Frequency Anecdotes 1997 - 1998


A collection of anecdotes, mostly from the Rife listserver. Two cautionary ones are given first.

Since this file was invented long ago and anecdotes are always added at the end it may be better to read this file from the bottom toward the top since it may yield better freqs for chronic illnesses as well as more current ones for different acute illnesses.


I almost killed myself with my unit when I first was using it.

> I'd like to know this story.

I almost had to get a kidney transplant... I Killed off too much stuff too fast.

I am not kidding when I say it almost killed me...went to doctors, and they could not tell me what I did to myself....

Bottom line: I ran 2127 for something like 5 or 6 hours my first time of running the ran all of Don Tunneys other cancer freqs from the batyah project website...only by the grace of GOD did I live...

If I was working the type of job now, back then I would of been fired...I could not get out of bed except to crawl on my hands and knees to go to the bathroom...I could not sit kidneys felt like a sharp knife was in both of them...

IT HURT LIKE ALL GET OUT...I was in severe pain... Lori was here too and it didnt do a thing to her {which may prove that if you don't have a freq specific target in you, there is no bad effect.}

Monroe from Texas


{Someone with advanced terminal cancer} received the machine in good, working
order and, in his impatience, ran for several hours in just one sitting. As I
understand it, he became toxic showing symptoms of jaundice just shortly before
his kidneys failed which ultimately caused his death, according to his wife.


I don't know how useful this is, but here is a list of frequencies I have gotten the most hits on based on a casual statistical analysis. Might be good for demos. When there is a slash dividing numbers, I consider them equivalent since most have been determined on a Kinnaman with a deviation of 2. I usually use the number in between - for 644/642 use 643, for 800/802 use 801, ...

This list probably changes with the season and even the geographic location. I have gotten a few hits on 776 and 766 lately since I suppose there are some pneumonia-type pathogens going around, and 422, 128, 4412, 732 may be local common roundworm frequencies (in the southeast US where roundworms are common). 2112 causes flushing and fingers tingling since it appears to be a circulation stimulant (like 2489). 422 is the most common hit. It is for strongyloids, threadworms (really the same as strongyloids, but there are separate freqs in the lists), ringworm fungus, yeast, and coxsackie (type of mumps virus). Can make people queasy. 4412 could be sinus bacteria but is only stated in the lists for threadworms, which can inhabit the sinuses. When 676 (heliobacter pylori) is a hit, also try 6766 since it will often also be felt.

120, 128, 422, 644/642, 676, 688/690, 712, 728, 732, 800/802, 1550/1552, 1862/1864, 2112, 4412

As far as people detoxing to freqs, the (new) general parasite set seems to take the cake. (Follow it with the usual antiseptic freqs).

20, 64, 72, 96, 112, 120, 125, 128, 240, 334, 422, 442, 524, 650, 688, 732, 800, 854, 1864, 2084, 5000 (728, 784, 880, 464)

Converting Clark freqs for use on BRG: Preliminary indications are that dividing Clark's freqs by 64 work. Of course, it is necessary to identify a specific pathogen when using Clark's (or Garvy's) list. Dividing by 512 seems to work as well. There is a 1996 version of Garvy's list out there, and it now includes freqs in the 20K-50K range. These can be divided by 8 to convert for use on a BRG. Sometimes, lower frequencies in the same Garvy set equal the higher freqs divided by 8. Further, some of the divide-by-8 freqs equal or are very close to Clark frequencies divided by 512 for the same pathogen (usually the Clark lower range of the pathogen).


cold/flu knocked out using 8700, 7760, 8210 (and 465):

FYI - these frequencies, used for 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes, knocked out fully-developed cold and flu symptoms overnight.

Your milage may vary...

The herb Black Cohosh cleared up the lingering sinus problems in 2 days.

Running the [cancer] frequencies recommended by Don Tunney, in order: 880, 800, 728, 5000, 2720, 2180, 2128, 2008, 6064, 464, 304, and 120 for 3 minutes each.

He also now recommends partner frequencies of 10000 and 3176 to assist in detox and last I read, uses 2184 instead of 2180/2182 plus 2050. I would add 784/787, too.


There was a fellow who came to our Canadian group from Vancouver, who had actually obtained the Lyme bugs from CDC in Atlanta. He also has a live cell microscope and could see what each frequency was doing to the bugs, which gives an additional level of confidence to this one.. He found that 306 was the frequency that destroyed the Lyme ane he used this on his wife and a another person, and cured them both, so I would add that to the list.


In response to silver bullet for Lyme recommendation, my Developer source (who has no computer) says: "There is no one silver bullet on frequencies. One woman used 432 Hz on her son and miracles happened. It did not work for her, but 625 Hz did. Both were infected on same camping trip." "Doug" originally gave list as: 864 or 432; 690; 610 and 610-630 scan; 484 and 484 to 503 scan; and said, "Always run the 610 Hz after the 864 Hz--it lessens the severity of Herxheimer reaction," and later added 480-540 scan, and 765-810 scan.


Hulda Clark's frequencies are given in khz or thousands of hertz. So if you want to know the actual frequency, add 3 zeros to it. So 380 khz (Lyme disease) is really 380000 hz. If you divide that by 440, you get 864 which actually is a frequency that is used for that disease.

Just divide Clark's number by .44 for a faster method. So 380 divided by .44 is 864. Unfortunately, as far as I know, only the frequencies for this disease and blepharisma are proven to work when determined by this method.


From what 'I've heard' and then used the yeast frequencies are: 95, 125, 465 & 784. Perhaps other folks have heard and/or tried others.


We have used 20 666 690 740 1840 800 1550 1600 216 once only on a Rife type apparatus along with colloidal silver, selenium, essential fatty acid, dramatic diet changes and lots of fresh air! Treatment was every other day for four weeks. The person (age 47) was later pronounced clear of TB by three physicians.


Jim, in what situations would you run 5 minutes, what frequencies, what diseases.

I have used 728, 800, and 880 for acute viral( flu- Cold) infections I have had with good results at about 5 minutes each. I would not be using these longer run times in situations where one is trying to eliminate certain types of cells from the body. Could cause too much to break down at once. But long run times may be useful after several weeks of exposures have eliminated some cells and left only the more resistant ones. Jim


Anyway, I will include the ten frequencies that this device (for CFIDS) is designed to operate on, and maybe you will be able to shed some light on this for me -- thanks for your time:

1: 20 Hz
2: 30,000 Hz
3: 465 Hz
4: 727 Hz
5: 787 Hz
6: 880 Hz
7: 1550 Hz
8: 5,000 Hz
9: 10,000 Hz
10: 2128 Hz

These are all timed to last for 8 minutes, and then shut down and move to the next frequency.


What is the frequency for mono?

I have been using 660, 727, and 787, three or four minutes each for Epstein-Barr. These frequencies came from the rcrs site and other places. They have done the job in only one treatment, with either Rife-Crane or Rife-Bare devices.


Bob - I used a "Doug" version of the Lyme machine. If is very powerful, uses a 2000 watt amplifier, and helped my wife immensely. She couldn't even walk around the block, and is now virtually 100%. the frequencies we used were 864, 690, 610, 484, and finally 790, which helped her get over the final hurdle.


Jon - the frequencies for Lyme are 864, 690, 610 (scan 610 to 630 if scanning available) and 484 (484 to 505 scan). These were the frequencies we were originally using, and then Doug told us about 790 +- 5, which seems to get people over the hump. Always use 610 after the 864, it seems to lessen Herxheimer reactions. T


Jennifer, suggest using the LYme frequencies for Lupus to try, as the symptoms are almost exactly the same.
495 +- 10
Always run 620 after 864.


Hi everyone, I got a response from Maverick. I asked what frequencies to use in the event of a strep throat, which a friend of mine's daughter has, and got the 880,787 answer.


My excursion into Bare land started with a setup exactly as Jim describes in his book, verbatium!!! 100% Argon tube.

I had already observed the effect of the zapper to eliminate bathroom mold.

First day: On initial startup I scanned from 100hz to 13,000hz at 100hz intervals to get the feel of operation. Second day: used 120,666,690,727,787,800,880,1560,1840,1998. 3 min each. result: Longstanding (10 yrs) tickle in throat greatly diminished. Third day: Swelling on right gum, sensitive. I used 727,800,880, 1556, 5 minutes each. After 15 minutes, all symptoms gone.

Attempt to use fresh bathroom mold(black) specimen.Could not find black mold between tile. What I did find was now a light brown. Petri dish specimen would not grow. Normally only takes 24 hours at 75 degrees F.

Examination of other petri dishes revealed everything had stopped dead no more growth.

Saliva specimens would not grow!

Presently setting up new area to store specimens and shield them.

By the Way, many many thanks for your posts.


Prostate cancer with mets to liver: The treatment involved three electronic devices. The first was a PFG-100 Rife-Crane paddle type machine. He was to use 666, 690, 727, 2000, 2008, 2100, 2120, 2127, and 2130 hz every second day for 3 minutes each. One paddle was applied to each side of his body at the waist line. On the outside of the left paddle was placed the negative face of a large flat magnet. On the right paddle, the positive side of a similar magnet. For parasites, a few treatments with 20, 60, 81, 120, 125, 440, and 800 hz were to be used.


Try rife freq 304 for bacteria which are not affected by other rife freqs, accord to Claire.


I am using the list of 19 recommended frequencies for the Kinneman, all at 2 min. and "0" deviation (due to Jim's recommendation with this function) To overcome the lack of deviation, I treat myself 3 times per week, Mon, Wed, Fri.

Monday I use (728, 400, 120, 432, 464, 660, 712, 784, 800, 880, 965, 1552, (1488 is good here also), 1862, 2008, 2180, 5000, 9999, 304)

Wednesday, I up the numbers by 8 Hz (except of course 9999)

Friday, I go down 16 Hz from Wednesday, so as to get 8 on both sides of the recommended frequencies.

If I were to have cancer, I would probably go 1 minute to start and go through the range between 2000 to 2200 Hz at a multiple of 8 (like 2008, 2016, 2024, etc.up to 2200) to see which made a change.

I don't know if it is common knowledge, but there is significance to the number 8. If you look at the original frequencies, and also many of the frequencies that have found to "work" you will see much of this. I would like to see many others experiment with the multiples of 8 when doing their tests. For instance just due to the number/multiple of 8 I prefer 464 (yeast) over 465 or 466, both of which I have seen listed from different sources.

Consider these results exceptionally preliminary.

I was able to confirm a MOR on three specimens using audio frequency using aluminum electrodes on a slide adjacent to the 'crown' of a water bubble 1cm wide.

Blepharisma: 3120 Paramecium Caudatum: 4500 Euglena: 3215

Source: Berkshire Biological

In reference to moles changing with use of device I have a pad type unit which includes a manual with lots of frequencies. This manual warns: 1840 & 1910 HZ are known to have serious deleterious effects including stimulation of malignant growths. Also, it warns about possible detrimental problems with freq range 1000 to 2000 HZ.

15.99 (possibly produces ozone in the body). .67 HZ alters outer layer of viruses. And, certain frequencies must be used in sequence with other frequencies to produce proper results. I Erik - There was an article I read some time ago possibly linking ALS with Lyme's disease. If lyme is left un-treated, then the body slowly deteriorates, and ALS like symptoms appear. I would suggest trying the Lyme frequencies, and see if they work out for you. The frequencies are 864, 690, 620 +-10, 494 +-10, and 790 +-5.n other words (ex): carcinoma 727+666+690


Don't know how applicable this is but I have seen a fellow with MS who had an involuntary twitch of the fingers of his Left hand clear almost instantly and not return in over a week after one exposure on 470 Hz.


Last evening I decided to operate it on the pain relief frequency (304). I have had continous pain for many years due to war injuries. I first noticed a "tingling" sensation over my whole body, followed by a great lessening of my pain levels. This lasted all night and I slept more peacefully than for a long time. My wife said that I didn't spend the night "spinning like on a bar-b-que" due to pain causing me to have to turn over constantly to try to be comfortable.


I ran my usual cancer frequencies, and felt no particular relief, so decided to add a few new ones, listening to my intuition as part of the mix. At the end of my session I added these: 20, 421, 965, 50, 383, and had a tremendous improvement. 383 came out of mind, but worked perfectly, the best of the lot, I would say. When a frequency is really working i burp, and I really did, especially with the 383, but for all to some extent. (965 is one i deduced out of the 440 computation-from the pappiloma virus 404), and 50 I got several months ago from a fellow who used it on his wife, who had an old pad machine.


2720 Hz supposedly stimulates the healing regenerative processes


Yesterday we ran a series of frequencies for the following..1550-1500-1489(herpes)(wife active), 464(fungus), 1900(white cells), later daughter in law came over, we ran 4400(sinus infections), mistakenly ran 1500 again also 880-800-728(flu virus). [seemed to work]

All frequencies were ran for 10 minutes at half power on a Palamar elite amp., useing a 90%argon-10%neon, built by Absolutly Neon.


As long as I'm here, I talked to a fellow I know that has lung cancer and isn't currently on the list. He has been using his B-R and said he didn't mind if I post a note to let everyone know what he told me. He had been doing the regular freqs for several weeks which included only a couple of the cancer freqs 2008, 2128, etc. I told him he may see better results if he focus on a range of the carcinoma freqs which some say to be between 2100 & 2200. So this is a list of the freqs he is now running.

728, 2008, 2104, 2112, 2120, 2128, 2136, 2144, 2152, 2160, 2168, 2176, 2184, 2192, 2200, 5000, 9999, 304 all at 3minutes except 304 at 2min. The range from 2100-2200 is in multiples of 8 and there seems to be something to this, that is why I recommended these. The very first time he ran these, he started coughing at 2104, then when the Kinneman changed, to the next freq, it stoped. Then he began coughing again at 2144 and once again it stopped when the Kinneman switched to the next freq of 2152. Then again he said he started coughing at 2184 but this time it was very strong to the point of wanting to stop the machine. And again when the Kinneman switched off of the 2184 the coughing almost immediately stopped.

I told him this was very good news and that he may want to focus on the freqs that gave the reaction. One thing that I thought was curious was that the ones that gave the coughing all end in 4's and are 40 apart each from one to the next. What does that mean? Who knows? but I think it's interesting.


I am doing research on a fellow that has had a brain tumor (2 cm) removed 3 wks ago. To keep from damaging the brain they couldn't remove the roots. Only the mass was removed. B-R session was started 4-4-97. He is diagnosed with Gliobastoma and Multiform Gliobastoma. Sessions have been using Frequencies of 2008, 2128, 2180, 2182, 728, 832, 800, 664, 20.


We have finished the course of treatment for my wife's herpes for this time. The last two times, (every other day), we ran the following... 1500,1498(herpes)- 464(fungus)-1900(white cells)-304(relaxation) I'm happy to say that my wifes herpes lesions have completely gone. AS reported earlier, the pain went away with the first treatment, followed by reduction in size of the lesions, untill they were gone. This took 6 days, compared to 5-6weeks of misery. We are now working on some other problems. My daughter-in-law came over today for a session involving her sinuses and balance. We ran the following frequencies... 5500(general infection)-4400(sinus)-2600(staph)-2000(strep)-880(strep) She called after she got home and reported that when she went outside to play with her dogs(Great Dane, and German Shepard), that she was amazed that she could bend over, move fast, etc. without falling down or feeling dizzy. She will be coming over every other day for further sessions. I'll keep the list posted.


[...] he wrote that the real frequencies are in the 10th, 100th and 1000th harmonics Rife used.


Chronic Eczema -

One person in our volunteer group body was covered from neck to ankles with red irritated dry flaky skin which he said was eczema. This all cleared up during the course of the month even though there wasn't a particular frequency that we used for this. The frequencies we ran were typical of the following - each for three (3) minutes at 90 watts and SWR of 1.3 to 1.5: 10000 5000 2720 2180 2128 880 800 728 664 464 304 120 20 Tube type lead glass filled with 100% argon

Others over the last 10 months have mentioned improvement concerning eczema but nothing' like what we seen with this last volunteer.

We have not had any observable success with psoriasis.


Does anyone have frequencies that work on fibromyalgia?

Some people believe fibromyalgia is a muscular stress response to other inflamatory conditions in the body. If the inflamation is from intestinal candida overgrowth then 464hz should greatly help. If its of viral origin then maybe the other "sickness" frequencies might help; (1550,880,802,787,727,760). Also you could try the "stiff muscles" freq's; 320, 240, 160, 776, 1800, 125, 80, 40, 20.


Interesting enough there are not specific frequencies that we use. Fibromyalgia seems to respond to any of our session settings - typical (but not limited to) is as follows

880 800 728 5000 2720 2180 2128 664 464 304 120 20 each for 3 to 5 minutes


104 hz for turbatrix ( vinegar eels - a nematode)


Fibromyalgia - Seems to respond to all and any frequency we use but these may be the ones influencing most.. 328 304 120

Herpes - 1488 (+/-5) x 15 minutes every day x 10 days. I can't say we kill it but it certainly stays idle for a long time after we run the sessions...(like months).

When I get my rife/bare back we will do another test group - This time for 30 consecutive days. HSV is tough to kill. Cold sores and genital are types 1 and 2 . (I believe their are 7 types of HSV) Perhaps the reason for the difficulty in killing it off is due to it's different shapes which reflect how old it is. We may be only killing off the the active (mature) stain at 1488 and have to wait until the younger virus mature. HSV cannot be identified in the body until it goes active. Sounds like a challange for a Royal Rife type microscope.

Our typical herpes session: 880 800 728 304 each for 3 min 1488 for 15 minutes. We quit using 1550 because with one volunteer it triggered a herpes outbreak.


6000Hz for calming


We have two individuals who show up at our group sessions whenever they are getting a shingles outbreak. I run 664 for 3 to 5 minutes along with whatever the group is needing. Within 12 hours all signs of shingles are gone. Hasn't missed yet. It could be the other frequencies and the EM fields are contributing to the quick result.


Example cancer program proposed for a pad device. I said it looked like the times were much too long to be used all in one session.

An example of one program is as follows: (Cancer program)
2008Hz 15 minutes
2127Hz 15 mins
20Hz 10 mins
465Hz 10 mins
484Hz 10 mins
660Hz 10 mins
727Hz 10 mins
787Hz 10 mins
800Hz 10 mins
803Hz 10 mins
880Hz 10 mins
2008Hz 15 mins
2127Hz 15 mins
5000Hz 30 mins


The frequencies were chosen for the following reasons:
- 2182, 2180, 2050 - in the range that is supposed to help stimulate white blood cell activity
- 1489, 880, 800, 728, 664, 304 - Don Tunney seems to use these as his 'standard' frequencies


That is an important one for me and should be tried on anyone that has lyme. Actually it should be tried even if you haven't been diagnosed with lyme. Something to think about, I had lyme 10 years before it started affecting me enough to go to a doctor. I didn't even know that I had it....

Here's a test that every one should try. Run 20hz then 1520hz for 3-4 minutes each. If you start getting a headache that is on the top and back of the head, or a stiff neck and muscles, then that could be the bug that's giving you problems. The frequency 1520 is for lymphgranuloma.


This is in response to Fred W from 15 Jul 97 "noticed that some people were adding in a bunch more frequencies in the 2000 - 2200 range. So we added 2190 2170 2160 2150 2140 2094"

This group of frequencies are for Sarcoma and Carcinoma cancers. I use a process which I call "scanning" in order to determine what frequencies a volunteer responds to. It is described in my update at

Although this process works more often than not.........CAUTION must ALWAYS be excercised. There is risk of over exposure.... where "kill off" exceeeds what the body cannot detox from.

ANYONE using this process should allow a 14 day detox between uses.

We have success using combinations of the following frequencies. My primary group of CARCINOMA cancer frequencies are 2128 and 2184. My secondary group of CARCINOMA cancer frequencies are 2112 2120 2136 2176 2192 My last group of CARCINOMA cancer frequencies are 2104 2144 2152 2160 2168 2000

Our volunteers attend two sessions a week, Mondays and Thursdays. This gives 3 days and 4 days between sessions. One session may have this cancer frequency list...2008 2192 2184 2128 2120. The next session could be 2008 2184 2176 2136 2128.

CAUTION must also be used in the DWELL TIME a frequency is used. I seldom exceed 3 minutes on any single cancer related frequency.

Hope this helps Don


Outside our "group" sessions I use longer duration or dwell times. For example I use 464 for Candida (5 minutes in group) for 10 minute duration a day for three days. "Thrush" infections clear usually within that time.

880 and 800 - for colds and/or flu - are used each for 10 minutes - as needed

1488 - Herpes simplex - duration of 15 minutes per day. Outbreak disappears in 24 to 48 hours. I have run 1488 for 15 minutes every day for 14 days and the syptoms eventually come back. Our next test will be running 1488 for 15 minutes a day for 30 days.

Excercise caution on large tumors. The larger the tumor(s) the greater the kill off and the greater need for detoxing.



Here in the tropics the humidity and pressures change like a revolving door.

In High is hard to get lit. In low pressure fires right up. But when the Rel. Humidity is above 85% hard to light regardless. It is rarely below 75% so I can offer no viable information. Simplistic but that is how it is here.


This last week I saw something quite remarkable. A fellow with a distinct involuntary Parkinsonian tremor in his left shoulder, arm, and hand ( has been Dx'd with Parkinson's ) had the tremor stop completely when exposed to 6000 Hz for about 10 minutes. The effect only lasted about 10 minutes after the device was turned off . May not be a frequency to correct, but rather a frequency to block the effects of the neurologic damage.



Talked with a fellow today that is treating his son with the device. His son ( 34 years old) has lung cancer and childhood onset diabetes. Had some very abrupt effects on blood sugar levels from the device when running frequencies between 2000 and about 2080. They don't know which one or several caused the effects. His son had shown increased need for his insulin injections after undergoing chemotherapy and has been needing 100 units a day . Current blood glucose levels are (even with 100 IU) up over 300 with 400 being more common.

After running the device somewhere in the 2000 to 2080 range the fellow kept nearly going into diabetic coma from low blood sugar! Sugar levels had dropped in one instance they caught from 400 to 20 ( 80 to 120 is normal). Had seen several of these occurrences before figuring out what was going on.

Bottom line - it may be possible to stimulate the pancreas with the device to produce more insulin.

Frequencies used were 2000, 2003 ,2008,2013, 2050, 2080 .



Someone has tried and found that around 3 MHz there is a much better penetration of the wave than at 27 MHz. Only problem is that you are out of allocated frequency band and would need to fully RF shield the device and its room to keep from creating problems with the FCC.



Plasma tube:

Experiments using 464 or 465 Hz has been successful in getting rid of fungus on or under toenails. Dwell times were 10 minutes per session. Gated mode and a deviation of 4 used for all sessions. Sessions were repeated every 2-3 days for 3 weeks. Condition clears in approx 30 days, except under toe nails. The toe nail requires approx 6 to 9 months to regrow completely new nail. All shoes must be placed in a position to be exposed to the same frequencies to avoid reinfection.

However, athletes foot (Tinea Pedis) does not respond to these frequencies.


Experiments with a Zapper to feet with Fungus on or under toenails was successful in getting rid of condition. Session repeated every 2 days until condition gone.

Topical OTC product:

Did not get rid of fungus under toenails.


I have a colleague using one of my pad devices for fun. He reports a relaxed, calm state (a little like you would feel after meditation or exercise) after using my device.

The frequencies for those who are interested are: 20Hz, 466Hz, 660Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 880Hz, 1500Hz, 2008Hz, 2127Hz, 5000Hz.


Our group has had two volunteers with confirmed shingles - one male age 68 the other female age around 40. Both have a longgggg history with shingles. I used the Rife/Bare in "group sessions" which used such frequencies as 728, 2720, 2128, 5000, 800, 464, 304, 120, 20 for other things and I added 664 for shingles. Both reported the following morning the shingles had disappeared. Both have been back from time to time when they feel shingles coming on. Both do not attend the sessions enough times to see if it could be killed. So my thoughts are - 664 may work for you as well.



This has been replicated 3X now, so for my central nervous system which is very touchy I think it would be safe to say that 6000HZ calms it down, or stops aberrent foci in the brain from firing--whichever. This frq has also "seemingly" helped in the more minor readjustments that I need after exposures, so far so good.

Another report is that 304 which relieves pain in most of the reports I have read causes me to have pain in my legs and then I can't walk. As if the messages from the brain can't get past my hips. I avoid this one now.


throw three cats and two dogs that do not like each other, listen to the snapping, snarling and hissing and then turn to frequency 3.6. They all shut up and act quite docile.


Testing labs say that all ALS-patients have, in their brains, "fasciolopsis bussi" and "borrelia burgdorferi".

In a forum for ALS-patients. A man did a bloodtest that tested for over 200 parasites and toxins. They found 11 different types in his body. (I do not know what types) The lab he used made this statement. Borrelia burgdorferi is the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. It has been my suspicion that ALS is nothing more than un-treated Lyme.

Use the Rife Lyme frequencies of 864, 790, 690, 610, and 484 for borrelia.

If you have a pad device, I assume you can hit Clark frequencies directly.

To hit borrelia and this fluke directly, Clark's book gives 380khz and 434khz. If you divide Clark's freq. by 440 for a theoretical conversion to Rife frequencies, you would use 864 and 986Hz on a Rife device. Considering the "eight's" rule and eximer's reports, 986 may work for flukes and borrelia as well as 484 (484*2 + 8 + 8 = 986). Don't know about the other Rife frequencies. Anyway, it sounds like a good idea to use 986 and 864 along with the parasite and other Lyme frequencies on a Rife device for ALS.


what are the known freqs for diabetes

You could try: 20Hz, 465Hz, 484Hz, 660Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 803Hz, 880Hz, 1850, 2008Hz, 2127Hz, 5000Hz. I think 5000Hz should be used for a long time (perhaps 15 minutes or so.)


has anyone found rife freqences for trichomonas vaginalis,trichinosis or generaly protozoa's . also shept fungus , any info would be much appreciated

The following combination of frequencies should assist. Others may have other (better) suggestions. 465Hz, 787Hz, 20Hz, 465Hz, 484Hz, 600Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 803Hz, 880Hz, 2008Hz, 2127Hz, 5000Hz.

Looking through my lists of frequencies, the Garvey list has the following for Trichomonas: 610, 692, 980

I have the following for parasites in general from one list: 20, 60, 95, 125, 440. Crane states: 120+ 020, 727, 787, 800, 880. My major frequency index has the following: 125, 95, 72, 20, 444 + 1885.


I recently spoke to a local researcher who said she has helped eight out of eight MS patients make major improvement. She has found that 5000 Hz will reverse the disease if used long enough per session. Sessions are 60-90 minutes with paddles on feet and hands. Treatments are anywhere from daily to twice a week. After symptoms are relieved, treatments can be once a week. Digestive enzymes (Proactazyme) are used at the rate of 3-4 per meal at first. Also between meals. Candida, parasites, bowel cleansing, and allergies are also addressed. Lecithin and antioxidants are also used. She believes that 5000 Hz is the most important part of the program. Dick


I had a 3 yr sinus drip dry up for six days continuous and only minimal afterward with one exposure a 3 min each on these frequencies,one session. 1234,120,432,465,660, 712,784,800,880,440,1552, 1862,2008,2128,2082,1865 ,1600,1150.Also, parasites were found in urine samples for a week! Steve.


Prostatitis: Problem is the host for infections can be many different organisms and therefore many different frequencies. What works for one may not work for another. This one worked for me: for 10 minutes. Took a single 10 minute treatment. Found this by spending several days scanning, you may have to do the same. Scanned starting with 1,000 up to 2500. Found that the two above caused irritation at the 3 minute scanning session. So, after completing the scan I went back to those two at 10 minutes each and got results. 2050 appears to have been the one that did the job. Had a slight feeling with 2250 but a stronger feeling with 2050 so went with that one. GF


Multiple myeloma sometimes referred to as Kahlers disease is a hyperactivity of young abnormal (monoclonal) plasmacells causing amyloidosis and hyperproteinemy Treatment should be same as carcinoma i.e. 2128 Hz.


I know he can't clear a head cold in me with his pad device, but I can clear a head cold in others in 24 hours. This week I treated a friend's children, both had middle ear infections, fever and were lethargic. 24 hours later, they were up, bubbly, acting like healthy children and sleeping without interruption.

[What freqs were used?]

The following freq. for 10 minutes each:880, 720, 1550

The following for 5 minutes each: 787, 125, 802, 72, 522, 440

All symptoms were gone within 24 hours.


conjunctivitis 1550,880,787,727,20,80


I have implemented the "pulsing" (signal ON - signal OFF) of the virus/bacteria/yeast frequencies into the use of the Rife/Bare device. This procedure seems to increase the effectiveness of the Rife/Bare device. Just try it on Herpes or Lyme and you will see what I mean. (Thanks Reid)

Have you reached a conclusion of the best rate at which to pulse? Is it a constant?

So far it seems to be 4hz.


A male subject, aged 52, suffering from medically diagnosed Lyme disease for 15 years (pains, stiffness, chills, etc.) was given a 20 minute exposure, holding the glass plasma tubes, one in each hand {a contact device, not a BRG}, to 2,016 Hz and 625 Hz. Two weeks later he phoned to person who had given the treatment to report the absence of all symptoms. It is now almost 6 months later and all symptoms are still absent, after just one treatment. Though anecdotal, it is still food for thought. I had suggested 625 Hz as this was Rife's frequency for syphilus, another spirochete, and I reasoned that it might also be applicable to the Lyme spirochete. What are the medical complementarys ? And what is their success rate ? This patient had previously tried intravenous antibiotics and many other conventional medically suggested methods with no success.


My friend with emphysema really likes 1234 HZ, she says she can take a deep breath after it so we run it longer, also very relaxing!

(It was later found that 3672, then 7344 is more effective than 1234 for this purpose)


<< Last night I seemed to have found a new frequency for the lungs. I was working with the idea of trying the 3rd harmonic of 1234 Hz which would give a frequency of 3702 Hz. This worked some, but a bit of fine tuning seemed to show that 3672 Hz really gave some good effects. Relaxed and opened my lungs very readily. Much better than 1234 Hz. Would appreciate feed back to the list about this frequency.

Yesterday, I included 3672 in our protocal and while I have a head cold and cough at the present time, it did seem to aid me in deep breathing. Subjective measurement I know but plan to leave it in our schedule for Kay's benefit. I didn't mention it, want to see if she picks up on it without prompting.


These are a few frequencies that have been fine tuned over the past couple of weeks of exposures by someone with nausea and lower abdominal cramping. Seem to provide good relief of symptoms for several hours following exposure. 72, 95, 190



Subj: Freqs for diabetes 1. 1850 hertz is effective against the pancreas fluke which is found in most diabetes. Also, 32,000 might be effective in adult onset diabetes. Most diabetics have one or two viruses a fungus and a fluke. Also the liver pancreas pathways are blocked(sometimes the small intestine) Erik Carlin D.C.


If this is part of the same flu that has been going around the last month or two Jim Bare had mentioned a frequency that could be beneficial (in additional to other related frequencies) 7766 Hz.


Cataracts respond to the light from the tube, so holding the dog at the level of the tube about 3 to 4 feet away may help these.


I have had someone with active gallbladder disease tell me 1550 removed all the pain from the area.


Lymphoma is a form of carcinoma, so it will respond the same. I ran 2128Hz &2008 for as long as 1 hr. I found 30min. ea. every day worked. Also every 3rd. day I ran at 1min. ea. 120,250,428,465,600,626,650,661,664,667,690,728,776,784,800,802,832, 880,1489,1550,1600,1865,2000,2012,2100,2170,2490,2730. Running at short times kills new growth, but does not kill the cells that are already there, so you need to run longer.


My wife seemed to be coming down with the flu bad about a week ago. Lymph glands were swollen, headachy, fever, etc. These are the frequencies we used.

All frequencies were for 5 minutes and attempted 100 watt plus forward power on as many frequencies as unit would allow (464 Hz and below dropped a little lower than 100 watts). My wife appeared to be 50% better within 24 hours. We also followed up with ozonated purified water morning for many days afterward. Also large doses of vit c, 2-3 times/day doses of echinacea & golden seal.




Female Doberman, approx 60 Lb.s Age 10 years.
Diagnosis by Doctor Stilwell (0365) Pathologist GMHA Medical Labratory

Diagnosis: Breast parenchyma with malignant mixed tumor and metastatic adenocarcinoma component to areas of breast tissue (both portions) Adjacent lymph node with metastatic adenocarcinoma and foci plasmacytosis.

Classified terminal.

Brought in unable to walk without assistance, swelling to back legs, large area from foot to hip swollen twice normal size.

Frequencies used: 656, 127, 1582, 2127-8, 478, 982, 880, 728, 2134 2120, 9000, 9999, 28.825, 304. No pulser on initial treatment.

Dog barked for first time in one week, stood without help to bark when my cat entered the room. Owner stated....first time in weeks she has stood without acting as if it hurt. Owner stated this is the first time I have been able to touch the tumor area without her acting as if it hurt. Dog shook entire time....reacted to 9000. Owner said they felt flush and began to sweat during exposure, felt nothing other than that.

Animals Prognosis: Terminal. Vet gave two weeks. Began, Shark Cartilage, H202, CS, and R/B. Will report as exposures and treatments. 02-18-98


For parasites, use frequencies 64 to 128 by 8's.


Frequencies chosen to do the task often require a partner frequency to be used to assist in detox. As examples, I always use 10000 and 3176 with any cancer frequency.



I just wanted to report that running 7344 just for 5 minutes along with other cold/flu frequencies seemed to help both my wife and me in breathing most of the night.

I would agree with Jim that it is a better frequency than the 3672 he posted awhile back. Probably just run 7344 and forget 3672 for sake of time in the future. Probably will consider bumping up to 10 minutes next time.

Also, the classic 727 Hz seemed to be a real key frequency for my wife in eliminating runny/stuffed up nose. She could feel it work almost immediately. We ran that for 10 min last session, double what we generally run most frequencies.



***Prostatitis From: GFoye Here is a frequency that worked wonders for me couple months back. Got rid of severe case of prostatitis that I had for several years in one 10 minute trestment. **2050**


From: clete I would like to request input from members on the Rife List concerning the frequency of 1577 Hz for herpes. A VERY rife experienced doctor friend of mine has requested we evaluate this frequency. He is getting fast great results!


Start scanning at 610 and go to 620 in steps of one and each frequency for a period of 5 minutes and see if it has an effect on your sinuses. Caused mine to open. Also 880, 2050, 1520 I can feel the effects.



running the [cancer] frequencies recommended by Don Tunney, in order: 880, 800, 728, 5000, 2720, 2180, 2128, 2008, 6064, 464, 304, and 120 for 3 minutes each.

(Don's list has become more extensive. See turf's electroheralism cancer regimen for a more complete list, as well as using parasite freqs occasionally.)


The tube is an effective if short-lived pain killer, especially at 3000, 666, and 80 hertz. A few minutes exposure at each freq. usually lasts for about 1 - 2 hrs and is often as effective as 10 mg of powdered morphine taken by mouth.


I have found that several persons have been helped, using 2008, for Carpal tunnel and what seems like arthritis. They respond to the freq and after 10 to 15 minutes the response disappears and then they have no more pain or discomfort.


We've tried 5000 (for arthritis) for 3 minutes and felt it immediately - kinda like prickly heat sensation to the medial aspect of the affected wrist, so far no long term effects. But we also use massage therapy as we are in manufacturing which really does a number on our wrists. Carl


The "sunburned" type of reaction is directly related to the Spirochette kill off (Lyme) and is typical with many but not all.



I am recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS] and am attending twice weekly group sessions with a Rife-Bare plasma device. We have used the frequencies 10,000, 660,2127, 787, 464 for CFS plus others for detox,

I don't have all the actual freq handy but look into:

These are just a few we have used

Add 465 to 464 candida Epstein-Barr 660, 727, 787 Strep 784, 880, 875, 885

(I'd probably do lyme after you have run several sessions of above to avoid too much detox) Lyme Strep 784, 880, 875, 885 484, + Reid Smiths recommendation for Lyme 615, 1520, 2050. Kidney 440 Healing and regeneration 2720

Deparasite with herbs and Rife. Follow anti-candida diet Consider Dr. D'Adamos "eat right for your blood type" Consider eating raw garlic (preferably organic) for antibiotic and immune/energy enhancing properties


I spent some time today with Peter Kapetanakos, who runs the SonRidge Health Center at Black Mountain, N.C. John Garvey founded this center. At present John Garvey is working in St. Augustine with another center with the same name. (They hope to open several of these health centers.) Peter talked about H. Clarks theories concerning cancer and was quick to point out that he did not subscribe to ALL of her theories, but he stated that he had found a 90% correlation in his patients with cancer and their having flukeworms. As many of you know H. Clark believes that there is a DIRECT correlation between isopropyl alcohol, flukeworms, and cancer. I am convinced that the SonRidge Health Center has developed a method to determine the frequencies needed for treatment for EACH patient. Peter gave me the following freqs. they use to kill the flukeworm....... 143, 275, 676, 763, 524, 854, 945, 651, 435, 15244 Hz.


Stiff elbow which limited motion (rheumatism) of arm tingled, then felt almost immediately better with 776. After three sessions (spread over 1 month), condition never recurred.


My brother in law sugessted that I try 37,000 . I had no idea my device would even go that high! This burn on my face, has this huge mass, as I told you before. It became very apparent, after I wrote my last post about it, that it was a mass of Cold Sores-- way away from where they normally break out! Wow! I even had one woman tell me she thought it was shingles, as it looked like it was migrating into the eye. I was really scared. I have run all the herpes frequencies, but tried the ultra high one. Other than it being nearly impossable to get it to stay on it at that high freq., the loadstar did perform, and Low and behold, it seems to have killed the coldsores. What is more unusual, is that it typically has hugh lumps under my chin, and infront of my ears, and little glands that swell unbelievably large when I get these cold sores. They stay that large till all the coldsores are healed up. ( Never have been able to figure out what it is, perhaps just custom lymph glands that no one else has. ) Anyway, they are almost reduced in size to slightly larger than normal, and the coldsores are drying up, and looking MUCH better. My eye area is still puffy, but it looks less likely to spread, and the virus area looks like the life of it is gone. Just wondered if anyone has ever tried these super high ones.


I also found (in my specific case) the high 700 & 800 & low 900 series causes severe problems with osteoarthritic joints in a couple fingers. I know this isn't supposed to happen but that is my case.

{I think this is immediate detox caused by killing bacteria. I would recommend doing a round of antiparasitic freqs followed by the general antiseptic ones for long periods.}



Thorasic arthritis frequencies provided by Jude:

120 for 20 minutes; then 727, 787, 880, 1550, 1664 for 3 minutes each; then 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 and 10 for 3 minutes each; then 1.5 for 10 minutes.

I use an old fashioned frequency generator with the feet submerged in distilled water with colloidal minerals added.


Monroe's freq report for chest problems:

20 was okay
72 hit hard
333 felt it in the upper chest where I wanted I will add that
to my freq list
452 chest lungs-in the middle- not high and not low at 1min it moved up
to the bronchitis area- GREAT!
464 not much cause I run it alot.
683 chest generally all over the lungs-in the bronchial area too Good!


I have recieved a letter from a Dr. in France that has used the device successfully on someone with Hepatitis C. The following is his protocol and results. I had to use a translator program to go from French to English and will paraphrase his findings.


Exposure times were only at lengths of 90 seconds to 180 seconds per frequency. Longer exposure times seemed to have no effect.

The patient was a 48 year old man with Hepatitis C. Prior to treatment , Transaminases in October 1997 were 132 and 269, Gamma gb was 47

Treatment began in December 1997 for 6 weeks, 1 to 2 times a week. Results of treatment were that transaminases dropped to 42 and 96, and Gamma gb dropped to 20. His patient was able to work without fatigue and felt very normal. The patients blood was rechecked in April 98 and found to be holding prior values.

The frequencies that were used: 728,166,224,317,727,787,880, and 2189.

Hopefully this will work for others just as well.



From Sat Jun 27 13:08:01 1998

Has anyone out there used rife tech for mono? My wife is relapsing from a bout in April and we are really hoping to shorten it this time.<

Good results with as little as one treatment with both R/B and pad devices using 660, 727, 787.



All this talk of higher harmonics --- I was talking to someone who experiments a lot with the higher frequencies, and they said it was amazing how often that 39,999 is indicated to help the condition they are working on ! They said in their research, it was probably the MOST often used frequency they had!


Al called me tonight and this is essentially what I told him. A cancer tumor has a very good blood supply. As the tumor breaks down it often will bleed. One fellow had a tumor behind his eye and about 1 to 2 hours after an exposure he would bleed from his eye socket. Let me tell you he was more than a bit concerned the first time this happened.

In observing the small skin cancer on my arm similar effects can occur. But the bleeding was almost microscopic. Small ( ~.1mm) raised active areas of the tumor would tend to cavitate from the center and then bleed forming a very small scab within 24 hours of exposure.

At this time the skin cancer is just about gone, but have an experiment or two to try first so have stopped exposures.

If he is spitting up blood an hour or so after the exposure then the device is certainly working. What he needs in a couple of weeks is a comparison X-ray or if possible a scan to see what is really going on.



I have heard from the gentleman from ConjurLtd that with spirochetes taken from under the teeth, as soon as you turn the device on, they clump together. He felt that this would change the MOR, so he always started with the highest frequency and worked towards the lowest, which in this case I think was 432.


A friend very much into frequency uses for many years has indicated that she found that it was important to go from the highest frequency used to the lowest frequency, then end the session with 465 Hz. High to Low, then 465 ...


I recently sold my Bare-Rife device to a couple who gave it to their veterinarian. Last night I was over at the veterinarian's place, going over how to use the device, best way to light the tube, etc.etc.etc.

So there we are, trying different frequencies, turning it off, turning it on, leaving it on for long periods of time while we talked...

During one of the frequencies, 880 Hz, she mentioned that she really felt it, "ompf", in her lungs. And we talked and talked and didn't keep track of the time while this was running. Eventually she said that she felt better, that she didn't feel it in her lungs anymore. (At one point I told her that when people felt pain during the cancer frequencies, I thought that this was indicative that they had cancer... but I didn't think about why she felt 880 Hz so hard in her lungs... oops.)

I went back there tonight, and found out that she had nausea, head-ache, etc., like a really bad hangover, this morning, that cleared up by noon.

This evening, she mentions that she'd had some sort of chest infection for at least the last year or so, that caused her pain when she took a deep breath. This evening, for the first time in a long time, she can take deep breaths without pain.

Cool. But I wish she had mentioned this before the first session. I worry about having someone react like Monroe did after some of his long sessions (kidney's sore for days).

If I had known that she was sick, I would have been keeping track of time. Running a frequency until the person no longer feels it and no longer feels discomfort is one way to try and kill off a pathogen in one session, but I prefer the slow and gentle approach. (It isn't so hard on the liver and kidneys.)

If you are showing off a Bare-Rife device, or are having a session for a pet (cat/dog/etc), make sure that you ask the humans present if they have any problems, so that you know what they might react to...



Before running a full session for, say, cancer, I have scanned through the 2000-2232 range by 8s at 1 minute to see which would be felt, then used those freqs which were felt in the full set. About half the time, the one that was felt in the 1 minute scanning will be felt again in the 3 minute slot. However, few of these scanned frequencies are ever felt again after the 4 minutes it gets run that session.

Should I be adding ones that were once felt into the full session even if they are no longer felt?

In my humble opinion, yes. Try this, stay off those freq for a day or so and go back and see if you once more get a "hit" Of course "feeling" isn't the only way to know. Sometimes just following the protocol you accomplish things also that are less dramatic, but promote overall more well being! 4392 gets me and then later in the day, nothing, then 3 days later it hits again. I need to do this everyday, feeling or not! Sometimes it takes repetition and then scanning around by 8's like you are doing. I have even scanned by 1 hz when I know I am in the right area and done each one 3 mins and if felt 10 mins or until the feeling subsides. This works for me and the people that come here. Once more I relate the 10 minutes as the time it takes the immune system to mount a response and then accomplish the task as in allergy testing and other "challenges" of the immune system.


Psoriasis - 2180, 2128, 2008, 1552, 880, 800, 784, 728, 664, 304 The person that reported this to me says that he has helped people dramatically with this series of frequencies. In one case, the person had Psoriasis from childhood and it cleared in four sessions.

Multiple Sclerosis - 5000 - 30 minute exposure Alternate days or exposures - use the new protocol for Hepatitis C 45 second exposure on each of the following frequencies 728,166,224,317,727,787,880,2189 Do not use 5000 with the alternating freq list.



I have had very good results with chronic fatique by using the Epstein-Barr frequencies 2127 465 660 666 690 727 787 880 1550, along with the frequencies for parasites. I noticed that some of these frequencies were not included in the list below, so you might want to add them. Also, Stone Free has helped considerably in lessening the detox reactions.



Maybe it's caused by bacteria, virus' and parasites. The drs. thought I had MS. They then diagnosed me as having lupus, epstein-barr, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatique. The frequencies for parasites, candida, lyme, and epstein-barr have just about eliminated my symptoms, and I've only been using them for 2 months!



Several have requested the freq.. protocol I am using on my friend who is diabetic and has a bad infection in the foot.

Here they are: 1865, 1550, 802, 787, 465, 444, 125, 95, 72, 48, 304.

These are run , along with the wound healing frequencies:

800, 727, 220, 190, 80, 20, 1.2

I started using these at 5 min. each. The detox was too great and I backed the time down to 3 min. each. I will go back to 5 min. as soon as the detox subsides.

Jim suggested 2000-2200 range to promote circulation. So I am using a sweep of 20 min. from 2000-2200, before starting the other protocols. I now plan to alternate sessions between burst and constant on, from this point on.

UPDATE: After last night session, redness, edema, and soreness are reduced significantly. Skin is sloughing off of infected areas. No detox after last session. Friend is really amazed, as M.D. had told him the toe would have to come off if infection could not be stopped. He now is in a quandary, as to tell the Dr. about the treatment or not.

This has been the most dramatic demonstration I have seen as to the efficacy of the R/B unit in the treatment of disease. IT WORKS.



The frequencys 615 and 1520 works for me. It does the same thing that the antibotics do, they open my sinuses.



I have had used with a lot of success the following frequencies for prostate cancer. 20,60,72,95,125,666,727,787,790,800, 1998,2008,2127,2128,2217,5000,304. in that order.Hope this helps, feel free to email me if you need more info, kind regards Glen.


It was reported to me that a male, 80+yrs, had a cancerous tumor im his esophagus next to the sphincter at the stomach opening was scheduled for surgery.

A relative gave him a Zapper for the pain. He used the Zapper because food passing by the tumor was very painful. Upon examination by his doctor in a pre surgery examination, it appeared the tumor had shrunk signficantly ewnough that they did not perform the surgery. He also was also pain free.



The R/B unit did a great job in eradicating the infection in the foot of my friend with diabetes. I had posted the initial protocol and parameters earlier this month on the list. We continued the protocols during this past week, and observed daily improvement in the foot. The patient returned to the Dr. Friday, who pronounced him cured, and wanted to see him in 6 weeks for a follow-up. Three weeks ago, they were talking amputation of 2 toes. I did make one revision in the protocol this week: Attached a TENS type conductive pad from the foot to the ground lug on the tuner. This very definitely increased the "feeling" response, as Jim could detect several frequency changes and reported feelings of warm, tingling, and some minor pain associated with using the pad. Earlier this week, I increased total treatment time to about 1.5 hours of exposure. This caused a slight detox reaction that night, but had gone the next morning. It really makes it worthwhile to see an outcome like this. One area that I believe needs investigating more is direct coupling to the body. I am still not sure that we are using the best coupling technique, at this point.

Good Rifing, Bob


"I am relatively new to the R/B scene and would like to here from those who can specifically say the unutterable, namely that they have seen the R/B machine CURE cancer",

Response from Donald Tunney

Doctor Bare and I have said for the past two years the RifeBare will not CURE cancer ---but it will bring about remissions. It will shrink tumors and stop the progress of the cancer if the correct frequencies are used and the device is built, tuned and used properly.

I say there is no cure for cancer whether it be by use of ANY device or by way of Conventional or complementary Medicine. That being said, Cancer can be put into remission by use of some of the above mentioned. Further, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I strongly suspect blood type and/or life styles play a major role in obtaining remission and in avoidance of certain illnesses.

We have lost a number of people with cancer despite using the RifeBare device. However, this fantastic device has many additional benefits as well. It will reduce pain, increase energy, assist with better sleep, build up immune systems, make one more focused - these are some of the benefits that come immediately to mind. It certainly improves the quality of life before death (if death is inevitable). If I were in that situation I would be using it.

Families of RifeBare users have reported: Examples: Vern from Victoria BC Canada said his wife (with a very rapidly advancing lung cancer) was doing fantastic right up to the day before she passed away. One evening Judy noticed she spat up a little blood so went to the hospital. They determined hemorrhaging in the lung, got this under control and kept her in for observation. The next night in hospital she passed away in her sleep.

Bill, having prostate cancer asked his wife for toast for breakfast, went in for a shower where he had a heart attack and died instantly. His friends could not believe he died as he acted as nothing was wrong. His wife says he was feeling better than he did in years. The end came so fast.

I have many reports like this. Perhaps when God wants you even the RifeBare can't save you but it can make your remaining life much more comfortable. Just remember many current users of the RifeBare device are still alive because of using it. If there is a weakness in using this device it is not within the device itself but in the determination of "what are the correct frequencies for my condition." One day there will be a useable and available science for determining correct frequency use.


There is growing support confirming a BX and BY cancer virus. We have supportive evidence of this at this year's Rife Conference. A guest speaker will show a recent video taken at an optical magnification of 20 thousand (20,000) showing the BX and BY. It has been reported to me that a working Hybrid Rife microscope exists and is active in research for the past few years. The Hybrid was built using a set of Rife's original quartz lens. (which is from one of the existing microscopes that have them missing). I will see this for myself when I go to California next week.


Cancer is an effect. Something else causes the cancer. Until we address the root cause of the cancer it will in all probability come back. It may be two weeks, two months, two years but it will keep coming back unless the root cause is fixed. Some folks manage to make the change(s) to bring this about. When they go back to the old ways - the cancer comes with it.


Back pain - 9.3, 9.4, 9.6, 7.6, 7.7, 3, 0.5, 727, 728, 776, 784, 787

Coughing - 522, 524, 525, 146, 1500, 1550, 0.5, 522, 514, 530, 525, 146, 432, 440, 444, 720, 1234, 3702, 20, 125, 72, 95 522, 20, 7.7


Since jan 1997, I have used a simple Hulda Clark Zapper myself and others to successfully get rid of abcesses, root canal infections, and abcessed gums. I have also used a Rife/Bare device successfully for the same purposes. I have never used colloidal silver, but that is not to say it wouldn't work. I do know that most of the conditions dissappeared in about 1 hour.

For the Zapper I used a 6 inch stainless steel rule that can be bought at most hardware stores. I wrap the rule with clear scotch tape. on one end I use an alligator clip to attach a wire from the Zapper. the other end, I remove some tape to expose one side of the rule, so that it can be placed on the infected area in the mouth. Either the gum or the tooth or both can be contacted to effect the operation. In the case of cavities within the tooh, a dentist needs to be consulted.

For the R/B unit, all one needs to do is to sit within 5-6 feet from the tube and run 728, 787, 880, and 1560 Hz for 10 minutes each. Most symptoms will subside within the exposure time. This can be repeated for the following 2 to 3 days. In every case it has been reported to have been successful.



3672 appears to be valuable for breast cancer


Frequencies I have listed for pappiloma, which is often a factor in warts, are 404, 466, 110, 767, 917

If these don't work, use roundworm and fluke frequencies.


Having recently incorporated the young and wormus mods,I ran some frequencies from the list for candida; 20,60,95,125,225,414,427,465,727,787,880. For the following day I experienced a distinct relieving of sinus pressure,which repeated my experience 6 months ago when using a zapper set at 20,727,787,880. Funny I should have the same response from different equipment ;contact/non contact,


Fruit Flies - 2167Hz


I decided after reading an article to give 3.9 HZ a shot. It has been reported that you can tame enraged cats and/or dogs with this freq. I experienced what I had initially expected with 14 HZ at 3.9. While under the 3.9 influence, it seems to disassociate the thought portion of the brain with the reactive part. In other words you could think of things which would normally produce a psycho-somatic effect, and have none. I also felt extremely relaxed.


I was just reading a book which reported on all kinds of medical research and studies.

It said:on page 379

"The pineal gland has been known to be an organ sensitive to magnetic fields. Application of magnetic fields has shown to alter melotin secretion. This study evaluated the effects of external, artificial, weak, magnetic fields in a Parkinson's patient with severe levodopa - induced duskinesias. The weak magnetic field applied at a frequency of 2 Hz and intensity of 7.5 picotesla for a 6 minute period resulted in a rapid reduction of Parkinson disability and almost complete resolution of dyskinedias. The effect lasted 72 hours. ..."

Reference: "Magnetic Fields in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease" Sandyk, Reuven et. Al, International Journal of Neoroscience 1992, 63:141-150. Reuven Sandyk, M.D., Msc., Department of Medical Physics, Democrition University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis, Greece.

In another article it said 50 Hz caused an increase in micro nuclio production. Also it said 50 Hz reduced Melatonin production.


I have found that unsupervised use of the R/B can be dangerous and can simply lead to frustration by seriously ill persons. I have seen them run for up to 40 minutes in a supervised situation with excellent results. I have recommended Tunney's protocol to the average person, becauser in most cases they are unsupervised.


You used to recommend going long periods on the two cancer frequencies 2008 and 2128 (work up to 1/2 hr on each). Last I read, you were more inclined toward Tunney's regimen which has lots of frequencies. Was this mainly because of detox problems or did you come across a case that did not respond to the two main ones?


There is still a very undefined area with respect to the frequencies. Their order, time of exposure, and frequency of exposure. Everyone that I know has sort of an intuitive or gut feeling as to how it should be conducted. I have not found no two to be the same. If there was some way that we could find a protocol that everyone could use and be successful, it would be of a great help.

The physical condition of the person greatly effects the progress and outcome. Yet there are those who for what ever reason will not reveal everything. I suppose maybe its embarrassing to them to reveal such intimate details.

I think that you are certainly making progress and maybe we should put our heads together and set up some protocols.

Some persons run through the numbers like they are playing the LOTTO! I frankly don't like to have long sessions with numerous freqs. It is difficult to determine just what is producing what reactions.

I think that freqs in the KHz as the past has shown need to be explored to be able to pinpoint specific microorganisms.

The use of large numbers of freqs generally produce Detox, but I have found that experiencing Detox is like a person who feels the Wave. It doesn't necessarily mean the the target microorganism is effectively being killed off.

Opportunistic conditions and associative contributors are certainly important in the over all picture, but specific MORs of specific cancers is equally important.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer are two most difficult cancers to deal with. If you find you can successfully work with these, reduce tumors, or even eliminate them, then you have achieved where many have failed.

I would say yes to you question. Ther are other freqs that are necessary to deal with the opportunistic and associative contributors that complicate the restoration of one's health. The problem as I sees it is which ones need to be run. Maybe there is a protocol that includes them that could be run on all volunteers to effect a successful program. Is is certainly worth a try. Your summations of various frequencies is a place to start. Now if we could put common terms along with them that the novice could follow, it would be a great break through.

Since we have no diagnostic devices or procedures to speak of, they would enable one to approach the problem without requiring diagnostics.

I think you have healped many with your summations.

Many persons do not have the medical background or understanding to be able to properly use all the frequencies. A laymans' list would be of tremendous help!

Keep, up the good work!



You are wise in being cautious when they Detox easily!

If the guy does not have an active cancer, it won't bother him to run the cancer freqs. However, if the cancer is active, it would benefit him. As far as parasites, it is surprising at the number od persons who have them. Some parts of the country seem to have more than others. Also, the type of parasites can be common to an area.

I would suggest increasing the time for the cancer freqs over a period of time to assure that no adverse reactions inadvertantly pop up.

I had a guy that had something on his lung. I told him I didn't think it was cancer, because of all his symptoms and responses. His Dr told him to cut it out and he submitted. Guess what? It wasn't cancer, but they took the upper part of his lung for good luck! I called it malpractise!

Generally, as a person continues to engage in the R/B, they experience improved health and the real culprits begin to show up!

Some persons experience certain pathogens that seem to travel around their body in an attempt to get away.


I have been playing around a bit in the 6000 range of frequencies looking for useful anomalies. Think I have found two new frequencies of interest.

6130 - I found it was impossible to worry, or concern myself about anything while this frequency was running. I could still get mad, feel happy and such, but I couldn't worry.

6170 - This frequency seems to make one forgetful , it is semi hypnotic - mental processes didn't function too well.


I have some interesting news.... on aug. 14 my daughter in law, age 20, was diagnosed with MS. While waiting for my BR parts to arrive( left coast still has my power supply), I built a modified clark style zapper and a electromagnetic lymph cleanser. The zapper was used as often as possible while monitoring detox reaction... strange thing is, mild detox symptoms were present for 3 weeks even though we followed all recommended precautions including 1 gallon of parsley tea, made with distilled water, per day. Something was getting killed by this toy zapper. When reaction subsided, we added lymph cleanser to the program and continued with parasite program.

Back in august, Initial tests including MRI indicated lesions on the brain, loss of strength on one side of body, and 99% chance of MS... doctor visit yesterday revealed a totally amazed slack jaw doctor with a clipboard... absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. although the lesion is still visible, there is no increase in size and no other symptom.... at all. I was tempted to tell my story but given the fact I had to remind the doc. that they should test for lymes, to which she replied " I wasn't aware that lymes was a problem around here".. well, I personally know 5 victims of lymes and must drive 30 miles to get out from under the pine trees..hmm, what I mean to say is I owe all my knowledge to lurking on this thread and I hope this story will be an inspiration to MS victims who are under the conventional care of pharmaceutical companies.. I'm becoming aware of the different types and theoretical causes of MS and am not suggesting this as a cure for all but isn't it amazing? What percentage could be cured this way, and how would it affect the wheel chair business? I have finally used my powers for good... kiddin.

we will continue with this treatment indefinitely so If any one is interested, I'll post a history including all test results and dates. Meantime, thanks to all of you and keep on rifeing, I know I will If I ever receive my power supply.

Thank you all,



Here is something that was shared recently that might be of use;

Where I had written earlier about dissolving the fibrin sheath around cancer cells to enable the immune system to see them and attack them, this person wrote; << s I have read your post with considerable INTEREST. I am aware of that little protective shield that the cancer cells build around themselves. Now what you propose, is one approach...but just like a coin has 2 sides, there's also ANOTHER, and maybe less RISKY approach.

There is a product available at most HEALTH STORES, which breaks down that sheath, leaving the cancer cells vulnerable to attack by the healthy cells. It is called BIO CITRUS PECTIN.

It is put out by KAL. There have been promising reports, of results obtained by using this product.

Suggest you scout around a little and dig up some printed info...if you have any trouble, then contact me, and I'll ask my friend at the health store if he has literature.

He told me about it, and I've been using this product for nearly 3 months. I'll know shortly, when I get back results of a 2nd biopsy, whether in fact it accomplished what I anticipated...In the meantime I can tell you my PSA dropped from 10.5 down to 0.5 in 3 months!


A friend of mine with Mitro Valve Prolapse just told me that without a doubt that 81 and 162 set his heart a flutter for two weeks.Seems quite clear here that resonance is the effector, where and how I leave to another researcher. The autonomic nervous system is generally electrical in nature and the wave will effect it.On the other hand he has had many benificial effects with mineral absorbtion and infections. Dave T.



Try 250 - seems to have positive effects at least on the lungs with this stuff. I think the infection started in some of the flu shots that have been given. I know a person that started with this right after he got his flu shot. So far the 250 seems to be only helpful to the lungs, infection still goes on.



Were you using the lung carinoma frequencies in addition to the 2184, 2048, 2008, 2128 series? (462, 852, 1582 are Garvy freqs, 2104, 2144, 3672 may also be good).

[For lung cancer] Sequence is as follows 666, 728, 760,784,800, 802,880,1550,2000,2008,2120,2128,2150, 2180, 2280,7344

Exposure to 2120 is felt very strongly, 3040 seems to have a very strong effect too. The 1340 for fibrous tumors caused a fit of coughing and soreness in his chest. 250 relieved and relaxed this situation.

All freq for 3-4 min each. 2128 up to 20 minutes then a few minutes up and down from that on 4 frequencies generally between 2126 and 2132. This will vary from session to session.

Will try out some of the Garvey freq's and see what happens.



cold/flu knocked out using 8700, 7760, 8210 (and 465)

FYI - these frequencies, used for 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes, knocked out fully-developed cold and flu symptoms overnight.

Your milage may vary...

The herb Black Cohosh cleared up the lingering sinus problems in 2 days.


Since there are many new members to this list each month, I occasionally send info about a possible overlooked cause of illnesses. Mycoplasma incognitus can cause many various diseases and it is hard to identify and "cure".

There is some respiratory illness going around the southeast and I am still trying to figure out what it is. There is some relief from respiratory and sinus frequencies but not lasting. It may be that extended run times or frequent rifing is required, but when you run 30 freqs at a time, this is difficult. I have personally hit on 766 and 776 a couple times in my nose lately, which are pneumonia freqs. And I have had a bit of on and off coughing and some nasal congestion and I'll take a couple doses of CS (2oz) and goldenseal (3g) and occasional doses of a homemade cold formula (yarrow, elderflowers, echinacea ang root, thyme, etc) and I am cured for 48-72 hours.

I recently talked to a nurse practitioner who said they have seen a lot of respiratory illness lately and although they do not know what it is, they suspect a type of mycoplasma pneumonia. I have tried a single myco pneum freq (688) with my other sets but not had any hits on it. I will try a full set tonight and see how it does. The freqs for it are 688, 975, 42267, 777, 2688. (To convert 42267 to BRG range, divide by 8 or 64 (or 16,32) to yield 5284 or 660.) Although Kleb's pneumonia is typically serious, it's frequencies may help as well - they are 412, 413, 766, 840, 47768 (746), 48956 (765), and 49857 (779). Plus, the 766 from this set is the one I have hit on lately, and I have recently had a few hits on 414 (on Kinnaman deviation 2. so covers 412, 413) in the nose lately, too.

For viruses, and perhaps mycoplasma for all I know, since they mutate all the time, different freqs are required. This is amply demonstrated when looking at the lists with their large number of flu frequencies depending on the year and type. I don't know how the phenotype of viruses typically change when they mutate - they could change dramatically and so would the frequency, but I would try running freqs of +/- 5 hz for viral illnesses which are suspected and the (potentially old) freq in the list is not effective. One set I saw for Flu 97-98 contained 6.8, 440, 2008, and the Garvy list says that Flu 98 is 47789 (747), so these may be good to try, too.


Rhabdomyosarcoma: Hits in the 2000-2200 range have been on 2004, 2028, 2032, 2060, 2008, 2093, 2048. This is for embryonal rhabdo (there are 4 types). It is being attempted to procure a sample of this type of tumor so that the exact frequencies for it can be determined at Garvy's clinic. This person had a CT scan 6 weeks ago and spots were seen on the lungs. This would be the third recurrence, and treatment would not be possible (6-12 months to live). This is a guy who sat in on cancer sessions about once per week, but they were all for carcinoma. Since he was doing it for maintenance, none of the specific sarcoma freqs were attempted to be found until the spots were seen on the CT.

After this, sarcoma scans were run and the ones above determined. These were run with fluke sets since he was the one who expelled all the flukes at the beginning of the year (and even though he been exposed to many fluke freqs in the other sessions he sat in on.) 6 week scan done on Friday showed that the spots were almost resolved - 2 left and they were almost gone. One MD said the spots could have been a very rare, and supposedly serious lung infection. And the person had been coughing on and off for the 6 weeks. The coughing was worse on Friday than it had been during most of the six weeks, yet the spots were resolved. It was then determined that there was a sinus infection causing the coughing, even though he had rifed a lot for sinus and lung infections, too, and all discharges were clear. He was given a new type of prescription antibiotic/antiviral (zithromax or somesuch brandname) and the coughing stopped completely by the next day. He was also taking bromelain/vitamin C/pantothenic acid combo (ET Bromelain Plus), IP-6, and Enzymatic Therapy Calcium Magnesium Kreb's Cycle Chelates, plus potassium and Stone Free after rifing and occasional doses of cat's claw, pau d'arco, suma, turmeric, ginger, fennel seeds, goldenseal, colloidal silver, and essiac.


Back in early 1997 I had discovered that the black mold that I used for some R/B research disappeared 100%.

Today there is no trace of any mold in the bathroom.

I don't exactly know which freqs did the trick, but I would recommend the following:

Use 5-10 minutes each for several days or until all mold turn light brown.

#1 727,787,880,1560 #2 120,666,690,727,1840,1998 #3 80,120,400,500,560,600,622,625,660,666,90,740,776,784,87,80 0,998,1500,1550,1570,1600,1800,1840,2000,2008,2128,2489


================== Protocol used for child with Rhabdomyosarcoma:

2000, 2005, 2008, 2016, 2048, 2084, 2093, 6024, 2100, 2128, 2127, 2184, 2217, 6384, 728, 784, 880, 464.

Parasites: 120, 128, 422, 644/642, 676, 688/690, 712, 728, 732, 800/802, 1550/1552, 1862/1864, 2112, 4412

Kinnaman: 4Hz, 2Hz Dev.

Dwell time initiated at 1 min each and progressively increased 1 min each as Detox subsided or ceased.

Discovered stringy worms in diapers.

Discovered another very large tumor on the back of upper thigh at least two inches long and one and half wide. by the middle of the next day it appears to be about half that.She seems to be feeling fine.

Large tumor on back has shrunk, where back is now flat. Tumor under chin has also shrunk signficantly.

I will pass on the latest freqs, 5476, 4445, 2586.

Do you know how what devices Garvey's clinic uses to determines the freqs?

I will post you as soon as I get the latest.



This morning woke up with one of those scratchy throats and achy foggy symptoms that I have come to know and love so much....oh boy another cold coming on....

Late in the morning ran the general pathogen freqs and then included 766, the one that Turf mentioned last Thursday (Nov. 5) in his post about mycoplasma pneumonia.

As 766 started running I could feel first a distinct tingling in the back of the throat, almost exactly like the feeling when one takes a good dose of echinacea tincture. The feeling spread to the roof of the mouth and then over to both sides. As the tingling increased the scratchiness decreased.... This has to be the most valuable 10 minutes spent in a long time!

The sore throat is GONE, head is cleared out....thank you Turf.

With regards, Char


--------We have run as many as 5 RB's at the same time in our shop with no negative affects but there definately is a major enhancement of the signal.

Running at different freqs or the same? I have considered running one device at varying freqs and one at a major cancer freq, like 2128 or 2008, but been scared because of one of the anecdotes in the Frequency Anecdotes file. Many of the dire warnings that were predicted in the early days, though, have not been borne out, and I suppose the stricture against using two devices at the same time in one. In other words, now I won't be too wimpy to give it a try.

--When we run the RB's in the shop they all run the same frequencies simultaneously to prevent an unknown reaction.

When I run using "stereo" and wanted to address (for example) 2128 I run one unit on 2126 and the other on 2130. It appears we "may" be getting the frequencies in between as results appear better than just running on 2128 from a single RB for those 3 minutes.

I ran this proceedure for about a week until I had to give up my second unit and get it out to someone - so this is all inconclusive yet very encouraging.

I would try 2128 and 2008 at the same time. "If" something does not feel right while testing it on yourself then don't use it but I do not believe there will be a problem.

My best Don Tunney


I can't say much about my experience with microscopes except for the obvious in James Bares video. I do know that I've seen 60hz fields killing all kinds of things even people. I have fish tanks where the alge is killed in a pattern the shape of the tube. One night I was trying to kill off a pneumonia and the next dav there were hundreds of dead carpenter ants. Strangely they were all under the table where the device was sitting. I have done parasite frequencies on my dogs and one had worms come out. My deaf Dalmation has senses I dont even understand as I see she now hears selective frequencies. My birds caught a desease, one died the other two went from near dead to healthy overnight. There are so many more incidences I have to stop. It seems to me that I could show many killings if I just did a study. I'm waiting impatiently till IR/B-1 starts picking up in sales so that I may purchase a scope. Mabe you can give me a good price on yours since it doesn't work, just kidding.

The carpenter ants were killed using basic frequencies plus mycoplasmal frequencies. I've also seen my fish tanks lose there natural bacteria and have problems with dseases. I've had a definite sensation in my eustation? tubes from the Phanatron which I could feel vary in intensiy when the modulation control was varied. the modulation control was added to IR/B-1 when I noticed that the intensity and spikes increased as current varied at the tube. The sensation was only felt when I was at the front of the tube at 24" distance. Seems I have also seen yogert not culture when I was running the tube. 10k workes great at attracting mosquitos, Dave.


The Schumann resonance is 7.83 can be felt, is very relaxing and blocks other garbage frequencies....for instance, if you are working on your computer....will help override it.


This is an update on my R/B treatment for Renal Cell (Kidney) Carcinoma.

In my last posting on October 06, 1998 I detailed what I have been doing to treat my cancer. The result was "no change" when I got the result of the Cscan. I have recently received the results of a PET scan which shows any cancer activity in the whole body. The enlarged lymph node and spleen are no longer cancerous as Jim Bare suggested and are actually reducing in size since October. I feel this is a direct result of the B/R device although I am also taking Interferon and Accutane. Now for the bad news. There is still cancer activity in a Lymph node on the other side of my body from the existing area. This new area is small (1.5cm) and has not appeared on the Cscan yet.

I feel that this is good news and shows that the R/B device is, in my case, working. I continue to use 2128 for sessions up to about 40 minutes and sweep 2120 through 2136 at 3 minutes each. I have not had any detox for several weeks. I first started using the R/B device in May and built my own in August. My quality of life has definitely improved once the treatments were started with a lot more energy.



see "The biological significance of water structured with non-Herzian time- reversed waves", a paper by T.A. Gagnon and G. Rein in the Journal of U.S. Psychotronics Association 7/1989, available on

This web site gives some validation to homeopathy, homeoenergetics (infusing water with the frequencies for the purpose), and that a BRG can have a direct effect on human cells, as opposed to merely acting on pathogens.

From what I can tell, it shows that a homeopathic remedy of aconite can stimulate production of lymphocytes a great deal. So can the _frequencies_ of aconite, which are 3347Hz, 5611Hz, 2791Hz, just as much. What stimulates them a great deal more is interleukin or even the interleukin freqs, which are 3448Hz, 2929Hz, 4O14Hz, 5611Hz, 2867Hz, 2855Hz, 2791Hz.


I have been using a rife bare device for about five weeks. I have been running frequencies against candida albicans, Lyme disease and many parasites. I have experienced only minor reactions using the rife bare device. I also have an adjustable frequency zapper, called the HFA4. When I use HFA4 I feel some serious effects. When running the Lyme disease frequencies I experienced leg pains, the same pains I've felt over the course of my disease. When I run both the devices simultaneously I seem to get a very strong effect. So I began to run them separately to verify the effect of each. If I had to choose one of them, which I do not have to do, I would choose the HFA4. However, the rife bare device may prove effective for subsequent viral infections known to occur when killing the Lyme disease bacteria.

After carefully reading the cure for all diseases by Dr. Clark I realized my rife bare device was limited to the lower frequencies. The HFA4 can exceed 1 MHz and can go as low as approximately 6 Hz (maybe lower I never tried). I was about to return my rife bare device but I decided I had not given it enough time. I will receive an Emem2 in a couple of days. I intend to use all three devices as often as I can. One more thing, when I purchased the HFA4 I also bought a colloidal silver kit. So this little device, costing a 10th of a rife bare device, has so far proven to be more effective for me plus it has the additional capability of making colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is something I take three or four times each day so I could not afford to buy it.

I don't sell any of these devices but I am seriously trying to heal myself. My experience, as stated above, clearly indicates that the HFA4 is a remarkable device. The man who makes them, Bruce Stenulson is just as remarkable. I will report my progress later as things develop. Finally I would like to say the rife bare device may yet prove to be of help to me. The properties of this device may require that I treat myself for longer period of time.

frankandmhay healy


Most biologically reactive frequencies require accuracy to .01 or better in terms of the base frequency.... In otherwords, 6.28Hz not 6.0 or 6.3 or 6.25Hz

Have you found any harmful frequencies?

... the chance of anyone really stumbling across a "toxic" combination of frequencies is the same as winning the reader's digest sweepstakes....


A very nasty 'bug', producing cold- like symptoms, was unresponsive to the 393KHz listed in Hulda Clark's book as the primatry frequency for Adeno-virus.

"Colds" and sinus problems can be caused by a large number of viruses and bacteria. However, it does appear a bug that is going around where I live responds best to 333 and 666. 333 is a rife adenovirus freq that I have tried a lot in the past and it was never effective before, but this time it seemed to work.

I should also try

652Hz 725Hz 746Hz 768Hz 1.11KHz

as Bruce detailed, when 333 is a hit in the nose.


The earth is now at 11Hz. It was 7.83 years ago. When Becker measured it it was at 10Hz. It will rise to 13Hz before it levels off.


I got to looking about and saw an article that nasopharyngeal cancer is caused by EBV. Might be benefical to add in some freq's for this. Also Kapsoi's Sarcoma Virus is linked to multiple myeloma. So maybe he needs more of the sarcoma freq's.

As an aside I think there may be some large benfit from supplimenting people with 30X Arsenicum album. I had a post about this some time ago when used with MSM, but it seem to work better without the MSM. Further it also seems to enhance the effects of the light on the small skin cancer I have. I stopped exposures for about 10 weeks and it regrew, then did just a couple of exposures here with just the arsenicum. Really had some dramatic effects.


It is fine to work up to 3 treatments a week with the EMEM2, or even daily. The exception is Lyme disease. Best results and the least pain are reported with treatment every two weeks. Those who have used the EMEM2 more often for Lyme have not done as well.

for lyme: 432,800,4200 for yeast (candida): 450, 465


It was stated that the E-coli bacteria produced the cancer microbe only when it was in the right medium. Just a guess the intestinal flukes (ortho-phospho-tyrosine) waste product it the medium.


If we can find the correct freqs for it, Chlamydia Pneumonia has been indicated in atherosclerosis, parkinson's, and MS


665, 727, 880 for sore throat, lost voice worked well


Frequencies which appear effective run on an EMEM2:

EMEM Main Freqs - 720, 1550, 20, 4200 for 5 min

Colds - 522, 542

Vitiligo - 440, 600, 650

Immune stim - 432


I'd like to ask a few of you that may have more than one device, if you'd perhaps try a frequency combination that may give a little more kick to the 2128.

Briefly, it is based on an odd-numbered subharmonic of 2128 that ends up also having a odd-number / octave relationship with the 11,780,000.

Don't have time to explain the math thoroughly right now but, I thought we might want to go ahead and try this out a bit.

Try using 32.7 with 2128, both at the same time if possible. If not, maybe try the 32.7, set up the resonance in the body, and then immediately switch to 2128. I have only one device here at the moment but was feeling some things using that approach.

If anyone feels any stronger effects, it may be this approach could be refined. And if any of you would like me to figure up something similar for other (audio-range) frequencies, let me know.


the analog for 2008 would be 30.9 hz.

You might also want to try 31.9 hz.

I don't know if these will work the same way, because I don't have a Rife MOR for sarcoma (BY organism, I guess). But it's worth a try!


I have heard of the rife device failing, especially in cases of prostate cancer, and the case of kidney cancer Klaus mentioned. Also, approx half of the cases handled by one of rifers dealing with brain cancer failed to respond. I know two cases of skin cancer which cleared up using Skin Answer within a month and there was little time to determine if any frequencies were effective against it. I know someone with breast cancer who took over 3 months to find an effective protocol The cancer regimen she now uses also appears to be the best for the cocker with breast cancer, causing massive lymph swelling for a week afterward. Out of the approx 20 main cancer freq hits, I think 8 are in the 2000-2200 range. Garvy's lists do not have any cancer frequencies in the 2000-2200 range.

As far as 2127/2128 goes, I think it may be one of those multipurpose frequencies which treats a number of conditions (like 727). Perhaps it does something to a cancer virus. I have no idea. I do think it is one of the frequencies effective against intestinal flukes. In all cases I know, this frequency has also been felt (not necessarily at the cancer site) at one time or another by those with cancer, and with the exception of the skin cancer cases, there have always been frequencies in the 2000-2200 which were felt at the cancer site (and yet there have been more frequencies outside the 2000-2200 range that have been felt at cancer sites than in the range).


Thanks so much for the many kind emails in response to my plea for help. All replies had some good advice and validity, but Dr. Bare and Dave really hit the nail on the head for me. I was given the following freqs to try; 8700, 8215, 8210, 8200, 7760, 965. I tried 8700 1st, and didn't really notice anything dramatic. Since there were 3 freqs which were relatively close, (8215, 8210, 8200), I decided to try hitting them all with one exposure. I set the generator to sweep from about 8218 down to 8200 with 4 or 5 stopping points and then start at the top again. It held each freq for 1 second. I.E. . . . 8218 for 1 second, 8213 for 1 8208 for 1 8203 for 1 8198 for 1 repeat After sitting in front of the tube for about 10 minutes at 150 watts, I wasn't sure I could stay awake to shut it off I felt so relaxed. (We all know what happens if you fall asleep right?!?!?!) I decided to postpone any other freqs after a full 20 minute exposure because I was just to tired to continue. Last night I slept like a mummified log, and today I feel like a new person. I feel confident enough to say that this freq range destroyed the Alien in my stomach which was about ready to bust out and take over the ship. The difference is so dramatic that I'm wondering if this may be one of those "magic" ranges that does more than just kill pathogens. I would HIGHLY suggest some of you perfectly healthy people to try this protocol, and see if you notice positive results. For those who have forgotten one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I believe some freqs are both microbe killers AND immune system special code stimulators as well. What the heck, give it a shot!


This evening,I was contacted by a person who has been using an R/ B device for over one and 1/2 years. During that time his PSA has shown a very slow gradual increase from a beginning of around to 10 to a high at his last test of 18( ten weeks ago) . About one month ago he changed around his frequency sequence and added in a fast pulse mode to the Kinnaman. Tonight his Dr called him with the results of the latest test, his PSA was 0.

When his PSA reached 14 ( about 8 months ago) , he had a biopsy done that confirmed the presence of cancer in his prostate. A bone scan was done at that time and no problems were found. His Dr. took a wait and see attitude, and was insistent that if this latest test showed another rise in PSA that surgery would be no longer avoidable.

The first exposure with the new sequence caused a massive, discolored, foul smelling bowel evacuation. This was later followed by yet another similar event. Exposures were done twice a week and following each of the preliminary exposures similar but not as large bowel movements occurred.

He is still experiencing some discoloration and foul odors to his BM's but these are not as prominent as when first started on the new sequence.

The Kinnaman was programmed with the # 80 to set the pulse rate. I don't have instructions to find out what that pulse rate translates to.Perhaps around 8 to 10 pulses per second?

In use was a quartz tube wrapped with tubing clamps on the ends over felt. One full wind of wire under the clamp, one spiral wrap off the end of the tube. The clamps were about 4 inches in from each end of the tube. A wrappped wire was bridged between the two clamps, and attached to one of the clamps, and ended about 1 inch from the other clamp.

Time to start was 3 minutes per freq., currently now using 6 min per freq for the first 4 frequencies, the rest are all 3 to 4 minutes each.

2128 2125 2131 2140 2145 666 3672

I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it did work for him.

Jim Bare


Here is my latest list that seemed to speed up the recovery process for latest flu: (aching muscles and respiratory system)

VM200 Cobra linear, 510 xl Uniden CB standard Bare mods, Ramsey FG, 100% argon tube 8 torr.


Usually do 5 minutes each on high power (exceptions noted).

440 512 683 728 784 787 800 875 880 885 2050 2720 5000 7760 10 minutes 7766 10 minutes 304 3 minutes


Does anyone know of any new frquencys for the flu , its really bad this year . 727,787,880, ARE NOT WORKING ,nor are the candida freq.,

The general flu set:

Influenza (mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful. See also Influenza, Grippe and Influenza Virus) - 464, 440, 3672, 7766, 7760, 7344, 1234, 5000, 727, 787, 800, 875, 880, 885, 728, 1550, 1500, 2008, 20, 304 for 5 min.

Since the throat/sinus bug going around here responds to 766, I would add it too. I would also use 832 and 422 if there was fever.

There are over 30 more sets depending on the type of flu, but the more helpful ones may be:

Influenza autumn 1998 - 250, 465 for 3min, 8210 for 5min, 8700, 7760 for 15min

Influenza Bach Poly - 122, 350, 487, 572, 634, 768, 823, 1043, 1272, 764, 771

Influenza, grippe general - 343, 500, 512, 541, 862, 1000, 1192, 3012, 3423, 10223

The most recent anecdote said to scan around 7000, so this translated into the Consolidated Frequency List as:

Influenza winter 98-99 (1) - scan 6988 to 7012 by 2s.



8700, 8218, 8215,8213, 8210, 8208, 8203, 8198, 7760, 965

These have been working quite well for my family, including me. We've been exposed to many of the bugs folks are carrying around this winter as they all come in the office....


A local lady was using a "Doug" on 2128Hz for cancer and was not able to feel anything and was not making any progress. Today she experimented with 2050 and was able to feel something happening.