Frequency Session Tools and Charts

The Session Log is used to note dates, attendees, reactions, etc, during frequency sessions. It is important to note these parameters when doing research.

At the start of a session, the date is entered on the left and the bank number, attendees, and purpose of the session is noted on the right (use as many lines as needed). If there are hits during the session, the frequencies are entered on the left and the attendee and their reaction is noted on the right.

The Frequency Chart is used to develop frequency sets and is mainly intended for the Resonant Light ProGen function generator. It is very handy to have an enumerated frequency chart when entering banks of frequencies, and it serves as a reference guide for self-programmed banks.

The Frequency Chart includes blocks for up to 50 levels. There is space for a small annotation at the top of each block. The frequency is written below and parameters of the level are entered in the annotation block.

On the ProGen or Hammerhead, for example, the annotation block might include this phrase "CS 5, 30 -->" This would mean that starting in this level and all other afterwards (unless superseded by another annotation) that levels were a Contracting Spread of 5 levels at 30 seconds each (a total of 11 frequencies and 330 seconds). Used without an arrow would mean the parameter was only used for that level. Or, it might include the length of time for a single frequency or pulse rate if these varied during the session.

Other example notations I use for the ProGen and Hammerhead are the following:

SI 9, 10 : Sweep Increasing, 9 Hz, 10 seconds each (total of 10 frequencies run 10 seconds each)

SD 5, 40 : Sweep Decreasing, 5Hz, 40 seconds each (total of 6 frequencies run 40 seconds each)

ES 3, 30 : Expanding Spread, 3 Hz, 30 seconds each (total of 7 frequencies run 30 seconds each)

P1 : 1 Hz pulse rate

P0 : No pulse

--> : All subsequent levels have same parameters unless superseded by another notation.

The Frequency Chart can also be used as a log for single sessions using the Date, Attendees, and Notes sections. These would typically be left blank if the only purpose of the chart was to provide a reference copy of the frequencies in a bank.