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Other Bioelectronic Devices

EMEM Devices - The electro-magnetic experimental machine.is a popular bioelectronic device with a plasma tube which can be held for added effect since the tube is stimulated without RF frequencies.

Colloidal Silver - How to make this supplement cheap.

HIV Electrotherapy by David Kanzenbach describes a type of zapper he uses in treatment of HIV with a pulsed high potential pad device.

Albert Abrams' speech to the Radionic Association on March 17th, 1956.


Bill Onslow wrote Bioelectric Devices - How to Construct and Operate your Own Bioelectric Instruments which details construction of a zapper, colloidal silver generator, a Lakovsky coil device, a Godzilla, a poor man's Rife, and other devices in this excellent e-book.

Bil Green manufactures the M-Pulse 5000 Maqnetic Pulse Generator, a powerful, low-cost, well-made oscillating output magnetic field generator.

Richard Loyd has a website with information on all types of bioelectronic devices including EMEMs, Super Thumpys and other pulsers, improved zappers, violet ray, and others plus instructions on building some of them.  He also gets people together to buy F-Scans in bulk to get a break on the price.  He wrote the article Zappers and Other Gizmos.

The F-Scan is sold by T-B Electronics.  It is expensive but can supposedly run a scan on the body, looking for frequencies which resonate, and then running the frequencies it detected either with the built-in pad device or as an input to a Rife Bare device.

Bruce Stenulson makes and sells EMEM-like devices he calls EM+ as well as zappers and other complementary bioelectronic devices and accessories.

Bob Beck's zapper was originally developed to treat HIV, but is now found to be effective in treating many maladies.Includes improved design schematic.

Dan's Enhancer is called a "molecular enhancer" and appears to be gentle electric stimulation, but must be used for long periods. 

George Lakovsky designed and built the Multi-Wave oscillator.  This is a short article from " Educate Yourself" in the Forbidden Cures section which gives information on him.

Zephyr Technology  provides instructions on building a portable Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO). 

The Carolina Health Center in Arden, North Carolina, is run by Peter Kapetanakos. He is heir to John Garvy's original Energy Medicine clinic.  He performs Vega testing, homeoenergetic remedies, function generator electro-acupuncture, and other health modalities.

Kelly Research Technologies invented the BETAR sound relaxation system plus offers radionic analyzers, systems, and accessories as well as E.L.F. generators which produce the Schumann resonance waveform..

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