edge of the lesion is not as recovered as the rest of the lesion. This area continues to shrink. The area is still discolored looking at it, but it is more pink now sort of like a healing wound would be. Some other spots in the lesion still show disorganized cells on close up inspection.

Now for the good - bad part?

Using the stereo microscope which will go to about 120X, close inspection of the skin surrounding the lesion showed very small metastatic growths at the start of exposures. It was like the periphery of the lesion was seeding the area for future invasive growth. These areas could be a good Centimeter or two away from the main lesion.They were very small generally about 0.1 to 0.2 mm in size. A single exposure would generally suffice to destroy these areas. They would undergo the typical swelling and then then shrivel and flake off.

It has been over two weeks since I noticed any of these. Last night I noticed another two of these small metastatic areas had occurred, even though the prior exposure had been just 48 hours earlier. These areas are almost microscopic - less than 0.1 mm in size I estimate. So these areas seem to be able to grow quickly , at least at the start.

The question is of course - is this phenomena normal? Having exposed the lesion off and on over the past 9 months. Certainly nothing ever became of these micro growths. If this is not normal, is the device causing these to occur? That is, cancerous cells are dislodged and cause this? Or can such effects occur normally just because it is on my arm which is used all the time.

Either way the main thing is that the lesion is responding to the device, but is the lesion dying in the way Rife experienced? From what we know that Rife was claiming his device would do. It appears not.

I hope to have some of the photos, and perhaps some video capture put up on the net at a later date . Further, unless I am completely satisfied that this lesion is stable and has returned to normal, I may eventually have it excised. It does give a chance to find out why peoples cancer regrows if exposures stop. So shall see how this all progresses.



Compact Unit "U" tube, leaded glass, 25mm dia, 100% argon. Tube is 11.5" high by 5.5" wide. Separation between turns is approx 1/8". 14 gauge bare solid copper coils, 4 turns on each side of tube. Coils are wound CCW and CW. Coils are located approx 3" from electrodes. Wires to coils. 14 awg, 150C insulation, 15' long. Wires have 7 twists from tube to balun connections. Plasma is narrow and violet colored. Kinnaman, set to 250mv and gated.

Condition: Friend had severe sinus infection on right side of face. Right side of face was puffy, sensitive, and painful. Nose bleed when blowing nose. Could not hear through right ear. Area below ear was sensitive to the touch. Suffered from severe carpal tunnel in right wrist. Doctors wanted to perform surgery. Experienced constant pain from hand to shoulder. Experience pain from kidneys on both sides. Could not twist or bend over because of back pain.

Friend conducted sessions as follows:
5 minutes each freq.

Day 1
728 experienced sensations in groin and right arm.
787 experienced sensartions in right side of face and groin.
800 Hearing restored in right ear.
120 experienced sensations in feet and right arm.
666 experience sensations in right wrist.
1998 experienced tingling below right ear.
776 experienced sensations in right wrist.
9999 experienced sensations in right arm, from wrist to elbow.
2008 experienced sensations in both feet and right wrist.

Day 8 Totally free from symptoms, except slight pain in right wrist.
5 minutes each freq.

Day 14 Resumed all activities with no symptoms.

5 minute each freq.

No responses to any freqs.
End of sessions.

In working with this small skin cancer on my left arm I have learned a few things that may be applicable to other people with similar problems.

1. The frequency range is critical - in my case the MOR is 2116. The site will respond to from 2114 to 2118Hz only. Anything above and below that does little to nothing.

2. It is better to be off frequency for a long duration exposure than to be on frequency for too short an exposure. Too short an exposure at or near the MOR will pump energy into the tumor and acclerate it's growth! Being close but not quite on the resononant MOR can be effective if the exposure is over 10 minutes in length.

3. Maximum effects are seen at about 24 hours following the exposure. Some continued effects persist for up to 48 hours. Much more than 48 hours and the cancer will once again become active. By 72 hours there is some regrowth of the the cancer that can easily be seen.

4. In my case, direct light from the tube enhances effect of the device on the cancer. This may be partially due to the fact that this cancer was formed from excessive sun exposure and may actually be quite sensitive to light.

5. Pulsing the audio most definitely has enhanced effects over a continuous output when treating this cancer.

6. The cancer tends to itch and then swell some after exposure. About 12 hours following exposure, the area will start to shrink back and what I would call dessicate. Kind of puckers from lack of fluid. By 24 hours there will be noticable skin flaking off the surface of the lesion. Not unusual to see some slight bleeding at the apex of some of the larger "bumps" in the site. Area seems to cavitate and then bleed. Now this is very small on the size of 0.1 mm or less I estimate. No blood runs down my arm or anything like that.

6. About every three weeks the cancer seems to "seed" the surrounding area with small almost microscopic cancers. These would be missed unless the nearby area was looked over with a strong magnifying glass or a dissecting microscope. These new sites generally respond readily to only one or two exposures at which time they just dry up and die. They are located about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the primary cancer. They tend to just suddenly appear.

7. So far no vitamin supplementation has made any difference in how the cancer has responded to the device. I have used large doses of Vitamin C - 8 to 10 grams a day, 80,000 units of Vitamin A per day, calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins . Doesn't matter to the cancer if I take the vitamins or not. Now overall I notice a difference, but to the cancer, the supplements do nothing.

On the other hand have recently ( 2 weeks ) been taking MSM at 3 grams a day, and using Arsenicum Album 30X homeopathic.All the actinic keratosis on my face are clearing up. These two items have made a big difference for the keratosis, while the device only had a marginal effect. This could be because the frequency was incorrect, or the cells are transitional. Not normal but not cancerous either.

8. Strangely the site looks better under close observation of the microscope than it does visually. Visually one can easily see that the area is not as red, and no longer has a smooth curved border. The border is now quite jagged where areas have healed ( spent a lot of time in the sun when I was younger) .

Healing comes and goes across different areas of the cancer lesion. One week a certain area may look pretty fair and another area look pretty disorganized. The next week the areas may be reversed. Original area was about 10mm across and very circular in shape, it now is about 7mm across and somewhat irregular.

Microscopically the skin is fairly organized now with a return of the normal skin folds and coloration, some hair regrowth, and filling of what was originally a slight depression.



I received a letter today from some people that I helped to assemble their machine. They are a very ingenious people and use the R/B to its fullest test. They have massive amounts of the Maleria (all three types) and TB is rampant, and other things which go with sanitation problems.

As to their unit is goes out quite like the ones Don produces only using a Leaded Glass streight tube. Do not know whom the manufacturer was....but I modified the 510XL just like mine and they need only 12 volts for their entire system. They use a wind generator to charge the battery system, old bicycle parts and a Delco Alternator, really well thoughtout.

To the point of their writing me. They have recently begun the treating of Brain Fever, and initally had some losses. I reminded them of the fact that the bacterium produced by killing the Virus was as deadly as the virus itself. They have attempted several different types of regeims this appears to be the one they follow today:

1) Use the Maleria freqs 222,550,713,930,1032,1443/4/5 and the bacterium freq's 420,444,854,920/21,957,1320,1722,1832, and for the movement to the lungs 1234,3672, 9000.

A) Use of Maleria Frequencies are every other day, use of Bacterium Freq's used on opposing days. Treatment times 3Min/10sec, per freq.

Blood tests done and Ph factors used to insure Herx does not exceed limits (where they got that information from I do not know but I will ask). Duration kept short....the use of the R/B machines has made significant changes on those patients exposed. But the first losses were due to the Killoff of the Maleria....and not treating the bacterium released fast enough. So they were able to kill the Brain Fever, but by failing to move fast enough to kill the bacterium they lost patients (7).

They have posted no TB information which has simular results if you do not treat the resultant bacterium. They made some passive remarks that they had not totally considered the bacterium effect until it was too late.....eventhough I forwarded one of Jims warnings about the subject.



I'm slow at things, so I just made a couple of interesting discoveries that most of you likely know already, but for someone new --:

#1 Duration: A short duration like the basic 3-minute run can actually make a problem worse. For example I used the following for arthritis in finger joints: 965-880-817-800-787 @ 3 -minutes each. Tried this several evenings and the condition was getting worse, swelling in joints, extremely painful. I quit for a week and the condition remained same - bad. So, I went back to same frequencies, ran for 10 minutes each: Big difference- swelling reduced, pain reduced , finger joints much improved.

Sometime back I had the exact same experience with a major urinary infection that I have had since 1994 which I assume is related to prostate cancer - in fact, I thought it was my cancer spreading. But, it appears to have been a secondary infection. Doctors couldn't tell what it was, antibiotics did nothing, was getting serious. When I would hit 2050 for 3 minutes it would flare up, terrible -would be in serious trouble for several weeks after this happened (3 times). Almost was hospitalized once. So, I finally went for it --set it on 2050 for ten minutes - next day -problem gone, fine since. So, experimentation is in order regarding duration and there is going to be some controversy on this issue.

#2 - Distance from tube: My Absolutely Neon bubble with 90% Arg, 10& neon 7 torr has some interesting characteristics my previous arg-neon tube didn't have: Effect does appear more pronounced (this may not necessarily have anything to do with bubble specifically). For one thing, I have my Freq Gen mounted on a platform about 2 feet out from everything else. It held perfectly steady with 'other' tube. With new tube FQ is unstable (although that tends to give that little bit of sweep we need so it works out well anyway).

And, I am of those who don't really 'feel' the Rife effect except in specific conditions so this is something I notice with the new tube that I never got before (and I had tried this with each tube): With the inflammed finger joints held up in front of me, I slowly advanced forward and backwards and at certain points (distances) I would get a sensation, sort of tingling effect. So, I must assume this is the node of the wave or the point where I am getting utlimate effect. I just found this so will experiment. I anticipate finding that each freq will be a different distance. The one above I really felt was about 6 feet away from tube.

It's obvious there is a lot to be learned! And, to think Mr. Rife had this all worked out decades ago and we have to start from the beginning!



I am amazed at the rapid improvement of arthritic condition of the joints of my fingers in just a few days AFTER I INCREASED DURATION! So far, three sessions, one session per day! As I stated on an earlier post, not only was I not getting any where with arthritis frequencies but the condition was actually getting worse - being severly aggravated with each Rife session @ 3 min each freq.

Now, I am running 10 minutes per frequency and getting amazing results. Also, as stated on previous post, I found by moving slowly forward or backward, holding my hands up, I can actually feel a tingling effect in the affected joints at specific distance from the tube - in this case about 6 to 7 feet. I suspect if I had enough room to move back I would likely find another point where I would feel it. I assume that point is optimum. The duration & distance will vary with each indiviudal set up & tube configuration.

The two I felt were: 965 & 880 . I didn't feel the others but included them.

One treatment per day: 965-880-817-800-787-728

Tube: Absolutely Neon-bubble - 90% Argon - 10% Neon -leaded glass 7 torr - mauve, full plasma glow from clamp to clamp. Clamp spread: 11 1/4 " inside to inside. amp on med: SWR 1.2:1, reflected 3.5 w 112. Kick start with striker.

In addition I try to use a reasonable diet (Also reading Eat Right but not following fully as yet). Flaxseed oil , 1 table spoon daily -going to increase to 2 per day Calcium & magnesium citrate 1 tbl daily full complement colloidal vitamin & mineral combination Enzymes: now using Solaray Super Digestaway: 175 mg pancreatin: 17,500 units protease activity 17,500 units amylase activity 1,400 units lipase activiy 25 mg Betaine HCI 40 mg Pepsin 1:10,000 50 mg Bromelain 100 mg OX Bile extract 5 mg aloe vra Gel 45 mg Pepermint leaves 40 mg Ginger root 40 mg Papaya leaves

I feel these enzymes have done a lot for me. Take one with each meal.

Well the score now is B-R vs: Fibromyalgia 0 BR 1 Groin inflammation 0 BR 1 Finger joint arthritis 0 BR 1 Meaning B-R did away with them!

If only I could find the combination for prostate cancer:

OK RCRS - Do I get at least a C+ on this one?



The following is Michael Prescott answering questions about using a generator at different duty cycles. He uses parellel strips of metal on either side of a slide to provide the power, not a tube.


See his web page to view what he means by 10% duty cycle. It is a negative square wave, so he is saying that a 10% duty cycle means it is at 0v for 10% of the cycle. For a standard 0 to +V volt square wave like people typically use on a plasma tube device, this would be a __90%__ duty cycle.


From: eximer@netcom.com (Michael Prescott)

Yet more info, which will eventually show up on the web page once images are processed:

--- What duty cycle works best?

10% duty cycle @3225hz kills euglena sample in <5minutes 50% duty cycle @3225hz after 30 minutes barely achieves the die-off achieved @1minute using the 10% duty cycle.

This is significant, and quite unexpected. Simply dialing in frequencies at 50% duty cycle (a standard practice) won't get you anywhere! It was sheer coincidence that my original tests just happened to be performed on a 10% duty cycle (the lowest setting on the BK4011). --- What waveform works best?

Square wave, the clear winner. All dead in less than 5minutes. Sine Waves, some die-off after 30minutes Triangle Waves, some strange behavior, mor-like but little else after 30 minutes.

--- What signal offset works best? (AC signal, or DC offset) (pictures are essential here, and are forthcoming)

10% duty cycle AC kills colony in <5 minutes 10% duty cycle with full DC negative offset kills colony <5minutes 10% duty cycle with full DC positive offset kill colony in 22minutes.

50% duty cycle AC essentially the same as the 50% duty ref above: after 30 minutes barely achieves the die-off achieved @1minute using the 10% duty cycle. 50% duty at full DC offset (positive/negative create same waveform) kills colony in <5minutes.

>From this, I think we can concur with Don Tunny's subjective call that AC waveforms really *do not* produce better effects!


Even more significant than the above, was the discovery that MOR frequencies are not unique. The mortality effect is produced
at *ALL* harmonics of the frequencies:

3225hz My discovery. Kills colony in <5minutes
6450hz 2x the original. Kills colony in <2minutes
1612 1/2 the original. Kills colony in 5minutes
322.5khz 1000x the original. Kills colony in 5minutes
>From this, we can clearly see that the rate of kill-off is not linear, and we can probably expect that (see 6450). Knowing this, it would be possible to make a rough correllation and check for the 'correctness' and accuracy of the MOR frequency by testing the same frequency up and down its harmonics.

This also explains why the euglena MOR had an exceptionally sharp frequency tolerance: 3224..3226 anything outside of that produced interesting results, but no mass die-off.


To top even the last!

Retrying Hulda Clark's frequency for blepharisma which she listed as 406.5 using 130x the 3120hz that I had video taped previously gives a frequency of 405.6 (aha! another one of Hulda's famous typos).

The entire blepharisma colony was wiped out in less than 5 minutes! This means that the magic 440 divisor, stated in the archives, for Hulda's frequency, is in fact, just one in a host of harmonic divisors which achieve the same end, but just at different rates!

It also confirms that Hulda was not full of hot air, just of sloppy proof-reading. As such: Trust, but verify.

Her method of surveying these frequencies can be considered off-hand rather suspect. At this point, after seeing actual results, I think the implications are exceptionally profound.

I think the reader should be able to see the implications of this.

--- Wrap-up:

What is the best of the best to produce MOR reactions as indicated from the data so far?

Square-waves with 10%duty cycle An AC signal works just as well as a Negative Offset DC

[ looking forward to hear from others for confirmation in ] [ their own experiments ]

The Web page (4 total now) has been updated with latest info and results on B-field results, Duty Cycle, Waveform and Amplitude comparisons.


regarding previous results with Harmonic, or rather more correctly multiples of the fundamental frequency, yes, I did all these tests using the function generator driving the microscope.

I really do believe that there is only one factor by which the Dan Device Rife/Bare and Clark device work. The fact that the same frequency affected the specimen sample using all three methods is highly suggestive.

Don't think it's light, because contemporary as well as historical records show that sealed boxes were not a barrier. Really, there is no data or facts to support this.

Don't think it's a B-field (per se) because the Clark device as well as my experiment with the electrified slide would produce minimal B-field due to high impedance of the sample (>1meg-ohm).

The only thing I see as common to all three is the E-field which either arises from the dB/dT factor in the Dan device, directly in the Clark device, or as a component of the RF field in the Rife/Bare device (which is what was perhaps being registered by the Hall effect sensor in the archive messages regarding 'Anomalous Magnetic Fields' or very large B-fields arising from the Rife field).

The latest results strongly suggest that the amplitude, wave shape, duty cycle, and DC/AC offset play significant roles (at least in the case of the test-slide).

I intend to test these prediction results out in the actual Rife field at a later time.


Adenosarcoma of the breast in cat being treated as reported by Fred Walter on his web page. Example:

Monday, July 7, 1997


There were two people and one cat present during the session. The two people were healthy.

The cat has cancer - adenosarcoma of the breast. It was first diagnosed with this cancer in November 1996. The owner was using herbal means to combat the cancer, with tumor shinkage, until the Health Protection branch of the Canadian goverment made one of the substances that he was using require a prescription. Eventually he managed to get a prescription for the substance but during the time that he wasn't able to use it, the tumor grew to 3/4" thick, 2 5/8" long, 7/8" tall in size. At this point the herbal treatments were no longer able to shrink the tumor, they were just able to stop the tumor from growing any larger. The tumor size has been stable for the 3 months prior to June 24, 1997.

Since the cat's June 24, 1997 session, the following has occurred:
- the tumor has shrunk from 3/4" thick, 2 5/8" long, 7/8" tall in size
to 1/4" thick, 2" long, 3/8" tall in size
and the surface of the tumor now feels nodular and bumpy
- most of this shrinkage occurred in the first week and a half
- the tumor is floating in a sac of inflamation fluids under the fur and
the owner can no longer feel any connections between the tumor and the
muscle wall
- the cat has a *lot* more energy, is friskier, playful and is climbing
on things again
- the cat smells a lot better (during the first session there was a really
strong bad smell coming from the cat - this odor has decreased to the
point that it is almost not noticable)
- the day after each Bare-Rife device session to date, inflamation has
occurred around the tumor site, and the cat has had diarrhea for a day
or two, and the tumor has gotten smaller
- the cat's owner is giving the cat 6 capsules/day of Nature's Way
Milk Thistle to help it detoxify

For a summary the cat's herbal program, a summary of the equipment used and a diagram showing the layout of my equipment see: http://www.u36.com/~fredw/evaluation/19970624.txt

Here is a summary of the session (SWRs/durations are approximate):

Frequency SWR Duration
--------- ------------- -----------------
2182 1.27 3-4 minutes
2180 1.25 4-5 minutes
2128 1.22 4-5 minutes
2050 1.22 3-4 minutes
2008 1.2 3-4 minutes
8-10 minutes break
880 1.7 4-5 minutes
800 1.6 3-4 minutes
784 1.6 3-4 minutes
728 1.55 3-4 minutes
664 1.55 3-4 minutes
304 2.0 4-5 minutes
10-12 minutes break
2182 1.27 3-4 minutes
2128 1.25 3-4 minutes
2050 1.2 3-4 minutes
2008 1.2 3-4 minutes

The "Duration" times will have been longer than stated because:
- the time taken to (switch frequencies and to try to find the best SWR at the new frequency) was not measured
- sometimes the timer was not reset right after a frequency change

The frequencies were chosen for the following reasons:
- 2182, 2180, 2128, 2050, 2008 - in the range that is supposed to help stimulate white blood cell activity, and supposed to help with cancer
- other frequencies - picked from the two lists that I possess

The cat sits on its owners lap, and is around 12' from the tube.

I run my system with the cover on the MFJ-949E and on the MFJ-912 because I seem to get lower SWRs with the covers on.

The breaks were to let the equipment cool off.

Even with the breaks, the large wire coil in the antenna tuner and the external balun get really *HOT*.

During the breaks I took the covers off of the MFJ-949E and the MFJ-912 to let them cool off. I did *not* put a fan on either of them until after the session was over.

I didn't feel much during the session. Nor did the other person.

The cat did not want to get out of its cat carrier when it was time to start the session. It really had a *lot* of energy. At one point during the session it tried to get away from its owner, and it almost made back into the carrier. It has done this several sessions in a row.

During the first bunch of frequencies in the range 2008Hz-2182Hz, the cat was breathing more rapidly than usual. During the other frequencies the cat was calm, and after the 304Hz frequency, it looked like it was about to go to sleep. The second time that we ran 2182Hz, 2128Hz and 2008Hz, the cat's breathing sped up again.

The cat shed very little hair.


In one of the detail sheets that came with an expensive pad device, there was a frequency list and some anecdotes. One anecdote was by a healer who had a very good record using the device. When asked what the secret of her success was, she said she always ran the parasite frequencies for serious disease, then the ones listed for the disease itself. The literature also warned against using frequencies between 1000-2000Hz since these might actually stimulate growth of malignant tissue, yet one of the parasite frequencies was within that range.


I had a client with multiple moles who was told by a homeopath the moles could be the result of inherited syphilis. I used a syphilis frequency and her moles began to itch. The same phenomenon happened with a cancer frequency. It is common knowledge that moles can become malignant. When I used the syphilis freqs (650, 625, 600) not only did her moles react but I had a pain behind my left eye (syphilis can cause eye damage) for 10 sec and then my jaw realigned with a loud snap. Try these settings if you have jaw or eye problems which are unresponsive to other freqs.


I have one thing of interest that I thought shouldn't wait until I find the time to post updated session reports.

The cat's tumor shrunk after the first 3 sessions to around 1/3rd its original size. Then it seemed to seemed to stay relatively the same in size (some shrinkage, but not much) after the next couple of sessions. So we took a look at Don Tunney's latest (from May) update to his web-site, and noticed that some people were adding in a bunch more frequencies in the 2000-2200 range. So we added 2190 2170 2160 2150 2140 2094 to the list of frequencies that we were using.

The cat's owner phoned me tonight to tell me that the new frequencies seem to have started the tumor shrinking again, along with a few more changes in texture/consistency. I'll get the details from him when he shows up for the cat's next session.

So, if your cancer and/or your pet's cancer is unresponsive to the frequencies that you are using, you could see what happens if you add a few more of the frequencies that other people have reported using.

So far we are using (3 or more minutes each) of: 2190 2182 2180 2170 2160 2150 2140 2128 2094 2050 2008 for cancer, and (3 or more minutes each) of: 880 800 784 728 664 464 304 because other people seem to be using these frequencies.

You may want to cut back on frequencies and/or duration if you are just starting out. Killing off too much cancer too fast is probably, at the least, very unpleasant to experience.



Status Report #3, 6/10/98

Introduction and Goal

Continued research of the Rife/Bare Plasma Emission Frequency Technology (PEFT) based on the basic unit per Dr Jim Bares instructions. Some variations are employed and confirmation of their use is based entirely upon volunteer responses. The responses should be equal or better as defined by the symptomatic and diagnostic reports.

These results are not meant to confute other researchers results. It is the sole purpose to report experimental results based entirely upon volunteer responses with supporting confirmations from their interactions with their personal Oncologists or physicians.

Based on these results, the effectiveness of the basic unit has been confirmed! Modifications have been prolific on the list, but no confirmation based on actual volunteer responses have been established. I am not suggesting that all modification be suspended, but simply offering these results as a suggested operational procedure for establishing meaningful and effective changes.

In order to establish the device from a scientific basis, sound research in principle must be conducted. This does mot mean the traditional blind studies, but results based on actual volunteers responses.

Equipment: All tubes are straight or "U" type. Tube connections were 14 guage bare copper coils, 4 turns each. Balun: MFJ 912 or Amidon torroid kit, 18 turns. Tuner: MFJ 949E or 948 Palomar 225 (blue face) Uniden Pro 510 XL Kinnaman frequency generator. Samlex switching power supply 1223

Tubes: Pyrex tube with 100% Argon. Color is white and gets very hot. Although effective, not prefered, because of heat generation.

Standard leaded glass tube with 100% argon, 6 torr, runs relatively cool. Tube can be grasped even after hours operation. Plasma color mauve. Plasma can be narrow or fill the tube. No significant differences were observed in volunteer symptomatic responses.

Power: Minimum power was 30 watts. Maximum power was 70 watts.

Frequency generator: Kinnaman frequency generator (FG) is used because of ease of use and programmining capability which makes opration of multiple frequencies simple to excute. FG must be set for gated mode and deviation may be set for 3 or 4.

FG mv output: FG mv output can be set for 185 mv or 250 mv. No significant differences were observed based on volunteer symptomatic responses.

SWR: SWRs, SWRs may vary from 1.0 to 2.0. No significant differences were observed based on volunteer symptomatic responses.

Distance from tube ranged from 4 ft. to 10 feet. No significant differences were observed based on volunteer symptomatic responses.

Power output of 30 watts was effective in Gliobastoma based on volunteer's (8 ft distance) symptomatic responses. Power output of 70 watts was also effective based on volunteer's symptomatic responses. No significant differences in power level usage were observed based on volunteer's symptomatic responses.

Frequencies Used: Basic frequencies were 2008 and 2128. Initial session time was 10 minutes each. Gating was employed. Deviation was employed. Sessions were conducted daily or every other day.

No significant differences noted by volunteers positive symptomatic responses. Herxheimer responses were minimal, except for one volunteer, who had impaired lymph and circulatory problems..

Positive results were observed for Gliobastoma carcinoma, multiple myeloma, bacterial, fungal, yeast infections, and parasitic complications.

Impact on tumors were immediate and reduction of symptoms was dramatic and progressive.

Associative contributors, fungus, yeast, bacteria, viruses were addressed early in program and continued on a maintenance schedule. Minimum exposure was 5 minutes each.

Herxheimer reactions were tracked and appropiate action was taken to relieve symptoms. Only associative contributors freqs were reduced or suspended to relieve Herxheimer reactions.

Impaired kidney, liver, and lymph functions were considered in initial and continued sessions.

All volunteers experienced positive responses based on symptomatic changes and doctors reports.

Volunteers using herbs and minerals experienced positive synergistic responses.

A volunteer with Multiple myeloma (MM), acute osteoporosis, multiple spinal compression fractures, acute anemia, 70% of bone marrow involved, severe physical impairment, severe posture complications, responded positively. Dramatic changes were observed in as little as 15 days. Progress based on blood work was conducted by personal physician.

Volunteer experienced reversal and significant reduction of all MM symptoms. After 3 months, Volunteer has resumed all previous duties and activities. Caution is exercised to avoid falls which can result in bone fractures. All posture abnormalities appear to be resolved. Oncologist has removed volunteer from all medication. Oncologist prognosis: complete recovery expected in 6 months. Continued sessions with physician monitoring in progress.

Gliobastoma volunteer now back to work with no tumor detection by MRI or symptoms.

Sessions and monitoring are recommended and continuing.

No regressions have occured.

These results are typical.



A while back, I reported on someone who was exposed to the beam who felt 2128 strongly in the abdomen. It was continued for 10 minutes. This person has undergone conventional cancer treatment twice in the last three years. Supplements he was doing at the time included MSM, cal-mag citrate, and Euroalt tea (merely eating a 1/2t powder per day).

A day later, a bunch of what looked like black threads, many attached to what looked like pea-sized balls of flesh, were expelled. Most sank, but some were floating. They were expelled over two days. Samples were placed in rum in a glass jar. They were brought to a hospital lab 5 days later.

They reported "It's something, but we don't know _what_ it is. It is pickled and impossible to identify." To me, the sample did not look that different 5 days later as it did the day after it was expelled. The doctor said that next time it happened to immediately bring the sample to the lab, day or night. Hopefully it won't happen again since I bet they could not have identified it if it was fresh. I did. It is a parasite that does not exist in this country, according to conventional parasitology. Intestinal fluke. Clark's cancer-causing parasite.

The picture was right out of Hulda's book Cure for all Cancers. They were intestinal flukes, balled up, surrounded by black egg sacs, which look like black legs, and lots of "legs" floating around. I thought the egg sacs were the worms and did not know what the balls they were attached to were. They were not pickled. They were balled up after being destroyed by the generator. The "flesh" being balled up threw me, and I did not recognize it as a fluke. But Hulda's book shows them in various states of decay, and they matched. These were already decayed from the effect of the beam. I thought at first it may have been threadworms attached to bits of possibly cancerous tissue, but I know typically threadworms are not black and cancer does not make distinct pea-sized balls of flesh in the intestines.

These were expelled mainly as a result of using 2128Hz, but I dialed in a few cancer freqs for 5 minutes each, including 2008, 2000, and 2084 (I had a misprint in the list I was following, this should have been 2184 instead - fortuitous?) I thought cancer frequencies removed tumors directly, which caused the herx. I now think that perhaps they are merely intestinal fluke frequencies.

If this is the case, I was wrong in my statements of the last couple of days. I should have listened to Bare, who said the beam does not kill cancer cells directly. And Clark, who said remove the intestinal flukes and the cancer will be taken care of in short order. Or the poster from Tuesday who said that cancerous cells' DNA are not significantly different from human and therefore not affected by the beam directly.

Thing that bothers my about this is that the person had been exposed to the beam a number of times before and no worms were expelled (that were noticed) - but had never been exposed to this frequency for 10 minutes straight. Plus, no one on the list has reported expelling these critters. Those with active cancer may have intestinal flukes primarily in the liver (as Clark says) in which case they may be destroyed by digestive juices before they are ejected from the body, but it still seems they would also be in the intestines, expelled whole, and noticed by more people.



Mike Graham wrote: >

I am looking for some suggestions. An elderly gentleman has been using the machine I built to treat himself for Prostate Cancer. I have followed the directions from the book written by James Bare exactly, and so far there is no improvement in his PSA count. He started using the machine last summer, faithfully did the cancer frequencies twice each week. His PSA started at 6.5 last summer, and today it is still the same. When he 1st started using the machine, his PSA jumped up to 8.7 however he had the test the next day after using the machine. A couple of weeks later it was back to 6.5.

I had my machine over to the conference, and all seemed to be in order. I have either built it incorrectly although I have lots of power, over 150 watts, with low SWR's, I can hear the frequencies changing, and the tube easily lights, so I do not think this is the problem. The machine I built has an internal balun with a fan over the top of it, would an external balun help? What about pulsing the machine, instead of running the frequency steady. I am looking for any suggestions, as at this point it appears the machine doesn't work for prostate cancer.

The frequencies we ran are as follows - 880 x 3 min, 800x3 min, 728x3min, 5000x3 min, 9999x3 min, 3176x3 min, 2192x6 min, 2184x6 min,2176x6 min, 2134x6 min, 2128x10 min, 2120x6 min,494x3min, 304x3 min.

Thank-you for any help. Mike Graham


It has been suggested by one other person on this list that frequencies run at 3 minutes does not provide a long enough exposure to the plasma (I believe it was Gerald Foye, but I wouldn't bet on it).

I noticed you only ran one frequency at 10 minutes (2128) and that is supposed to be a "cancer" frequency. If it were me, I would increase the per-frequency times up to about 10 minutes for all of them, just to attempt to gauge any effects. I would do so very gingerly (carefully) to make sure that a severe Herx does not occur.

Just a suggestion--it may or may not work--but, I think, is worth a try. Does anyone else on the list have any suggestions?

All the best, Tom Miller milcomark@topcatt.com


>> it appears the machine doesn't work for prostate cancer


>> >> The frequencies we ran are as follows - 880 x 3 min, 800x3 min, >> 728x3min, 5000x3 min, 9999x3 min, 3176x3 min, 2192x6 min, 2184x6 min,2176x6 >> min, 2134x6 min, 2128x10 min, 2120x6 min,494x3min, 304x3 min. >>

I have some freq you do not have. These are the freq that Don gave me that he runs. the ones that you are missing are: * 2008, 2720, 2292,,2112,* According to my notes on Rife's original freq for *prostate* I have* 2720, 2128,2008, 728, 664, and 408*-. I too would run these for 10 mins each. I run them for however long the person feels it if they are sensitive to the tube. Usually all people here cease to feel it in 10-12 mins. Which corresponds with the time an immune response can be mounted by the body.

Also people on this list are always talking about deparasitizing which I could not do because of the herbs involved and my sensitivities. So I finally ran 64Hz through 128hz by 8's and had a tremendous herx reaction. After I was over the reaction I ran the freq again and had no reaction. I erroneously did each for 10 mins each. I also scanned the whole range by .1hz--took forever. Cured my ringworm tho. I did a lot better all around after this.

Perhaps the added cleansing needs to be done for this person's immune system to be strengthened. Also, keeping a PSA stable is not failure!!!!!!!!

Also 664 is for emotional ties to disease and I run it with the rest and 464 is Candida which I run also with the group--according to how it affects me. During this last siege I ran the 464 and felt it everywhere, which I knew because I have candida and have had high sweats trying to overcome nausea. So I am detoxing now from this and that was just one time.

I also do this. After running these freq for a period of time. Like several months, I realized that I wasn't feeling them so much, but another person not so well exposed was. So. I thought either I have contained these and no longer need them or I have some mutation. So I experimented with the scanning. I went either side of each freq by 1/10hz to 8hz above and below. So I went 2008+8 by 1/10thhz and 2008-8 by 1/10hz. On some of them I felt it--I am sensitive to the freq, some aren't.

I always "felt" it where I knew I had some damage in the past or from my own physiology, where something proabably was brewing now (Know yourself and how you react to food , lite, water, air amd so forth) I have found that some people have no idea what is going on with them until they have a crisis. The body gives us many clues before that time.

'Well, once again a book. God Speed in your humanitarian efforts! The Good Samaritan--remember? and remember "Don't give up five minutes before the MIRACLE!!!!!!"


Good suggestions from Tom and Susan. Besides the other frequencies they mention, Bare's frequency lists state that 2180/2182 can be used for cancer that does not respond to 2008 or 2128. I would give special attention to any frequencies that Tunney provides for this condition since he has more experience than most. Also to note are Bare's suggestions that for places like the prostate or bowel, it may be necessary to increase the power (use a higher wattage amp), especially if the user is over 200 pounds. It would be interesting to see if this problem could be circumvented by using the tube vertically.

From what I understand, the PSA goes up when cancer cells die so it appears that the BRG initially had some success (nibbled at the edges), but did not penetrate enough to cure. At least it seems to have stabilized it, though.

And let me again reiterate that any prostate program that has a chance of long term success MUST include metal avoidance and preferably cleansing and usually mineral deposit removal, too.


G'day ...... well our little boy cat died about a fortnight ago and I have been too upset to write it up ......he had 4th stage Adeno-Carcinoma of the colon and rectal area and had lost his voice so can only assume it was in the throat as well ...... he had 3 teeth out and the vet did not say there was anything there (but they only want your money ... don't care about the pets)so we also had an animal naturopath named Margaret who gave us some mixtures (haven't written that up yet)which worked real good on Leroy and he was goinG great .......before I had a Rife unit he was given Colloidal Silver in his drinking water .......ok rambling a bit ....... he had 15 exposures to Rife in 3 weeks before he passed he got his voice back and stopped chucking his food up and seemed to be ok except for weight loss then over a 2 day period he got so weak would not eat or drink and went to sleep and did not wake up ........I am told he probably had the C in other organs and they shut down ........

and I'm still bloody well upset that it was all working but was not successful....


Brian in OZ


Thanks for the report. Your experience with your cat is fairly typical. Animals, and people for that matter, that are within a few weeks of death from Cancer often only show a temporary return of their vitality, a relief of pain, and then die anyway. Reason? When the total amount of cancer in the body reaches a point that it threatens life, then many other organ and general metabolic systems are stressed and may be failing as an indirect consequence of the demands put upon them by other organs than have cancer.

Further, it may be one thing to destroy the cancer, but it is another problem all together for an organ damaged by the cancer to once again become functional. So you may destroy the cancer but the person or animal continues on a downward slide that ends in death. An analogy can be found in people that have heart attacks. They may survive the attack, but the damage to the heart is still there. The loss of efficiency of the heart then leads to problems with the lungs and kidneys, which then leads to many other problems and the person can then die of what is known as congestive heart failure.

Still, what happened is a tragedy. The prolongation of life, and the quality of life your cat experienced after exposures started, I am sure had great meaning to your cat as well as yourself. It certainly beats watching an animal or human die in great pain and an invalid from the ravages of cancer on their bodies.



I would have to agree with you. I was working with an elderly gentleman (78) that was also near death when he started using the machine. He had pancreatic cancer, and it was also in his liver. At 1st he seemed to pick up really well. He had very little pain and sometimes didn't have any. Unfortunately he was weak, and then one night he fell in the bathroom at 5am. 10 days later, he died. The day before he died, was the 1st day he used morphine. He threw up about a cup of blood that day, and then the following day he again vomited blood twice. I don't know if he hurt himself from the fall, or if the cancer did something to him.

His experience was almost like the cat, little pain, seemed to pick up, but unfortunately he didn't make it.


Following ongoing reports (over a period of weeks so far, multiple reports divided by ---) from someone with a large tumor on the neck. Hodgkin's, verified with a biopsy which seemingly caused it to explode in growth as well as become infected and not reheal, so conventional treatment could not be performed (it encases vessels and nerves to the head). He recently started using a R/B after years of fighting it with other methods. He thinks he is also infected with tapeworms, and there is possibly a single huge one in the tumor. He has tried conventional treatment for tapeworms, too (cost him $2000) and it seemed to work for a while, but did not treat encsysted ones and pretty soon, they were back full swing. Even so, he has not yet tried the focusing technique (using a pie plate or wok to focus the wave) since he is afraid it will kill him - when the wave is too powerful, the tumor strangles him, although he can go long durations when a sufficient distance from the tube.

Note that he can go very long times without detox reactions since even though he has a large tumor (smaller tumors around body too) he keeps his organs clean. He takes large amounts of magnesium, drinks veg and wheat grass and brocolli sprout juices, takes Stone Free and ginger, eats fennel seeds and pineapple. As mentioned below, he thinks pineapple has the most effect on assisting drainage.

I did not recommend he do these very long duration treatments, and mentioned that it may be better to give himself a break at least every other day, but he does not think he can wait this long between treatments.


I get massive reactions to tapeworm frequencies, which is consistent with my experience with Hulda Clark's frequencies. There sure seems to be a large adult inside the tumor. I assaulted him for 3 hours, and got all kinds of drainage. He was still complaining when I quit, so I don't know how much more it will take. Obviously, I will never get rid of the (large) tumor without getting rid of him. I never could kill him with Hulda Clark's methods.

It seems to me that eliminating him and his smaller cousins has to be one of, if not my highest priorities.


My tumor is now reacting the most to:

* Pseudomonus frequencies * Candida frequencies * Carcinoma cancer frequencies.

I get reactions, not just at the tumor, to various parasite frequencies.


[After using the device for two weeks, there was not a noticeable decrease in total mass, so ways to make the device more powerful were explored. This R/B is made with a black-faced palomar, seems to have incredible harmonics, loud tone from CB, and beam stays coherent even at low frequencies. Minimum power is over 140W. Tube is 28" 80/20 10mm pressure bubble tube from Allred, for even more effect.]

> Have you done the pie plate thing yet, or did you > just ground yourself to the device? Try going > 30" from the tube, or did this cause a headache?

I am using a copper pipe, but with no wet paper over it. I get no headaches with close range, but if it is too effective, I can't sustain the treatment for long because of the swelling.

Mostly I am lying on the pipe, with the pipe under a shoulder or thigh, depending on where I want to concentrate the treatment. I typically sleep during treatments of up to several hours in duration.

I seem to do much better when I eat raw pineapple. Otherwise, the tumor doesn't drain well, and gets bigger rather than smaller when I assault the tapeworms. My guess is the drainage becomes infected with fungus.

I am having the best success with the Echinococcinum frequency of 542 times 9, or 4878. I vary the frequency up and down 10 hertz, and I get massive drainage (with pineapple).

>One suggestion - always do the cancer freq(s) you >like most after doing tapeworm frequencies. Only >needs to be for 5 min or so if there's not time. >Use the 2128 -/+ 8.

Yes, I spend typically a couple of hours on these frequences a day.

I am taking some (Shaklee) calcium.

[Is the machine worth it since you haven't experienced a noticeable regression after almost three weeks?]

The machine is doing powerful things. I just have a very tricky problem. Destroying the contents of the big tumor without strangling myself is a constant challenge. Keeping the tapeworms from growing back is a constant challenge as well. But these are not problems with the Rife machine.


Following are frequencies to try on tumors to attempt to remove potential growth factor producing organisms based on Clark's recent research on tumor shrinking (on her web page).

In this, she seems to imply that she was wrong in the past and that fungus, bacteria, tapeworms, or other parasites can provide enough growth factors to fuel tumors, not just intestinal flukes. This is something I suspected before she posted her research.

Here are the Rife frequencies for the three types of fungus she says she finds most often in tumors. Freqs for all types of that fungus are included. For specific types, see the lists. Freqs in no particular order:

Penicillium 344, 2411, 321, 555, 942, 332, 766

Aspergillis 1823, 524, 374, 743

Rhizopus 132

Here're some tapeworm freqs from the Rife lists:

Tapeworm (general) 522,562,843,1223,3032,5522

Echinococcinum 164, 453, 542, 623

Clark states that the most common tapeworms to provide growth factors for tumors are Moniezia, Dipylidium and Diphyllobothrium. There are not separate entries in the Rife lists for them, but Clark has them in her book "Cure for all Diseases." Of course, these freqs cannot be used directly on a BRG. I am now experimenting with dividing her freqs by 100 to see if there is any effect. Here are the freqs divided by 100:

Moniezia 4652 Diphyllobothrium 4876, 4723 Dipylidium 4443, 4722

To use a divisor of 99 instead of 100, multiply above values by 1.01. To try one of 440, multiply by 100 and divide by 440.

Try multiplication factors on Rife numbers stated above (x3 or x9, e.g.) if desired.


Don't forget to occasionally run other parasites sets:

Short Parasite Set 20, 64, 72, 96, 120, 128, 440, 524, 800, 854, 1864.

Full Parasite Set 20, 64, 72, 96, 102, 120, 128, 423, 440, 524, 562, 650, 732, 800, 843, 854, 1223, 1864, 2322, 3032, 4412, 5000, 5522.

Always use 728, 784, 880, 464 with parasite sets.

Here're the Garvey frequencies used to treat flukes in cancer treatment (which he says they find in 90% of cancer cases): 143, 275, 676, 763, 524, 854, 945, 651, 435, 15244 Hz. I also think that cancer frequencies like 2128, 2000, 2008, and 2084 may help remove intestinal flukes.


Here are the "regular" cancer frequencies:

Also see lists for specific recommendations to use in addition to these based on type. See electroherbalism regimen for protocol on using these and on using parasite frequency set after initial detox from these.

2128, 2008, 2184, 2050, 2720, 6064, 6384, 120, 800, 728, 784, 880 666, 464, 5000, 3176, 10000, 304


The following results are provided as information regarding the operation of a basic Bare unit, except where deviations are noted. These variations are not intended to encourage deviation from Bare's basic recommendations. It is apparent that many variables exist with all the units in the field and various successes have been achieved with them. Unless other wise stgated, all components are as stated in Bare's "Manual". All setups are intended to make the unit as portable as possible.

I have decided to make full modification to the Uniden Pro 510 XL per Jim Bares "Manual", which consist of cutting D-14 diode, R-93 resistor, removal of solder bridge, removal of small capacitor near the word "RED", replacement of 0.47 capacitor with 0.68 uf 50 volt electrolytic, replacement of L8 with a 220 ohm resistor, installation of 2SC1969 transistor, installation of a heat sink, finnally, adjustment of L6 inductor coil.

Results from volunteers will be monitored to determine any signficant changes with the extensive Uniden modifications.

Power output had varied from 30 to 70 watts. Power level has been raised to 50 to 100 watts.

SWRs will continue to range from 1.0 to 2.0.

Tube shapes are standard leaded glass, 22" long, straight or U with 100% argon.

Lighting of the tubes is easy without any problems. These tubes were made by Robt Randazzo.

A Phanotron and an Allred bubble tube are now under study. The Phanotron is filled with Bill Cheb's Helium gas mixture. The Bubble tube is what Barry uses.

The Phanotron tube and the bubble tube are easy to light. For the bubble tube, I only use wire cloth, 1/4 inch opening, 3.5 inches long on the ends of the bubble tube and it works just fine. 14 guage stranded wire is connected to the wire cloth with aligator clips. wire lugs are used for connection to Balun or tuner.

Some tube connections are 14 gauge solid bare copper coils with 4 turns each. Coils are wound CCW and CW. Coils are placed approximately. 4" from the tips of tube. 12 or 10 gauge wire can be used, but they are more difficult to wind or shape.

Connection to coils is by 14 gauge stranded wire, 9 to 12 inches long and are to the outside ends of the coils. Wire lugs are soldered to the ends that connect to the Balun or Tuner.

The Balun used is the Amidon Torrid Balun Kit or MFJ 912. The Torroid Balun Kit core can be wound with 11, 18, or 22 bifial turns. There doesn't seem to be much difference.

Tuners used are MFJ 949E, 948, and 971.

Coax RG58/U connections, CB (3" to 6") to Palomar and Palomar (9" to 12") to Tuner are kept as short as possible.

Palomar, Blue faced and Black faced, work equally as well with no overheating problems, provided adequate cooling is provided. Fan on top and on bottom may be used. I drill eight 1/2 inch holes on each side of the palomar.

Power to Kinnaman is provided from CB through pin #4. The 110 vac transformer is not used.

Kinnaman provides smooth uninterrupted operation for the whole exposure session with minimal inputs. Gated mode is used for all sessions. A deviation of 4 is used for all frequencies.

All Kinnaman F1A, F1B, F1C have a gated mode and all models are effective.

The latest Version, F1C, allows one to eliminate the 12-second pause between programmed frequencies.

I normally set the Pulse rate for the Kinnaman for 4 CPS. Experiments in the variation of the pulse rate, 3 second duration to 50 cps, is under way.



Finding Cancer Frequencies

Two of the anecdotes in the Bare-Rife Reports file on my web page are from James Bare. They deal with a small skin cancer that "popped up" on his arm. This is someone who has probably been exposed to the beam more than anyone so it is surprising that a cancer would develop in the first place. He details how the cancer reacts to the device when he finds the correct frequency, which happens to be 2116. 2128 does not affect it. Anything above 2118 or below 2114 (except the harmonics) has little if no effect. It should illustrate how important it is to find the correct frequency or frequencies to treat a cancer.

I suspect that there is little effect of the person's individual makeup (DNA) on the response to a frequency. We must just find the correct frequency for that type of cancer at that location. Cancers takes on characteristics of the tissues they invade and probably require certain frequencies based on the location and type. For example, there are different frequencies in the lists for breast, lung, and colon carcinomas. When available, these should be tried along with the basic cancer set of 2048/2050/2052, 2008, 2127/2128, 2180/2182/2184, and perhaps 2084.

One big problem is that the cancer frequencies are not just in the 2000-2200 range, but that is a good starting point for scanning. Other frequencies that are hits (cause sensation) can be found by the method of using a frequency set until there is no longer much detox reaction to it, then using a different frequency set (still including all the cancer freqs) for a while. I detailed this a few weeks ago in a post.

There is no guarantee that a hit at the site will be an actual cancer frequency. It may be merely a pathogen that took up residence due to the depressed immune system in the area and not typical of the type and location of the cancer. And of course, there are many times that a hit will not be felt even if it is doing the job since it depends on whether there are nerves or muscles in the area which can transmit the sensation if a sensation could indeed be felt for that pathogen.

A method I think is good for scanning 2000-2200 for cancer frequencies was also detailed in the post, and that was to use a Kinnaman, deviation 2, and scan 2000, 2008, 2116, 2124, ... 2232 on one session and the next try 2004, 2012, 2020, 2028, ... 2228. The deviation of 2 means it varies 2Hz up and down from the chosen frequency. This would cover all the frequencies in the range.

When people are interacting, subtle sensations at the site may be missed. During important scans it may be best to sit quietly in a dim room. What I think may be the best way, but quite difficult to implement in most cases, is to scan while the subject is asleep. Hits are noted when the subject acts uncomfortable, rolls over suddenly, gets tense (watch the fingers), scratches, twitches, etc. Of course, some are normal reactions in the course of sleep, but real hits will quickly become apparent.


Last Thursday morning, 11-15-98, while moving some items around, I began to experience a pain in the area of a rib low in my back. I thought at first that I'd 'dislocated' or otherwise done some physical damage to it, but couldn't recall having done anything specific or felt a specific onset of the pain. The increasing pain wasn't close to the spine, but grew worse as the day progressed, motivating me to finally get horizontal for a couple of hours late in the afternoon to let the body rest.

Friday morning, rib in left lower back still painful.... got to thinking & remembering a situation from over 12 years ago, when a similar pain had started in the same location... It had gotten worse, & spread around that rib to the front, getting bad enough where having clothing touch the area was very aggravating... Finally, a line of small red spots / blisters had appeared, and was my first experience with "Shingles", the Herpes Zoster virus, commonly associated with Chicken Pox in kids - had it when I was young, as many did...

Hulda Clark lists the resonant frequency of Herpes Zoster as being detected at from 416.6KHz to 420.2KHz, and recommends using 418KHz. This is why I built the Zapper HFA series devices- so I could set it for any specific frequency, including all of Hulda Clark's.

I set the Adjustable Frequency Zapper to 418 KHz, and hooked up a 3" square stainless steel contact pad, plugged into the positively charged 'high current' output jack on the HFA, placing the pad directly against the skin in the painful area on my lower back. The Main handpiece/ housing, which is the negatively charged hand piece when Zapping, was placed against the skin at my lower right front ribs - directly opposite through the body. A back brace belt was used to hold these in place while I ran about doing other things.

With a 9 cell Nicad battery, running at about 11.8 volts, and no attenuation on the output current level, I kept the device on for around 20 minutes. About that time, I was noticing a slight annoying 'biting bug' sensation in the area of the hand piece / housing against the skin on my right front lower rib area. I moved it a bit, but felt the sensation again, but also was noticing that, while there was no discomfort at the site of the 3" square pad on my back, the pain that had been there since the previous day was almost completely gone!

Was it a flair up of Shingles? I strongly believe so. Is it gone now? Yes, with one ~20-25 minute session with the Zapper HFA, set at 418 KHz. No further pain at all... none. If you've ever experienced how painful shingles can become, you'll know how happy I was to have knocked it out so quickly and thoroughly! I'm not sure how a longer standing shingles flair up will respond; didn't intend to let this episode go on any longer if I could help it!

Side effects: the Zapper HFA housing against my skin over the front right side, had too little contact area for the amount of current I was running; I should have used a second 3" square pad plugged into the black, grounded jack on the device. (ever find yourself in a bit too much of a hurry, too many things to try to get done? <grin> ) The 'insect bite sensation was in fact a very small area of skin that was evidently much more conductive; a small 'electrical burn' was the result. You can do three things to prevent this from happening to you:

1> Use larger contact pads when using higher voltage / current output devices. (I had <1/4 of the skin contact area that I would have had, if I had been using another of the 3" square stainless steel pads, rather than just laying the handpiece/housing in place vertically as I did.)

2> Use a paper towel or cotton cloth cover on the pad/ contact, dampening it with a salt, 'lite salt', or epsom salt solution to give adequate conductivity & disperse the signal flow paths.

3> Add extra resistance in between the device and you: to limit maximum possible current flow; or operate at a reduced voltage without the added current limiting. If you have a device such as the Zapper HFA-4, which has an 'Output Power Adjust" control, use it to reduce the power to a comfortable level.

Why wasn't I using the new Zapper HFA-4 for this session? Because I was busy, running around, needing my hands free without disturbing the setting on the device. The Zapper HFA has two adjustments accessed with a mini screw driver through small holes in the main housing's cap; it was ergonomically optimized for Zapping on the run, so to speak, as there are no adjustments exposed to be knocked off their settings!

Personally, when something comes up that I need to deal with, I'm inclined to hit it hard & fast, right on the target frequency; that's why I'm building the 9 cell batteries that still fit in all of the Zappers I produce; that's also why I tend to Zap myself with higher current outputs- I've observed the waveforms as picked up at various points on the body while zapping, testing with higher & lower current outputs. The simple bottom line: I see a stronger waveform induced into the body when extra current limiting is not being used. Stronger induced resonance should result in more definite effects against pathogens- my theory to date.

My first session zapping at 15 volts, using two hand pieces, running 424 kHz (frequency for Giardia) left me feeling a 'vibrating' sensation all through my chest area for over two hours afterward....

I'm slowly working on a chapter (& web page) on contact pads, applications, and technical details; need to get it all collected into one place!


The 1998 conference yielded some concerns that were a carry over from the previous conference. Questions about the type of device, protocols and their effectiveness, and the determination of MORs remain major concerns. Modification of the basic device still is a goal for some researchers and the development of tubes is high on the list. However, the continued development of the device and tubes cannot overcome the need to determine the MORs required for the various conditions. If the precise MOR is known, the result will be positive. Continued use of the square wave and harmonics has its limitations, primarily, because we don't know exactly what we have and need to determine its effectiveness.

A question often repeated was "Why do some devices work and other don't?" I don't think there is a simple answer. Every setup is different and the environment around it may be different. Also some have even said that the magnetic or geomagnetic surroundings have a significant effect. The comments go on and on, but no answers.

I have noticed that a cancer group device operating in the same place, orientation, and under the same conditions can be effective for some and not effective for some others. Within the same group I have found that some persons who have been taking herbs, minerals, and other complementarys for extended periods of time seem to be somewhat resistant to the device. I know this sounds controversial, but some persons who are not on such a regimen respond more positively. It could be that the microorganisms are capable of changing to a more resistant form. If this is true, then the MOR has changed and a new MOR is required.

It also appears that some persons who under go Chemo are more resistant. A typical case was where the person was undergoing Chemo and no response was noted. It is a known fact that persons who under go Chemo often require changes in the Chemo protocol makeup. The bottom line is that there is no "Magic Bullet".

Some have reported that the same device seems to be effective one day and not effective the next. Some thing has changed, but who can say what was that change.

Some say the movement of the wires influence the results.

Recent investigations reveal that in some cancer cases a distance of 3 - 5 feet is more effective than 6 to 8 feet.

Dr Bare demonstrated various tubes. One in particularly was a super tube. It was 2 inches in diameter; 28 inches long, and filled with "H" gas to a 10 torr pressure. It will be interesting to see how this tube performs.

Stan Truman reported to me that he had a coiled tube that looked like a spring. It is about 22 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. The guy that made it said it was a real "Kicker". Time will tell.

We must continue to strive to be technically oriented to achieve a positive and creditable position. Some are attempting to find documentation that will satisfy those who are seeking a creditable position. Most Rife researchers are neither trained nor do they have the background to be able to accomplish such a feat. It is amazing that some do not like anecdotes that make up the majority of the data presented so far, but collectively, they present a creditable position.

Most physicians cannot contribute to this cause, because they would suffer loss if they are involved with a non approved method. We need to be sensitive to their position and friendly, but we need to press on and achieve the goals that are before us. Conventional diagnostic methods and techniques are required to monitor the progress of every person with cancer. Physicians are the best source.

Some are seeking status, recognition, and monetary compensations. For those who can and are willing, they must press on toward the goal of just helping the helpless to help themselves.

The basic R/B device is still recommended as a good place to start. The estandard straight tube with 100% Argon or 10% Neon, 90% Argon gives good results with no loss of effectiveness based on over 1 yr. of experimentation.

Some reduction in the volume or size of the unit can be achieved using the new switching power supplies. Most of them are under 5 lb. Tube wrapping remains a hot issue, but no one has presented any data to confirm improved results. It takes time to determine what if any improvements are being achieved. Here is an opportunity for the establishment of credibility for the work we are conducting.

The passage of time has proven the merits of the basic device to help persons to overcome many physical problems. Some would like to have a place on the Rife-List where every frequency and every condition is laid out to help to achieve standard results. As we progress, that may happen but there still remain differences in equipment and operational procedures that vary from individual to individual. Also, because every person does not have the same physical conditions and bodily requirements, the protocols will continue to be varied.

Modifications to the Uniden Pro 510 XL, per Jim Bares "Manual", consist of cutting D-14 diode, R-93 resistor, removal of solder bridge, removal of small capacitor near the word "RED", replacement of 0.47 capacitor with 0.68 uf 50 volt electrolytic, replacement of L8 with a 220 ohm resistor, installation of a 2SC1969 transistor, installation of a heat sink, and finally, adjustment of L6 inductor coil.

Results showed no significant changes with these extensive Uniden modifications. Power level has been raised to 50 to 100 watts. SWRs will continue to range from 1.0 to 2.0. Cooling of all components is the key for reliable extended operation.

Tube shapes, standard leaded glass, 22" long or U tube made from 22" long tube with 100% argon. Lighting of the tubes is easy. In some cases a propane gas lighter is used. Robert Randazzo made these tubes.

A borrowed bubble tube was under study, but it broke. Two Phanotron tubes were evaluated. A standard tube with a bubble and a straight Phanotron with no bubble. Both tubes are very easy to light and they require no adjustment of tuner. The straight tube was made to fit into a small case for portability. Bill Cheb made both tubes. Both of these tubes appear to be effective in operation and in the results achieved.

I brought back a Cheb 22" long bubble tube with a "getter" from the Conference. It runs amazingly cool and appears to be effective. I came back with a slight tickle in my throat and after running the bubble tube, the condition was relieved. I used 727, 787, 880 1550, 10 min each. I used the wire cloth on the tube ends. The whole tube lights up from end to end.

¼" wire cloth, 2.5 inches long, is used on ends of standard tubes. (Not over electrodes.) Some tube connections is by 14 gauge bare copper coils with 4 turns each. Coils are wound CCW and CW. Coils are placed approximately. 4" from the tips of tube.

Connection to coils is by 18 gauge stranded wire, 9 to 12 inches long and that are attached to the outside ends of the coils. Wire lugs are soldered to the ends that connect to the Balun or Tuner.

The Balun used are an Amidon Torrid Balun Kit or MFJ 912.

Coax RG58/U connections, CB (6") to Palomar and Palomar (12") to Tuner are kept as short as possible.

Palomar, Blue faced and Black faced, work equally as well with no overheating problems, provided adequate cooling is provided. Fan on top and on bottom will keep them cool.

Power to Kinnaman is provided from CB through pin #4. The 110-vac transformer is not used in this case.

For the F1C Kinnaman, it may be best to use the 110-vac transformer and connect it to a separate wall outlet and not to the power tap used for the other components to avoid or reduce RF interference.

The Kinnaman frequency generator provides smooth uninterrupted operation for the whole exposure session. Gated mode, 4Hz, used for all sessions. Use of 10 and 20Hz are also being explored. Use of a "PULSER" can be utilized to pulse the tube completely off and on to achieve more effective results. The PULSER can be easily constructed using a "Burton" schematic. The schematic is available on Stan Truman's web page.

A deviation of 2 to 10 is used for all frequencies. I understand this unit produces random frequencies. I have seen improved results in some cases using 10 Hz.

All Kinnaman F1A, F1B, F1C have a gated mode and all models are effective. The latest Version, F1C, allows one to eliminate the 12-second pause between programmed frequencies.

I normally set the Gated mode for the Kinnaman for 4 Hz.

I brought an EMEM-2 device to the Conference and several people tried it. 2 persons had Lyme disease and one of them said on the following day that they felt better. The EMEM-2 device has demonstrated positive results with volunteers that have Lyme and parasites. The device only weighs 11 lb. and is very portable.

Experiments with the R/R unit has been showing improved results using a modified procedure, 3 sec on and 2 sec off, as compared to the original recommended procedure of 0.75 sec on and 0.1 sec off. Also the sweeping of the frequencies during the exposures appears to enhance the effects. Pulsing the tube completely off and on definitely is more effective. Continued research with this device is continuing.

Some results with this device has been dramatic, one volunteer experienced a tumor discharge within 24 hours. Exposure rate was approximately ½ millisecond. This timing was for an individual frequency during a sweep mode.

I have taken up a task of the determination of required MORs. I hope by the end of the year, that I will be able to post some results.

MOR detection can be determined using the Hulda Clark Synchrometer. Since this is a group effort, I am opening the way for others to investigate this area. It is possible to determine MORs with volunteers with physical conditions or by the use of specimens of organisms. Using the Synchrometer and established MORs, it is a simple matter to determine if a person has such an organism, or parasite within their body.

Despite the failures of others to effectively operate the Synchrometer, I have found it to be very reliable. I have modified a radio to be able to pass the 2MHz my Lodestar puts out and therefore, all the frequencies reported by Dr Clark are available for use. It has been shown by Dr Clark that a sine wave is effective in the elimination of a single organism. I believe that Dr Rife was targeting a single organism or a single virus (BX). Thus, it should be now possible for us to duplicate those results using the Synchrometer as opposed to a microscope. Of course, Dr Clark does not report any cancer MORs, but her reasons for that is the influence of parasites and chemical toxins. If the rational of the operation of the Synchrometer holds up, one should be able to effectively determine the MOR of any microorganism by observation of resonance for that organism.

I have found in most cases a family member or friend is required for a terminally ill person to assure that they are following the protocol. The use of the R/B by terminal cancer cases requires supervision. In general they do not have the frame of mind to make the rational judgements required.

In many situations, the person may be in the last stages of their disease. Generally, after surgery, Chemo, and radiation considerable damage to the body has occurred. It is never too late to help, but the effort may only be to help relieve the suffering and pain associated with the cancer. Remember, it is their responsibility, not yours.

The use of herbs and minerals can in some cases achieve what nothing else can. I keep hearing situations where herbs were responsible for the person's recovery. Often these thing are synergistic or they work together to achieve the goal of good health.

We have been conditioned to use drugs as opposed to "Grandma's" remedy! The trees and herbs are disappearing form our neighborhoods, so we have to import them from where ever we can. Remember that every one is different and what works for one will not work for another.

You need to find a good herb source and a Naturopath. However, you need to query them as to their success as in the case of a conventional doctor.



The following volunteers were chosen , because they were not experiencing any responses to the R/B after 60 days. All volunteers have cancer.

Volunteer #1 Standard frequency for three separate exposures with 72 hours between exposures, 3 minutes, 6 minutes, and 9 minutes for 0.75 " on, 0.1" off. Volunteer #1 had suffered lowering of voice preventing singing due to medication. Volunteer's voice returned to normal after last exposure. Otherwise there were no responses.

Volunteer #2 Standard frequency for 3 separate exposures with 72 hours between exposures of 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes Volunteer experienced some sensation in breast tumor briefly, but had no other responses.

Volunteer #3 Standard frequency for 3 minutes with 3 seconds on and 2 seconds off, followed by a negative scan (-7,000 Hz) for 3 minutes resulted in a vaginal brownish discharge mixed with blood within 24 hours. Volunteer experienced no responses during exposures.

Volunteers #1 and #2 are experiencing positive responses to EMEM2. Experienced positive Detox using EMEM2. Volunteer #1 is continuing R/B and EMEM2.

Volunteer #2 is continuing R/B and EMEM2. Experiencing very positive Detox using EMEM2.

Volunteer #3 did not respond to EMEM2. #3 is continuing R/B and R/R.

Volunteers #1 and #2 will use R/R with modified pulse timing ans sweep function in the near future..

No response with R/R has been experienced or observed by myself while exposed simultaneously with all volunteers and separately conducted experiments. Total accumulative exposure time, 55 minutes. Longest continous exposure, 15 minutes. I continue to have no responses to the "R/B Wave. I also did not experience any responses to the EMEM2.

Symptomatic technique remains the primary means of determining the effectiveness of all these devices or their components. It is important not to mix or interact too many variables inorder to be able to define what progress is being achieved by what device. Proper timing is required to be able to separate the different stimuli and responses.

Device is Mirage radio (MX 2950 EX) with standard freq range (24 - 30 MHz). Setup, is per Cisco's original post! Modified Pulse timing is per RR's posting. Complete unit is installed in a small suitcase. Phanotron Tube with helium gas from Cheb. Samlex SEC 1223 power supply. Cobra 250 linear amp. MFJ 971 Tuner. Two short coax cables. PULSER. Wires to Phanotron are 2 Monster Speaker Cables, 15" long. Uniden 510 can be setup to input frequencies if needed.

The Pulser consists of 2 timers and 2 switches installed in a plastic box, 2"x4"x6". One momentary push button SPST and one push button DPDT. The pulser is completely variable from seconds to hours. I used a modified BURTON PULSER MODEL BP-5 schematic from Stan Truman's Web.

The scan is semiautomatic and is controlled by a separate switch. Sweep can be set for (+) OR (-) SWEEP. No USB and LSB have been used at this time.




Various Gizmos, such as Pad devices, Zappers, EMEM-1, EMEM-2, and plate connected to the R/B at the Tuner ground connection to induce various frequencies into the body. EMF potentials can be measured between the plates and the person exposed to an R/B device.

A recent post stated that a pad device with an EMF of over 100-volt, but with limited amperage was used to reduce the size of a breast tumor.

A post of a pad device was used successfully for prostate cancer.

Reports of positive results have been reported form time to time and it appears that lately it is surfacing again with the R/B. The use of pads or bands, in my opinion, can be used effectively to increase the effectiveness of the frequency. There are others on the list that has suggested the use of such devices.

Stan Truman, suggested, I installed a footplate connected to the ground on the tuner. I felt a slight tingling sensation in my feet.

It seems that we are looking for more power, but it may be as simple as using a pad or plate in connection with the R/B.

The R/B with the Plate attached to the tuner ground connection will result in responses when the feet are placed on the plated during operation.

The EMEM-1 and EMEM-2 both have plates for the feet and hands are placed on the tube to enhance the induction of the frequency. The EMEM-2 has a copper tape that is wound around one side of the tube. One places one hand over the copper tape to connect the circuit.

The EMEM-2 has a hand held plate or pads that replaces the use of hands on the tube. The pad is placed directly over the area of concern. So far, the use of this pad has produced responses where other gizmos did not. The EMF measured between the pad and the person was about 90 to 110 volts.

The Zapper is well known for its effects and the placement of the electrodes can greatly influence the results.

We are going to bigger and bigger size tubes with the R/B to try and get more power. This is simply a technique to increase power associated with the induced frequency.

Just as the R/B, R/R, etc may be compatible and synergistic when used together, so foot plates and pads should be considered.

The sine, spiked, and square waves are all capable of killing microorganism if the correct frequency is known. We are in a sense still shooting in the dark with a shotgun approach. There is a need for a device that is capable of determining the specific MOR required for a specific microorganism. In the meantime, we need to employ or use all the Gizmos.

Dick Loyd has done a fine job of summarizing the Gizmos available and how they are used.



Continued use of R/R by #3 volunteer has resulted in cessation of the discharge that was initiated by the initial exposure to the R/R with the new pulse. This is a positive response, since #3 was completely unaware that there was a problem in the abdominal area. If 28825455 Hz is the BX, CX frequency, then it couold be assumed that the condition was a cyst or tumor that was positively impacted.

Pulse was set at 3 seconds on, 2 seconds off for 3 minutes per RR's recommendation. Followed by a (-) sweep set for 6,910 Hz. This was a total exposure of 6 minutes fo each session.

Followups will be conducted!

A survey of other volunteers will be conducted and information of the R/R would be made available.



I've been playing a bit again with this small skin cancer on my arm. I found the other night that 760Hz will positively affect the cancer. After about three exposures, it has died off some, but not like 2116 will do. Also found the harmonic of 2280 will affect the cancer too. Seems to have similar effects to the 760.

Last night I tried the complete triad of frequencies and had some very good effects by this AM.

What is important is that this seems to indicate that cancer, like some micro organisms can have multiple MOR's. Each MOR doing something a little different but the end effect is the same.

If one figures a % of 2116 to arrive at the 760Hz, then a conversion from 2128 with the same % will give a lower frequency of 764.3. Might be worth trying and see what happens if 2128 is a MOR for you.



Someone with breast cancer I know has been rifing for over a month. No apparent progress yet, except that it has not grown. She hits on frequencies a lot, feeling them in her breast or other places on the body. These are noted. She usually herxes a good deal to parasite, especially roundworm, sets, but she is good at performing detox. She does not detox at all to "standard" cancer sets, but does to carcinoma scans, like 2100-2200 by 4's (along with the usual antiseptic and fluke freqs used for cancer - 728, 464, 784, 880, 524, 854). Although she is not on Stone Free or potassium, she is on a host of other cleansers, antioxidants, immune boosters, enzymes, etc. She does coffee enemas every morning (not on my suggestion), but it does seem to help with detox - she often feels bad after a session until she does a couple of them, then she's usually recovered before lunch the next day. Parasite sets can detox her for over 24 hours, though, even with the enemas.

The last time she rifed, a set with every frequency that had ever hit in her breast was used, plus a couple of new freqs (the ones for breast fibroids, since it seemed that if there were fibrous deposits, it would hamper the tumor resolving.) The fibroid freqs are 267 and 1384. These were used with 1550, 866, 676, 732, 3072, 2151, 2116, 166, 2182, 3072, 2189, 2112, 2100, 2104, 2120, 120, 2128, 2008, 3040 - all the breast hits. Also run during the set were the roundworm and some breathing freqs for someone else in the session with breathing problems. These were 1234, 7344, 240, 650, 688, 5897, 7159. And it was finished up with the usual 464, 728, 784, 880, 5000, 304, 3176. It has been 10 days and she is still detoxing. She is almost recovered and will be able to rife again tomorrow.

Rhabdomyosarcoma: Hits in the 2000-2200 range have been on 2004, 2028, 2032, 2060, 2008, 2093, 2048. This is for embryonal rhabdo (there are 4 types). It is being attempted to procure a sample of this type of tumor so that the exact frequencies for it can be determined at Garvy's clinic. This person had a CT scan 6 weeks ago and spots were seen on the lungs. This would be the third recurrence, and treatment would not be possible (6 months or so to live). This is a guy who sat in on cancer sessions about once per week, but they were all for carcinoma (like for the woman above and lung cancer). Since he was doing it for maintenance, none of the specific sarcoma freqs were attempted to be found until the spots were seen on the CT.

After this, sarcoma scans were run and the ones above determined. These were run with fluke sets since he was the one who expelled all the flukes at the beginning of the year (and even though he been exposed to many fluke freqs in the other sessions he sat in on.) 6 week scan showed that the spots were almost resolved - 2 left and they were almost gone. One MD said the spots could have been a very rare and supposedly serious lung infection. And the person had been coughing on and off for the 6 weeks. The coughing was worse on the day of the scan than it had been during most of the six weeks, yet the spots were resolved. It was then determined that there was a sinus infection causing the coughing, even though he had rifed a lot for sinus and lung infections, too, and all discharges were clear. He was given a new type of prescription antibiotic/antiviral (zithromax or somesuch brandname) and the coughing stopped completely by the next day. He was also taking bromelain/vitamin C/pantothenic acid combo (ET Bromelain Plus), IP-6, and Enzymatic Therapy Calcium Magnesium Kreb's Cycle Chelates, plus potassium and Stone Free after rifing and occasional doses of cat's claw, pau d'arco, suma, turmeric, ginger, fennel seeds, goldenseal, colloidal silver, and essiac.


STATUS REPORT - 4 (11-2-98)

Continued evaluation of the R/B unit has shown its effectiveness for many types of infections. The following information is to be taken as individual situations only within a small population and is not to be used or promoted as a general rule. Other researchers may find other responses and results that contribute or are contrary.

Equipment Modification: Pulsing of Kinnaman frequency generator. Changed from 4 Hz to 10 Hz for all sessions, because increased responses have been observed. Note: only F1B and F1C models are capable of the higher Gating rates.

Viral infections: Viruses pose a different problem, because of the mutation of viruses. In some recent flu situations, all presently known frequencies were ineffective. Use of related bacterial freqs may have reduced opportunistic contributors, but the symptomatic responses could not be determined. It was difficult to determine what effect the R/B had due to the protracted effects of the virus. This is not to say that the R/B was completely ineffective, because to time to recovery is never known.

Fungal Infections: Some fungal foot have shown changes in the responsiveness to certain frequencies indicating that some type of "mutation" is taking place. Further investigation in determination of MORs is required to eliminate these phenomena. The resistant form also was not responsive to the Zapper.

Cancer Types: Cancer types present varied responses, because a specific MOR is required for specific cancer types. Multiple Myeloma appears to present "type" problems. Some literature suggests that a Herpes type virus may be responsible and that it can take up to 10 years to develop. This suggests the actual cause require several conditions to precipitate the cancer. Why some are immune and some susceptible is not known. However, it was demonstrated that one type responded to the R/B and one type did not respond. Symptomatic responses can normally be observed and diagnostic techniques can be used to verify any changes. In this particular situation, no positive responses could be obtained. Standard Chemotherapy was used successfully to achieve positive results.

Breast Cancer: It has been observed that in one situation the positive responses were absent. The use of R/B, EMEM-2, and R/R produced no significant responses. This is not intended to discourage or discourage the use of these devices, but to demonstrate the complexity of the problem. This strongly suggests that the specific MORs required needs to be determined.

Brain Cancer: It has been demonstrated that one type in particular, Gliobasthoma multiform carcinoma responds to the R/B. However another type failed to respond. This reinforces the need to determine the specific MORs.

Brain cancers respond differently to the R/B from volunteer to volunteer. Observance of the types of complementary methods being used, i.e., herbs, Colonics, enemas, etc., indicate the "Pleomorphic" phenomena may play an important role in the resistance to specific frequencies. The changes in the microorganism's resistance are part of their defense mechanism and not just a change due to life cycle changes. Location of the cancer may be significant. Varied use of surgery, Chemo and radiation all seem to produce varied results.

R/B during radiation does not appear to produce adverse effects. In fact, positive responses have been observed.

R/B during Chemotherapy. NO positive responses have been observed during Chemo.

R/B after Surgery. Positive responses have been observed after surgery.

Breast and prostate cancers: present some individual formidable problems. The different responses are difficult to resolve, primarily because the cancer may have metastasized. Also, the varied complexity of the situation due to the different organs that may be involved.

MOR Determination: If the prime requirement for effective responses to the R/B is due to specific MORs and Pleomorphic or Mutation is producing the lack of response, then it becomes paramount that a means of MOR determination be achieved.

Looking to microscopic solutions does not appear to be a viable solution at this time. Some have suggested a VEGA unit has the capability of determining MORs! If this is true then, a VEGA should be vigorously explored. We need to collectively determine approaches that will result in some positive results.

Discussion: Use of complementary methods to enhance resistance to disease does not, however, prevent one from becoming a cancer candidate.

Opportunistic disease conditions are present in every situation and our research does not use techniques and methods that determines what actually is present.

Specific parasitic involvement seems to be regional, but movement of the population spreads the problem. It has been observed that parasites are a major contributor to the individuals condition.

Individual chemical and biological genetic makeup is quite varied and the specific cause of cancer has not really been defined. Viruses, toxic or carcinogenic materials, electromagnetic radiation, all play a part in the development of cancer.

Disintegration of a microorganism: Disintegration of the cell membrane simply releases the specific cancer causing agents into the lymph system and blood stream. If the immune system cannot fight off these agents then the cancer will reoccur. This is a common occurrence observed in previous situations. The use of certain herbs has been proven to be quite effective in some individuals. Yet for others it has been ineffective. A question remains. How long after a successful response, total relief of any symptoms, with the R/B is required? As with any method, it requires the application until all microscope carcinogenic microorganisms are disposed.

If indeed, carcinogenic materials are released into the lymph and blood, then a follow up of the R/B may be necessary as in the case of Dr Clark's Zapper regimen to kill off those constituents. The fact that they are no longer incased in a cell membrane may make them more susceptible.

The general approach that has evolved is to remove all constituents such as bacteria, viruses, toxic materials, and parasitic contributors. Dr Hulda Clark's books, although controversial by some, are a good place to start. It also means that it is a continuous process.

Water consumed generally is a major contributor of some of these agents. Chlorine used to kill microorganisms can also be a contributor to cancer. Other microorganisms contained in the water and not removed or killed are simply ingested by the individual. Personal hygiene practiced by food handlers is a cause of many illnesses.

Eating rare meats can contribute to our dilemma. Washing of vegetables with water that is contaminated contributes. Eating in restaurants is a major source of unwanted microorganisms. Bottled water is no guarantee that the water is free of unwanted microorganisms. Some report that water in clear plastic containers left in the sun cause chemicals in the plastic, which may be carcinogenic, to migrate into the water. Drinking water from these containers and then leaving them in a hot car promotes the growth of bacteria that can come from the individual's mouth. Remember that microorganism concentration plays a major role in our ability to fight off disease.

For some the ingesting of diet foods and drinks which contain aspartame, which has serious health implications.

Eating of unwashed fruit can also contribute to the ingestion of microorganisms.

What is the answer?

Use every known method or technique that will reduce the presence of these microorganisms to enhance the body's immune system to enable one to overcome disease and to restore one's health.

Explore all means to determine specific MORs of individual microorganisms.

The use of the R/B, R/R, EMEM-2, and Zappers all may result in positive responses in some situations, but not always. Some may be used together, but the results are not guaranteed. The important thing is to continue to explore or research the problems.



The following is a response I made to someone who is not from the list but I believe the information is important enough to pass on as some will beneit. Paragraphs 4 and 5 are of the most importance.

************************ 1. The RifeBare is not a cure for cancer nor is any device similar to it. In fact, I do not believe there is any "magic" cure for cancer anywhere. I also can state that chemo, radiation, drugs or surgery are not cures for cancer. That being said, I know that a lot can be done for cancer to get it into remission. The RifeBare device will shrink cancer tumors and stop the progress of cancer in a large majority of volunteers but not in all of them. Unlike many modalities (like chemo), the RifeBare does not have negative side affects. The RifeBare undoubtedly offers a window of opportunity for users to get their cancer under control while they address the conditions which may have caused it. Cancer definitely is not its own cause. An example of this........ certain skin cancers caused by too much exposure to UV from sunlight.

2. Where the RifeBare has not been effective I contribute this to incorrect frequencies being used. I suspect cancer mutates to protect itself. If cancer has been under attack from "other" modalities it probably will have already mutated away from the frequencies normally used.

3. To optimize the frequencies being used on the RifeBare device it would be best to predetermine which frequencies are needed and much research is necessary along these lines as we cannot yet do this. In the interim I came up with a protocol which I believe discourages the cancer from mutating for a period of time and is more effective than any protocol previously in use by us. I am also working on a new prototype device which I hope will prevent mutation - not just with cancer but with any virus, bacterium, fungi or yeast.

4. Cancer growth is influenced by one or more of the following: I - Lifestyles - particularly those precipitating stress II - contact with chemicals III - contact with geopathic fields IV - Diet

5. pH level - In "every" case where I have observed Carcinoma or Sarcoma cancers and the urine pH level of our volunteers has been tested, the results are under pH 6.4 This means a person with either of these cancers has an acidic body. When this acidic imbalance develops, the body begins to enter into an anaerobic (absence of oxygen) condition - hence "lack of energy". As the pH becomes more acidic the body produces more cancer than the immune system can get rid of. Dr. Royal Rife correctly identified cancer (some 60 years ago) as being the BX and BY virus and he was quoted as saying that "everyone" produces cancer. Those who get ill just cannot handle the concentrations of cancer because of their acidic condition. Balance your pH between 6.4 and 7.5 and the condition of cancer should clear up "if" items in paragraph 4 are intelligently and deliberately addressed.

Likely candidates (for our free volunteer program) are those with brain tumors, certain Sarcomas, MS, HepC, HIV etc. - all of which are usually considered as untreatable affectively. This is how we learn to use the RifeBare more affectely. Many Carcinomas (which your brother probably has) and Sarcomas can easily be dealt with the RifeBare device albeit there are "other" things that have to be addressed like changing lifestyles, diet etc. I have worked with numerous volunteers deemed terminal with these conditions and many are still alive from 30 months ago. Those who survived have done so by addressing the issues I am writing about in this email to you.

Getting healthy again is hard work.



Status Report 5-10-99

Dear Researchers

The following observations and information are a result of research with PEFT, Plasma Emission Frequency Technology over the past 2+ years.

For the last 2 years I have been reading the posts on "Power", "Tubes", "Gases" and various other parameters regarding plasma emission frequency technology (PEFT).

Many have tried to measure and define the responsible "Wave" emanating from the tube. I simply call it the "X" wave.

Various modifications and inovations have been proposed for the basic device.

So far, I have not seen any increase in effectiveness or data with regards to the these changes and their effectiveness and cancer.

Most types of devices appear to be effective with regard to bacterial and viral conditions. Device effectiveness with cancer remains an open issue.

Reports of Plasma Emission and Conductive Induction techniques continue to surface with sucessful applications. As noted by some these are mostly anectdotal.

Some would like a detailed report, but when you see the declarations of the medical profession and their detailed controlled studies, the sucess statistics are dismal.

Recently a friend called and said he was in significant pain due to an tooth infection in the root canal of one of his molars.

PEFT has been used effectively for conditions such as this in the past.

His dentist took X-rays and recommended a root canal treatment as soons as the infection subsided after antibiotics and pain relievers.

Since he does not have a PEFT device, I recommended he use a Hulda Clark Zapper, which I had built for him several years ago.

The next day he called and told me he used the Zapper by holding on to the electrodes with his hands and using the Clark protocol. All the pain was eliminated and now he is going to tell his dentist he is not going to have a root canal treatment if the condition does not return.

Simple things do work!

One of the first volunteers with gliobasthoma multiform carcinoma, brain cancer, effectively devitalized the tumor with a standard lead glass, 25mm dia, tube filled with 100% argon gas. The power output was 35 watts and the SWR was approximately 2.0

The same setup was used by a woman with Multiple Myleoma that was essentially bed ridden and in the final stages. After approximately 4 weeks, she was completely ambliatory and was taking walks of 1 to 3 miles per day. Today, 14 months later, she is considered completely recovered by her oncologist and naturopath. Her spine has returned to normal shape.

The only tubes I recommend are a 22" long straight tube and a 22" tube shaped into a "U" shape, filled with 100% argon. I have not found the Phanotron or bubble tubes to be more effective.

Basic position recommended is between 3 to 8 feet from the tube.

SWR ranges from 1.6 to 2.0. Foward power ranges from 30 to 80 watts. Gating is 4 to 10 Hz.

I never go by feelings, because I never feel anything and 90% of the volunteers don't feel anything, during the exposures.

Symptomatic changes are the primary criteria. Diagnostics are performed by the volunteer's physician to follow progress.

Presently, I do not recommend anyone who is terminially ill to use a PEFT device without supervision. They do not have the objectivity to interprete symptomatic changes and make appropiate changes in the PEFT protocol.

The "Basic Bare" device, (PEFT), has proven to be very effective.

I have a EMEM and a EMEM2 which also are effective for some situations.

The basic Hulda Clark Zapper has never been modified. It is effective for bacterial, fungal, and viral conditions. The concerned area should be placed between the electrodes. The Hulda Clark Zapper protocal has proven to be an effective protocol. Some volunteers have used a PEFT device and the Zapper to effectively overcome acid reflux, which in some cases, appears to be caused by a staphlococcus bacterial infection of the hiatial sphinctor.

Because the all volunteers that I provide PEFT information have cancer, I do not make recommendations of modifications or devices unless they have demonstrated in their research a potential effectiveness for devitalizing cancer.

Each person must decide for themselves if this integrative complementary information is for them.

All volunteers are encouraged to maintain contact with their physcian to perform periodic diagnostic examinations to determine progress.

Present medical statistics state that 91% of all cancer patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. So far, this has not changed.

This technology as with other technologies does not work the same for everyone.

MOR determination is the most vital work that needs to be acomplished to further this technology.

Pleomorphic changes and other consideratons are being researched. Long term cancer volunteers present serious MOR change considerations.


>On Monday, May 10, ABC had a segment on the placebo effect. In a trial >designed to evaluate the efficacy of transplanting healthy embryonic brian >tissue into the brains of patients with Parkisons (the new cells were >predicted to produce dopamine), the control group also had their skulls >drilled so that in the recovery phase all patients had surgical scars. >The researchers were amazed to discover that the control group did just as >well as the treated group in the ensuing 12 months. The attributed this to >the placebo effect.

I would be more inclined to say that implanting brain tissue does nothing to help a disease caused by pathogens, whereas the antibiotics that I am sure they were all given after surgery probably did most of them good.

>boost the WBC then this will be a great breakthrough and much better than >GCSF

I don't think any electronic modality could raise WBC as well as GCSF. Neither do proven immune boosters like echinacea, zinc, and selenium, they merely make the existing immune cells more competent. The main benefit to the immune system from the device is removing pathogens which are occupying it. Note that doing so should usually result in lower WBC (and how increased bacteria loads usually causes higher WBC).

>cure all. What can Rife do for genetic diseases?

Not a thing, unless it is one of the many disease thought to be genetic but is actually caused by "inherited" infection or toxins. Roundworms in particular seem to run in families.

On cancer, I don't think that there is anything special about 2128 and 2008. They happen to be helpful for some cases of cancer, but other effective frequencies _must_ be found for individual types and perhaps individual genotypes. If the theory is correct that the polar molecule DNA is what is susceptible to the effects of the BRG, then maladies which "hijack" the DNA like cancer and viruses would require different frequencies for different people for the same malady.

Like Stan, I have also seen (sometimes miraculous) effects on animals as well as children, plus adults who were non believers and did NOT want to believe the thing would work since it turns much of what they know about "the establishment" on its head, but were quickly convinced. And I have also heard of frequencies run I am sure would work and on people who are gullible (falling for every expensive complementary "cure" to come down the pike) and it did not do a thing.

One problem with the devices is no two are the same. Seemingly innocuous changes can make a difference. If I coil the power cord a certain way or plug it into a different outlet it performs differently. This does not make it ineffective, but illustrates how even tiny changes can make a difference in performance.

Besides this, there are many reasons for failure. The biggest is we are often unsure of what pathogen is causing a malady. And we don't have the frequencies for some of the bugs that we do think are causing the illness (e.g. chlamydia pneumonia for Parkinson's and MS). The BRG does not remove toxins from the body directly, but appears to help in a (very) few cases, by removing pathogens affecting an organ's function.

I think the device can work wonders in many cases, but many other cases are hopeless no matter what modality is used. One that comes to mind is someone I know with liver dysfunction, perhaps hepatitis. She lives in a moldy house with a moldy yard. You can smell the mold from the driveway as soon as you park. She has lived there over 12 years even though the problem started within a year of moving in the house. She must move out. No amount of rifing will restore her liver function until she does.

I see more and more (like Clark says) that chronic illness is usually contributed to by pathogens AND toxins. You first remove the toxins then the pathogen. Finding the relevent toxins and treating them (or unknowingly doing so by changing residence, diet, or other habits) is necessary, but can be a real challenge given the number of them. If you don't, relief may be possible by controlling the pathogen(s), but without removing the toxins which allow them a foothold into the body, it makes the job much tougher if not impossible



Plasma Emission Frequency Technology (PEFT) PROTOCOLS

The uses of PEFT for research for restoring one's health has uncovered an interesting aspect of using frequency protocols against microorganisms within the human body.

As in the case where a physician prescribes an antibiotic and the antibiotic must be taken over a prescribed period of time to assure that the microorganism population is reduced to zero (0).

It is also recommended to repeat the exposure sessions of a frequency protocol to assure that the suspect population is reduced to zero (0).

Some reinfection situations may actually be due to a reoccurrence of a condition because the suspect population was not eliminated and it simply reestablished itself.

Some microorganisms that are very prone to such phenomena are fungus and yeast infections, because these microorganisms may dwell in various parts of the body.

Pleomorphic changes in the microorganisms structure and resistance to initial frequencies due to some other structural changes indicates a fundamental change is required to continue to kill of the remaining microorganisms.

The use of frequency deviation is useful for zeroing in on the microorganisms MOR, but it may not be the complete answer because the full range of the "Bell Curve" distribution and any Pleomorphic conditions.

It would appear that a "Sweep" of sufficient range would most likely be more appropriate.

If we are to assure that sufficient harmonics are present, we may never know what specific frequencies are required.. However it is not really necessary to know the specifics at this time if the protocol is effective.

According to some researchers, a frequency pulse of only one millisecond is sufficient to disrupt the microorganisms outer membrane.

Experiments with so called "Pulsing", not gating., where the carrier wave is also pulsed. was effective. Pulse rates as high as 2000Hz were found to be effective with Hz in the MHz ranges..

Gating, which did not involve the carrier wave, was originally found to be effective.. The Kinnaman provided the gating techniques and effective gating tests were conducted up to 10Hz. 10Hz appeared to be more effective in some cases were resistance was encountered.

Acid Reflux Followup:

Staphylococcus and streptococcus frequencies protocols revealed that the hiatial sphincter was actually involved with bacterium. The frequencies as shown in the CAFL compiled by Turf proved to be effective.

The reoccurrence of symptoms was experienced when repeated exposure sessions were not employed. However, when repeated exposures of the protocols were employed, the symptoms promptly disappeared.

Indications are that in the case of cancers, that opportunistic bacterium conditions need to be adequately addressed if success is to be achieved. This means that sufficient exposure s and sessions frequency play an important part in restoration of one's health.

Recent discussions on the effectiveness of PEFT, specifically the Bare device , indicate that some misinformation or lack of it, is causing problems.

First I would like to say that after 2+ years of involvement with the Bare device it has proven to be effective for a variety of applications.

Many bacterial, fungal, and viral conditions have had positive responses to the device.

In some situations, volunteers have reported that various cancers have been successfully devitalized. Gliobasthoma carcinoma, Multiple Myeloma, Prostate cancer, Pancreatic cancer, abdominal cancer, and lung cancer.

Not everyone with the same conditions responds to the device and this is still an ongoing research goal to determine the cause. It is not known at this time if the reason is the device or other contributing conditions within the body or both.

Experience has shown that anyone researching cancer should not be conducting experiments with out supervision. Most persons seem to lack the objectivity necessary to make the proper evaluations and required protocol changes. A support group is highly recommended.

Everyone that owns a Bare device is part of the main PEFT group . What is needed is more candid reporting of results and the proper presentation of the results. Most likely there is sufficient evidence available, if compiled, to make a formidable impact.

Keep on researching!



>I wonder if any of my colleagues here have seen so-called instant >results?

Many minor acute illnesses like flu, fever, sinus problems, shingles, and such are treated instantly running a general set of 728, 732, 786, 880, 465, 800, 832, 1550, 650, 3040. (And many require many frequency sets to be run to find an effective one, and for some (like colds or other viral illness) an effective set cannot be found before it runs its course and cures itself. )

For chronic problems, there were only a few I would classify as instant. I know a 3 yr old who had been ill with almost constant fever and lethargy for over two months which resulted in over one clinic visit per week and almost one emergency room visit per week. Antibiotics (and OTC meds) controlled the fever somewhat, but as soon as they were done it would reappear in force (up to 106degF). She was lying lethargic on the couch despite other children playing around her at the start of the session, but by the end she was playing hard and appeared fine, and was completely rid of the fever afterward. A general parasite set with extra roundworm freqs was used. I was not even aware of the situation with the child, I thought she was just tired when she arrived. The mother was being rifed for psoriasis so general parasite and roundworm freqs were used. Found out about the child's situation halfway into the session, about the time she started getting energetic. The single session did nothing for the mother's psoriasis, but appeared to be completely curative for the child's affliction.

My elderly father-in-law had never experienced a BRG even after I'd had it for almost a year since my mother-in-law has a pacemaker. He was having stomach pains for a couple of weeks and finally went to a doctor who diagnosed him with an ulcer (no blood test). Incredibly, he was only prescribed an acid blocker (I don't think antibiotics and bismuth are yet an AMA approved treatment). I pulled him in another room and cranked up the device on 676 Hz, which was a recently discovered heliobacter pylori freq at the time. His eyes grew wide as his entire abdomen tingled. He was most incredulous that I could not feel it as well. "Do you feel that?!! Do you feel that?!!" he kept asking. I assured him that since I was not infected, I did not feel it. I found out during that time that he previously thought that the device was a bunch of hooey (until about 3 seconds after I turned it on for him.) He also felt 728 and 880, but not 786 and 465 (I think), the other frequencies run in the set. He has not experienced any further problems, and only ran the single short session. He stopped using the acid blocker within a week after he got it.

Another 3 year old child who had previously had cancer twice both times treated conventionally was exposed to the device on the cancer frequencies after he had recovered from the last conventional therapy. When the freq was dialed to 2128, he said he felt it in the abdomen. Although he had had sarcoma, he did not feel 2008. He also felt 2084. After this frequency, though, he said he felt all the rest in his stomach or in his neck or in his chest (it became a game and the responses were completely unreliable. When asked if he felt a freq in his knee or his toe, he said yes). Anyway, the next day he pooped out about a hundred intestinal flukes (as shown in pictures in Hulda Clark's books) replete with black "hairy legs" (egg sacs), even thuogh there are no intestinal fluke infections in the US, according to conventional medicine. They were balled up about the size of small peas. The next day another 100 were expelled. A few further antiparasitic sessions were run in the following weeks which yielded a few filaria and what appeared to be whipworms, but no more flukes were seen. Approx 6 months later, however, spots were seen on the lungs in a CT. Original tumors were rhabdo, and when it mets to the lungs, it is untreatable. Intensive (3-4x/week) sessions were run using sarcoma sets and scans, usually when the kid was asleep since it was easy to gauge reaction. A sample of one of the tumors excised previously was provided to SonRidge who determined additional frequencies (main one was 2586Hz). 6 weeks later another CT scan was run and the spots were almost gone. 3 months after that there were no spots.

One person, who was just "along for the ride" in a cancer session felt 800 and 1550 strongly in her lower abdomen. She did not feel any of the other 17 freqs in the session. She reported a week later that her period was resulting in what looked like brown chunks of flesh being expelled. I found that she suffered from endometriosis, which was not mentioned during the session. Looked it up in the frequency lists and sure enough, 800 and 1550 happened to be the main frequencies for the condition, which can be caused by pancreatic or liver flukes according to Clark. After her period she felt great and a couple weeks after that moved across the country to be with her boyfriend and as far as I know was never exposed again. Another person I know with endo has never used a BRG, but used Paragone which also produced the brown chunks during her period. She is very pleased that she can apparently control the problem with herbs since she has had the adhesions removed 6 times in the past surgically (2 times where they also removed ovarian cysts).



The ability of microorganisms to adapt to frequencies or to build up a resistance to frequencies is a known phenomena. Demonstration of such activity has occurred in as little as 3 to 4 months.

The failure to sustain exposures over a prescribed prolonged period inevitably results in reinfection due to the reestablishment of the microorganism.

Follow-up exposures and reduced effectiveness often reveal adaptation and/or resistance .

The use of petri dish technique for determination of the frequency effectiveness for some microorganisms is a viable technique and where possible can be used. The colonization or lack of it of the microorganism can be readily observed. Microscopic examination where applicable can be achieved.

Initial frequencies should be deviated by 2 to 3 Hz initially. The use of a Kinnaman provides a random deviation. However, it may be more effective if a protocol included specific frequencies so that frequency concentration is achieved.

It has been reported that deviations up to 8 Hz has been used successfully.

The use of sweep protocols should be employed whenever possible. To over come the frequency shift and the "Bell Curve " phenomena.

Dr. Hulda Regear Clark reported that microorganisms actually have a range of MOR frequencies. Therefore, the sweep technique would better cover the range requirement. If each frequencies carries a series of harmonics, then the sweep would include a much greater number of harmonic frequencies.

Uniden Output: Previous experiments with elevated voltages inputted to the Uniden 510XL as suggested by Dr. Bare , 1.8 volts, resulted in the CB passing up to 34,000 Hz.

A simple basic program on a PC can output from 37 to 32000 Hz. A Uniden CB modified per Dr. Bares suggestions can take up to 5 volts without any deleterious effects. Present voltage input from PC Laptop is 4.9 volts. One RF choke from Radio Shack is placed on the cable from the PC to the CB.

Several programs are available: Blaster5. Rife List. (limited because frequencies cannot be changed) Square One. Bob Hanson. Any basic program which uses the "BASIC SOUND COMMAND" and the basic interpreter.

The basic interpreter of Quick basic produces some deviation in the frequency output.



PEFT and Cancer

The use of PEFT for research for restoring one's health has uncovered an interesting aspect of using frequency protocols against microorganisms within the human body. Reoccurring situations may occur, because the suspect population was not eliminated and it simply reestablished itself or the offending microorganism was not impacted by the frequencies employed.

Frequencies that cause the rupture of the outer membrane of the microorganism simply reintroduces the causative agents housed by the cell into the blood stream where they can find other cells to invade and reinitiate their deadly work.

Destruction of the cell membrane is only the first phase. The destruction or elimination of the causative agents which are housed by the cell is the prime objective. If a virus is the causative agent, then, the MOR of that virus is also required to achieve success. Other opportunistic agents such as bacterial, chemical, fungal, and other carcinogenic agents must be eliminated to assure the cancer does not reoccur.

Microorganisms prone to Pleomorphism and/or mutation phenomena results in a marked change of frequency MOR requirement. Some microorganisms may even combine with other constituents to achieve immunity from the attacking anticancer agents.

The resulting resistance to initial frequencies requires a fundamental frequency change to continue to kill off the remaining microorganisms.

The use of frequency deviation may be useful for zeroing in on the microorganism's MOR, but it may not be the complete answer because the new ranges of the initial and/or new "Bell Curve" distributions.

It would appear that a "Frequency Sweep" of sufficient range may most likely be more appropriate.

If sufficient harmonics are present, we may never know what specific frequencies are required.. However it is not really necessary to know the specifics at this time if the protocol is effective.

Indications are that opportunistic bacteria also need to be adequately addressed if success is to be achieved. This means sufficient exposures and sessions of frequencies for opportunistic organisms play an important part in overcoming any physical condition and the restoration of one's health. All bacterial, viral, and fungal, and parasitic organisms must be addressed.

The Immune system is the primary defense against any pathogenic microorganism. Proper nutrition and use of minerals and supplements are required to assure success. Conventional medications require proper assessment by competent medical personnel. Both Naturopathic and Conventional physicians should be consulted.

Not everyone with the same disease or physical conditions responds positively to PEFT device. This is an ongoing research goal to determine the cause. It is not known at this time if the reason is the device, the MORs used, or other contributing conditions within the body.

Individuals who have under gone Chemo therapy seem to respond less to PEFT than those who have not had Chemo. Surgical and Radiation therapies do not appear to have the same negative impact.

It is possible that the defense mechanism of the microorganism is activated by the Chemo and thus certain structural and/or electronic membrane changes occur to prevent further destruction of the microorganism.

Efforts have been initiated to evaluate techniques to determine the specific MORs required. Discussions with other researchers indicate that the VEGA device may be able to achieve this objective. Samples of the tumor is required to determine the MORs.

Frequency sweeping techniques are being explored and may offer some solution to these problems. Appropriate diagnostic techniques are required to determine and follow the progress. Some preliminary studies using sweep transit times of 0.01 seconds resulted in positive responses. Narrowing the sweep ranges allows the determination of the specific frequency range.

However, effective interaction between the frequency and the microorganism may require extended dwell times ranging from 5 to 10 minutes minimum.

After 13 months of continual improvements in a Multiple Myeloma cancer volunteer's health and blood work a reduction in the dwell time resulted in a reversal in blood work results. The volunteer's Oncologist suggested using Chemo again after no Chemo for 5 months. The volunteer requested delaying the Chemo for 30 days. Chemo was postponed and the dwell time for each cancer frequency was increased to 40 minutes. All supportive frequencies were run at 5 minutes each. Cancer frequencies were run every other day After 30 days, based on the clinical diagnostics, the oncologist said the blood work looked very good and the Chemo was not required. Both Oncologist and Naturopathic doctors commented on how good is the volunteer's appearance.

In some situations, sufficient time is required to achieve positive results for volunteers who are terminally ill. The resolution of opportunistic conditions can take several months, because the body needs to time recover. Physical exercise and Naturopathic remedies have shown to be significant factors in the restoration of one's immune system and health.

Volunteer was originally non ambulatory an required assistance for all activities. Volunteer has resumed all activities and walks and exercises daily. Volunteer uses a basic Bare device with a 22" straight tube with 100% argon and a Kinnaman. Frequency generator.



Status Report 9-5-99

Dear researchers:

So far I have not heard of anyone who has experienced any deleterious effects for the normal RF emitted from the Bare plasma tube.

Cautions without serious explanations can cause persons to become fearful.

I have been experimenting with the RF factor and have found it to be helpful in some cases. First, a qualitative and quantitative description of the level of RF needs to be defined. If 60Hz is effecting all of us, what level of radiation are we describing. How does the RF level compare.

Case in point. Some persons cannot kill bugs under a microscope! Does that mean that the device is ineffective! Of course the answer is no!

It takes a well-defined experiment to enable one to replicate the results. Variation in components and setup and layout are important criteria. Every aspect of the experiment must be followed if one is going to duplicate the results.

I use a Field strength meter that is calibrated from 0 to 10 units. I find an RF level from 5 to 10 has increased and/or enhanced effects as compared to from 0 to 1.

Yesterday a volunteer presented an acute case of carpal tunnel syndrome. The question was is there any frequencies that could help? I replied yes!

Scanning at a RF level of 5.0, numerous responses were observed.

The volunteer employed the responses and within 15 minutes, most of the pain was eliminated.

Using a RF level of 5 to 10 has increased responses to the device. In some cases the responses were symptomatic due to changes within the concerned area.

Over the past 2 1/2 years volunteers that were within 3 to 4 feet from the tube experienced more positive responses than those who were further from the tube, 5 to 10 feet.

A RF map can be determined to enable placing a volunteer. Or the position can be measured directly with a field strength meter.

The Bare device is a standard Basic unit. Power level was 80 to 90 watts. SWR was 1.8 to 2.0. The RF emitted is dependent upon the setup or layout and the length of the wires employed between the tuner and the tube. The use of vertical tubes requires a vertical wire that acts as an antenna. Generally, increased power increases the RF level.

What is the wave being emitted? Actually no one knows. There has been a lot of speculation, but no real answer. In this case RF can be measured and to some degree regulated.

I purposely avoided research involving the working of the unit, because I wanted to concentrate of the results of aiding people.

I found that the Basic Bare unit was functional and effective, but there were limitations due to MOR availability.

Since January 1999, I have been concentrating on MOR determination and other factors that enhance the effectiveness of the device. The RF factor is one of them.





Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was unable to find any evidence for the cause of cancer and other diseases using standard research microscopes.

Dr Rife developed five microscopes with a range of 5,000 to 50,000 X. His work with magnifications of 17,000 X and higher revealed new cells and microorganisms. His microscope research required much skill and patience to focus and photograph the results.

His research enabled him to isolate filtered virus and other pathogenic microorganisms. As a result of his success, he conceived the idea that it would be possible to create an electronic frequency device that if correctly set to the resonant frequency of the microorganism, it would devitalize it.

He first developed and used such an instrument in his laboratory in 1920. In 1931, he discovered the transformation of cancer virus and was able to use his frequency instrument to devitalize the virus.

Under the supervision of Dr Milbank Johnson M. D., clinical work on cancer was setup under a medical research committee from the University of Southern California. 16 cancer patients of various types of malignancy were treated. 3 months later 14 patients were declared clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors, including Dr. Alvin G. Foord, M.D. Pathologist for the group.

Dr. Rife was certain that cancer involved a virus, which he called "BX". Dr Rife also discovered the "BX" virus was capable of changing to another virus he called "BY". The "BY" could then to change to a monococcoid microorganism, then to crytomyces pleomorphia fungi, and finally to bacillus coli. The transformations were reversible.

The development of the Mortal Oscillatory Rate, MOR, originated with Dr Rife. As time passed, persecution and with the destruction of Dr Rife 's microscopes and plasma frequency instruments, the basic method of induction changed under John F. Crane from a plasma wave delivery system to delivery using electrical current with metal pads.

(R) The AMA used its influence to silence the Rife technology. See "The Cancer Cure That Worked", by Barry Lynes. Medical licenses are issued by the local States and not under the jurisdiction of the AMA. The FDA banned the device. Crane went to prison for 10 years, but got out after approx. three years. Dr. Rife had made a formal statement that Crane's method was not the one that he used, but it could not be published due to Crane's legal problems. After his legal problems were resolved, Crane began to employ audio frequencies to avoid any further litigation.

Most likely the audio frequencies were determined by trial and error. Most of the frequencies today have stood the test of time. More recent developments using the VEGA type testing machines have led to more frequencies.

Up to this point in time, all the audio frequencies have been researched and confirmed using the "PAD" devices, which Crane developed. "PAD" devices using audio frequencies are "Crane" devices, not "Rife" devices. Generally, the symptomatic methods were employed to determine the effectiveness of the frequencies. They either got better or they did not improve and/or continued to get worse.

In 1995, Dr James E. Bare presented to the world, the Bare plasma tube device, A plasma tube device that employed audio frequencies. In lieu of "PADS", Dr. Bare's device delivered the frequencies in the same manner as Dr. Rife's plasma tube device. This is not to say that Dr Bare's device is the same as Dr. Rife's, but it is similar in some ways.

The subject of the type of plasma tube device and all the associated parameters such as tube type, type of gas, gas pressure, tube wrappings, power settings, dwell time, distance from tube, etc., have and still are being determined for optimal use. One problem is the variety of designs of the plasma tube device and the variances of the components used, their layout and setup, which lead to different degrees of effectiveness.

One researcher stated "it is easy to modify the Rife/Bare device, but very difficult to improve it." Many changes and/or modifications have been suggested, but it remains to be proven that their effectiveness against cancer has been improved.


At one time there were a variety of frequency lists one could use. These combined lists added up to a considerable number of pages with many duplications and questionable frequencies. The posting of the "Cancer Annotated Frequency List" (CAFL) was the beginning of some serious research by many Rife researchers. The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List Compiled by turf@mindspring.com .


(provided from the CAFL) "Just because I researched these frequencies, do not assume that I advocate treatment using them. They are intended as a guide to further research. "

"Providing adequate nutrition as well as removing and avoiding toxins can be as important as Bioelectronics regimens."

"Some frequency sets state they are for use on lab animals only. This is generally because the frequencies may cause unintended side effects. For example, Thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation caused by a clot) is listed as such since if a clot is dislodged, it can cause stroke, heart attack, or embolism. People with certain conditions will experience Detox reactions to some frequency sets that can be severe and if not handled properly and frequencies limited in duration, life threatening. For further warnings and disclaimers, see the introduction to turf's Electroherbalism Homepage."

"The use of frequencies always presents a challenge to the researcher to be able to confirm the effects of the frequencies and to avoid any adverse consequences of such usage. It is important for researchers to report to the main body of Rife Researchers both good, bad, and questionable results. Because of the paranoia associated with this research many researchers do not report. At most, annotated accounts are reported. These annotated reports are valid and in general much positive information can be gleaned. "


Recently, a new method of determining frequencies was presented to the 1999 conference in Edmonton, Alberta. The use of DNA data and a method of calculating the possible viable or required frequencies or MOR is a technical breakthrough.

After years of research, we welcomed this new approach and look forward to fruitful results. The application of these relatively new frequencies and the interaction they can or may have on existing microorganisms and cells, needs to be approached with the same cautions as in the use of the CAFL frequencies. We know that from time to time some researchers have reported that the operating parameters need special attention to avoid adverse effects. In most cases the parameters are not well known.

As Dr Bare and Don Tunney have pointed out, the plasma device can be dangerous. After all it is basically an electrical device. Touching the wrong areas of the device can cause electrical shock. Some have reported over-exposure or under exposure in some cases can cause adverse effects, and caution must be observed when using some medications and herbs.

Reports of the use of DNA frequencies with cancer is non existent. Research using the CAFL and bacteriological conditions has been very positive. Research with CAFL and cancer has also been positive.

Three volunteers with different types of cancer using basic Rife/Bare plasma tube devices reported employing DNA protocols. After one month, all three experienced acute adverse effects, which was confirmed by their oncologists. All three reverted to standard CAFL protocols. Volunteers are reviewing the protocol parameters.

Careful planning is required in any situation and good communication with one's physician is required so proper diagnostic procedures can be employed to monitor progress.

Most recent a volunteer with esophageal cancer reported, diagnosis, Adenocarcinoma. Prognosis, 2 months. Volunteer initiated basic standard Rife/Bare device employing CAFL cancer frequency protocol. After one month, MRI revealed no progression in the tumor. Volunteer has improved symptomatically. He can swallow, no longer suffers from GERD, acid reflux, and acute chronic headaches have almost disappeared. General feeling of well being has been achieved. He feels encouraged and expects to survive.

Recent acute Periodontal condition. X-ray of tooth revealed extensive infection of root and socket with bone loss and an abscess of the surrounding gum. Face opposite infection was sensitive to the touch and pressure on the area of the infected root was painful. Recommendation was to remove tooth, treat with antibiotics, and build a gold bridge to replace the removed tooth.

Employment of PEFT* using a basic Rife/Bare plasma tube device and protocol determined from the CAFL was employed. Basic mineral and herbs were used to support bone replacement. After one month all sensitivity has disappeared in and around the tooth. The abscess has essentially disappeared. A x-ray will be taken in a month to confirm progress and the restoration of the bone in and around the tooth socket. The main point is that the normal procedure is to pull the infected tooth, but the use of PEFT enabled eliminating the infection and the restoration of the tooth and bone.

* PEFT: Plasma Frequency Emission Technology. This is the technical name for Rife Technology.

God Bless



these are my notes i mentioned

asthma caused by a 22 hour exposure to welding fumes in a enclosed area in 1989. 14 inches by about 32 inches tall 100 odd feet long. (a dollar bill on edge..shape) i was welding a new bottom in the thing. Friday i had no breathing problems sunday morning woke with a wheezy chest. By sunday i was wheezing 24 hours a day.

I have been in hospital many times in intensive care once for 5 days. I have been paralyse and had black outs. Am currently on meds theophyllin and several inhalers. Salbutamol , becloforte, servent My lung volume is 350 now . It has a yearly cycle april to mid sept and mid sept to april. april to sept volume is high of 250 with low not measured but only walking 35 feet at a time. At mid sept it starts to clear as less pollutants in air.

Starting in spring of 1999 i started taking msm. (elemental sulphur)? It seamed to help some. (i am still taking it) On or about nov 17 i started taking grapefruit fiber and silver water. this seamed to improve condition for a few days. for a period of time nov 18 to 21 i was in condition that i could not breath and had to work all day for each breath. My thought was i was around cig smoke for about 3 hours on the 17 of nov.

On the 26 of nov (fri) i had a pad frequency treatment of about 30 sec on frequency of 727,787,880. a short duration of time as previous test had shown me that bad headaches and flue symptoms result when 3 minutes are used.

Sun the 28 of nov a another treatment of 40 seconds. no bad effects were expected or felt.pad machine

On the evening of (thur) dec 2 a first light treatment was tried for 1 minute. The following morning flu symptoms which may have been the flue as it was going around. On dec 3 a morning and evening treatment

880, 787, 727

followed by olive oil and lemon juice. the evening one had a freq of 4200 added for its benefit for eyes etc. a couple of hours afterward skin temp seamed to be up with a kind of tingling feeling. more energy to the extent that sleeping was not possible. for a hour or 2 about 2 a.m. i just listened to my breathing as the first time in perhaps 10 years i could here no bubbles breaking when exhaling. from then to now the afternoon of the following day

dec 4 i notice that on exhaling the wheezy sound in thought is perhaps decreased 60% . Am still taking grapefruit fiber, silver water and msm. lung volume on the 3 of dec was 425. just now 2 pm dec 4 it was 500. At this time i am feeling that there may be a answer here but am being careful have had false starts before and this is a good time of year for me. On the other hand lung volume is 500 which i have only had once before this year in February. i am trying to remain objective. I remain with cig smoke exposure. testing will continue. with the lack of bubbles being the most significant factor. remembering 12 days ago i was on couch lung volume was not measured at that time as needed all breath likely was about 175 200.

Dec 5, yesterday evening freq's were 727,787,880,4200,664,764,1234,3672, 7344. 664 and 764 are freq's that bring on laughter and were used only for that. 1234, 3672, 7344 were used to relax muscles in lungs it was observed that 3672 brought on irritable and anger feelings and will be dropped. last night my theo-dur was not taken. some tightness in lungs which was relived by 2 shots of ventolin. theo-dur was taken at 2 a.m. Am hopeful and the most positive thing is that last night theo-dur was put off without a serious effect. Which i feel would not have been possible a week ago, During treatment the dizzy feelings seam to be a lot less. others observed a discomfort feeling in side of body. The 4200 seams to bring a metal taste in mouth of all.

dec 6-- had morning and evening exposure to light machine yesterday. lung volume was 500 in afternoon. today sleep all day very tired had no exposure to freq's today. just resting it is 5 pm and have taken no pills (theo-dur) since yesterday and no ventolin. lung volume is 450 will take pill now.

dec-10. had a treatment at 1 this afternoon. took no pills or sprays today until tonight 11:30 as i did not want blood level to drop. breathing was slight wheezy could have left it. volume 475.. stuff nose . flue? or machine. when woke this morning was wheezy went away after few minutes of laying on back instead of side. ....(note to readers. when i said blood level drop. i am taking theophyllin and you need a blood level to have it work)

dec11/sat. changed to the computer program. by midnight my lungs were quite a bit worse had taken 2 theo-dur and sprays.

dec12/sun. changed back to old way of making frequ's had a good treatment this morn at 10:30, lungs lots better by 3 in afternoon. lung volume 525. we had quite a sweep on the settings just learning may have made the machine to effective (RifeBare) :) (i remembered)

dec 15 wed.. good day had 2 treatments went out to river dec 16 thur... missed today was tired. energy came back about 10 pm

dec 17 fri. started aloe juice and 2 a day multi vits and spray for silver. volume 425. volume down a bit (was 525) am thinking that congestion out of lungs and muscles relaxing because feel that more air is going in perhaps muscles are not there to blow air out. wheezy when exhaling no bubbles sound. can feel air going into lungs feels cold have not felt that for years. 2 times to machine to day..vegtables taste great.

(note- this mentioned spray for silver is a small bottle that you use to spray silver water in mouth i try to breath it in.) (also i mentioned congestion. i am coughing some up and the volume of lungs seams to me that it is higher than the lung volume meter says. My thought is all those small tubes mussels have not been used for years. So perhaps i have not the muscles to make the meter give a actuate reading.????))

dec 18 sat.. day 16 woke this morning with somewhat less tightness in chest. hard to put a number on it say 15% coughing up some congestion from chest.. not a cold but stuff that is loosing up. volume 510 and i have not taken a pill yet. did 7344,4200,918,915,880,787,727,400,and added 95,72. and 2 cloves for the parasites. Did first pushups in 10 years.

dec 19 sun.. lungs have loosened up since i started this it is now quite obvious. i also do not react to the things that closed lungs down in past in as violent a way. still taking theo-dur. volume in morning 325 just took theo-dur it should not have affected reading yet. sun afternoon volume 540

dec 20 mon- light show this morning. 727,787,880,4200,664,764,7344,918,915 499,95,72 .. 5 min each

shoveled snow and packed wood afternoon. seams to be no problem with cold air -10 c or 12 deg F forgot to take pills. 28 days ago i was on laying down for 3 days as every breath had to be worked at. took theo-dur tonight midnight lungs were slightly wheezy. volume at 9 pm 535 .. will continue experment ..

as a matter of interest. when this first happened (1989) on a week end by wed of same week all over my body about every 1" i broke out in sharp topped pimples lasted i think was 3 days or so.

-it took 5 mounths to be in the state that i could not even lift my arms
my asthma was so bad.
-- I mention this because DR clark says it is a parasite.
am thinking it may take 5 mounths for them to take over after damage
to immune system.?
-- if that is true then a healthy person can keep them in check?
-- this happened at work. wcb still says i have no significant
obstruction. i received nothing. so be careful out there. I hope
this does someone some good.
- I will answer any questions you may have to the list or don't hesitate
to email me if i can help i will starz@uniserve .com
i will get back as time permits.
--continue with aloe juice, msm, flax oil, lemon juice, vitimins
grape fruit fiber and juicing vegies, lots water.
msm = methylsulfonylmethane
- i have a much greater tolerence for cold air.
- the real test will be april when all the pollen is in air.




For the 'long version' of how higher and lower * octaves * relate, you may want to read Charlene Boehm's article

512 is the conversion factor to get nine octaves down from Hulda Clark's Frequency range, into a range that can be run on the R/B or EM systems.


Here's an excerpt from a recent posting:

..."Herpes zoster, for example, is listed as having been detected within a range of 416.6KHz to 420.8KHz in Hulda Clark's book, with a frequency of 418KHz being recommended.

Since the dynamic range for the EM systems is in the audio range , the same as the other radiant plasma systems, we find ourselves using a lower OCTAVE of this higher H.C. Frequency. At 9 octaves down, (divided by 512) this would translate to a range of between 813.7Hz and 821.9 Hz. Hulda Clark's "try this" frequency of 418KHz, which I've personally used so effectively, taken down nine octaves, comes to 816.4 Hz.

It may be that a specific frequency within the range of 813Hz to 822Hz is exactly what's needed to "do the job" in the most expeditious manner... it may also be that the full cross-section of the 'population' of this virus actually spans this entire range detected by Hulda Clark.

The interesting thing is, if you go to the other frequency lists published on the web, you won't find this frequency listed at all... and herein may lie the real significance of a lack of results being achieved when assuming that the published frequency lists really do include the specific frequency that an individual might need to use to target specific pathogens most dynamically...

So I guess my question to Reid would be, "what were you targeting, and what frequency were you using to try to target it, and what was the source of your choice of frequency to run.



Let's look at Lyme Disease, and specifically at the Borellia burgdorferi, one of the three forms of the Borellia associated with Lyme disease. Hulda Clark's detection range spans from 378.95KHz to 382.0KHz, with a "try this" frequency suggested of 380KHz. This range, when taken down nine octaves, would then give a range of from 740.1Hz to 746.1Hz, with 742.2 corresponding to the suggested 'try this' frequency. 742 Hz for the Borellia burgdorferi ... OK, now go to the published frequency lists under Lyme disease, and see if you find 742 (or one octave up, 1484.4 Hz) I find 732 and 758 offered, but nothing closer, in the consolidated list, and 1455 in Garvey's list... nothing close in Dan's list at all ...

Now consider that certain organisms may be more ‘robust' than others, in their resistance to being disrupted or disabled by the use of induced resonances. If not targeted closely enough on their specific frequency, while they will be ‘shaken up' a lot, and may spew toxins into your system in the process, they won't be eliminated. Hence, we begin to see a situation which might shed light on the possible cause for the horrendous ‘detox reactions' experienced, week after week, by Lyme sufferers ... The Borellia burgdorferi isn't being closely enough targeted on it's frequency to eliminate it, but the frequencies being used do cause it to release toxins into the system.

This look at the Borellia is insightful, I believe, but does not go into the other organisms associated with Lyme, such as the Babesia microti, an Amebic parasite (776Hz and 1103Hz offered from Char's data?), or members of the Ehrlichia family, or the associated viruses. I'll also suggest for now that Hulda Clark's concept of Parasites harboring bacteria and viruses, which are then somehow protected or shielded from the induced resonance's full effects; that sheltered bacteria, in turn, also themselves harbor and shelter viruses. The implication of this is that the larger host organisms must be specifically targeted first, in order to later affect the sheltered organisms , and that, according to Hulda Clark, a * pause* in the sequencing of frequencies is necessary to be effective.

Hope this sheds some light on the subject!

Be Well!!



Here is a short excerpt containing some basic information on leukemia from the book Blast It. I hope it helps you. Carol

CANCER, Leukemia, Resonant Frequency = 2128 Hertz (cps) Leukemia is cancer of the blood. It is a fatal disease of the blood forming organ called the spleen, characterized by a marked increase in the number of leukocytes and their forerunners in the blood, together with enlargement of the lymphoid tissue of the spleen and rapid production of new cells in the lymphoid tissue of the spleen, and bone marrow. The disease is accompanied by pernicious anemia at times and is then called leukanemia. (To understand how the spleen works, SEE Sec 3 SPLEEN.)

The disease is attended with progressive anemia, internal hemorrhage and increasing exhaustion. Anemia is a condition in which the blood is deficient in quantity or in quality; low amount of hemoglobin or low amount of red blood cells or both; both are due to poor nutrition, wasting disease or direct loss of blood. The skin is pale, pale mucous membranes, loss of energy, palpitation of the heart, systolic (heart) murmurs, marked by loss of oxygen in red blood cells and their ruination. It may be accompanied by vomiting, headache, weariness, nosebleed, inflammation of the pharynx with pain in the throat, especially on swallowing, dryness, followed by moisture of the pharynx, congestion of the mucous membrane and fever called pharyngitis.

The increase in leukocytes is an increase in blood infection or blood poisoning by colorless cells, ameboid cell mass such as white blood corpuscle, pus corpuscle, or wandering connective tissue cell and includes: lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophil and eosinophil and basophil and others with ameboid movements.

As far back as the 1920's, Leukemia has been known to be reversed after amalgam mercury removal, which eliminates mercury toxicity. (SEE Sec 6 MOUTH, Teeth, Dental Fillings for more.)


To deionize the cancer virus select from methods listed below. (For leukemia success story, SEE Some History, 1958.) To deionize pus cells in the blood drink Electrolyte 15 minutes before Application. Use 727, 787 and 880 Hertz for 2 minutes each. Drink Acidophilus Solution when finished.

Magnetic method specific for leukemia. Method to normalize body polarity with leukemia. Use 2 magnets stacked together, begin by oxygenating the bloodstream (NEG to spleen and POS on heart for 3 minutes). Then remove POS and continue with double NEG stacked magnets for 17 more minutes. Then repolarize the entire body, double POS for 5 minutes to strip out all NEG polarity. Then use NEG for 5 minutes over left side of body to change it back to NEG. Then leave NEG on spleen for 5 minutes longer to oxygenate body. Do this 3 times daily

Magnetic method specific for leukemia. Applying NEG polarity on the spleen can be helpful in restoring oxygen to the system, reducing the enlargement of the spleen and restoring its functions. Applying NEG to the spleen and side adrenal glands that provide oxygen and strength and energy to the body may be performed every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes to speed up the body's energy supply and needed oxidation.

How to Deionize a Tumor

Deionization is the production of a mineral free state by the removal of ions. An ion is an atom or group of atoms having a charge of POS (cation) or NEG (anion) electrons, or protons which are POS. A proton is equal and opposite to an electron in charge and to a hydrogen ion in mass. Method 1) To deionize the cancer virus (Carcinoma & Sarcoma), use polarity while deionizing the cancer virus with electronic frequencies. Drink Electrolyte. Use 2128 Hertz (cps) for 2-3 minutes every 3rd day with NEG polarizer over sacrum and POS over heart and spleen. Then repolarize spleen NEG for 3 minutes, POS over heart. Drink Acidophilus Solution after finished.

Method 2) To deionize the cancer virus (Carcinoma & Sarcoma): Drink Electrolyte. Use 2008 and 2127 and/or 2128 Hertz for 2 to 5 minutes every other day or every 3 days. This timing allows the lymphatic system to work. Use NEG polarizers over the pads. Apply NEG and electronic energy with one pad on either side of the tumor. After 2128 Hertz for 2 minutes, remove the electronic pads and continue on with 1 to 4 NEG magnetic polarizers on one or both sides of the tumor for 20 minutes 3 times daily.

How to Dissolve a Tumor

By deionizing tumors, you are removing the minerals that hold them together, hence the word dissolving applies. By polarity you are accomplishing the same results as enzymes and hormones seek to provide, but cannot cope with in stopping poisons from taking control of the body, because their energy level is too low and they cannot function. Polarizers have the forces to overcome the body's deficiencies and to get results against cancer. Research results are hereby reported. Method 1) To dissolve a tumor. The power to dissolve and shrink all types of tumors from the body has been now proven with the use of "No Grow" NEG polarity and colors. Research has shown that using "No Grow" or NEG polarity from 1-inch thick 25,000 gauss magnetic polarizers can dissolve tumors. Stack 4 or more polarizers, placing NEG toward a tumor. Or, sandwich a tumor between 4 or more NEG polarizers placed on each side facing tumor. This stacking method will dissolve tumor when applied 3 times daily to affected area for 20 minutes each time. (Increases the dissolving forces to 4 times normal strength.) Use minimum 50,000 gauss. Be cautious with use of POS polarity with tumors. AVOID USE OF POS ON TUMORS TO PREVENT THEIR GROWTH. If tumors are present, follow NEG application with POS to restore POS potential energy level, but not around tumor area. POS promotes tumor growth.

Cancer, which has been described by other doctors, is said to be the cells working backwards. Cancer is in desperate need oxygen as well as NEG polarity to shrink virus growth. DO oxygenate the bloodstream (NEG to spleen and POS to heart for 3 minutes). (SEE Controlling Cancer with NEG & POS Polarity, above.)

If you repolarize body POS, follow with method using lengthy NEG. Method 2) To dissolve a tumor. Use NEG for 2 hours daily. Also use NEG to the spleen for 3 minutes hourly to get oxygen into the blood stream to aid glands, organs and the body. Method 3) To dissolve a tumor. Use NEG magnet 30-45 min 2x daily. (One M.D. reported that tumors can be reduced in 3 weeks by using NEG polarity for 15 minutes 3x daily.)

Method 3) To dissolve a tumor. Redroot herb taken internally will cause tumors to dissolve and helps to clear out the lymphatic system. Other herbs for tumors are: blue violet, coral, mugwort, white oak bark, elder, sanicle, St John's wort, witch hazel, red root, flaxseed, chickenweed, yellow dock, mullein, tansy, wood sage, coltsfoot, skunk cabbage, celandine, hops, sorrel, rock rose. Method 4) To dissolve a tumor. (John Crane also reported that) POS Polarity shrinks all types of tumors because it reverses the tumors' own polarity and they go away. When POS polarity is applied to a cancer or benign tumor that is normally NEG, there is an immediate change in the polarity back to POS. This results in the dissolving of the tumors, and in the sterilization the infections that accompany them, by locking up divisions of multiplying viruses and bacteria and eggs that may come from microworms in the blood. This causes inverse microvoltage to flow in higher potential energy levels thereby increasing the strength in the body and enabling the body to cope with its trouble and "cast it out." POS and NEG polarizers boost the body polarity to overcome its deficiencies and aid the flow of electron therapy that is essential to good health. (SEE Part 2, Magnetic Research to learn more about how higher potential energy levels increase strength in the body.)

Regeneration of the body. In general, the system may be assumed to be biologically dead, requiring regeneration with 10 to 20 Hertz for 15 minute periods 3 times daily, together with NEG polarity applied to tumor areas. Maximum voltage applied should be 3 to 4 which can barely be felt. Using systemic 5K Hertz should also help. DO NOT USE SYSTEMIC FREQUENCIES ALONE OR BEFORE USING DEVITALIZING FREQUENCIES (2128 Hertz, or others), or in the immediate cancer area; you want to kill the tumor, not stimulate its growth.




The controversy of prime frequencies and harmonics and devices has been on going since the beginning of Rife Technology.

Rife used prime frequencies in his early experiments with significant results.

The use of harmonic frequencies has shown significant results with regard to both bacterial and cancer microorganisms based on the anecdotal reports.

Some have expressed dissatisfaction with the anecdotal reporting, but nevertheless the overwhelming results are conclusive.

The success of various types of devices has clearly demonstrated that most of them are effective against bacterial and viral microorganisms and in some cases cancer.

The use of increased power has been investigated and found to be beneficial, but no one has demonstrated a clear proposition for an effective device with just increased power.

Discussion of various wave forms and duty cycles are still under investigation.

The distance the subject is from the source is a significant variable.

Pad type or handhold devices are direct contact frequency input that has been beneficial in many cases.

The use of ignition coil type devices are essentially non-RF type and the tube can be placed close or directly against the area of concern, similar to a pad type device.

The EMEM coil, EMEM 2,3, AND 3D type devices all have demonstrated their usefulness and effectiveness.

The various Zappers all have earned their positions in electrical complementary techniques.

Reports using non-RF devices have been encouraging.

A recent report of a person with late stage prostate and bone cancer used an EMEM 3 with a single frequency of 727 Hz with the Phanotron tube close to the abdomen resulted in complete remission of the cancer after one year.

If we assume that the cancer has a prime frequency of 11,780,000 Hz and we divide down by multiples of 2 or 16284, the result is the harmonic 719 Hz.

The EMEM 3 frequency setting is not precise and varies as it is set and run.

This demonstrates that the harmonic frequency is effective and the close proximity of the Phanotron tube is a significant factor. Although this report is anecdotal and a single report, the facts are clear.

Rife had positioned his tube within 12 inches of the concerned areas during his successful experiments with the16 cancer subjects and used prime frequencies. If power is a factor then using a close proximity may satisfy the requirement.

The distance of the subject from the tube and the amount of power generated are directly related.

Tube types may favor the bulb type, which enhances plasma expansion in the tube, but the electrodes may be a significant contributing factor. Straight leaded glass tubes with Argon gas are adequate in many situations.

Phanotron type tubes with the 4-inch bubble with internal electrodes produce good results.

Gas types are not conclusive, but the use of Helium at pressures of 15 and 75 torr are easy to light and generate good plasmas.

Good results have also been obtained with straight Phanotron tubes with Argon, 6.5 torr and Helium gases, 75 torr.

Argon gas Phanotron tubes is restricted in the power output due to vaporization of the electrodes, which blacken the inside of the tubes. Helium gas does not experience the same tube blackening.

Extended dwell times appear to be beneficial to obtaining good results, but repetitive sweeping of frequencies with dwell times of 1 to 10 seconds has produced good results for bacterial and viral complications. Based on these facts, a research plan can be initiated to determine and confirm these results.

Scans from 37 to 10,000 with a total dwell of 60 seconds has produced some good results.

Many reports have been produced without detailed setup descriptions of the equipment and diagnostic specifications. It is not a matter of reporting how much better one type of device is over another, but the results and description of the device being reported, the setup parameters, and the initial diagnosis of the volunteer.

This discussion is provided as food for thought.

God Bless